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  2. What do y’all think about the Jaguars Silver Anniversary logo ?
  3. Name: Harold Worthington Age: 36 City: Hartford, Connecticut Business: Major law firm Voting for: North American Football League
  4. Really highlights the nature of the argument. On one side we have: and this: And on the other you have the NFL and athletic programs channeling their inner Nathan Thurm. Pretty stark contrast.
  5. The New York Times comes through with an amazing article. Powerful, powerful stuff. Spends too much time on concussions and not enough on the sub-concussive hits that happen on every single play, but better than most writing on the subject. And, of course, the work from those two Colorado regents is inspiring. I'm glad that some people in positions of responsibility at colleges are starting to see the light.
  6. Maybe try uniforms and photoshop? These last few logos look good!
  7. That's actually the first thing I thought of after I finished those uniforms. I'm still working out how to differentiate the Tigers from Princeton or if I even want to In other news I think I'm going to open up voting on potential new names for the association. 1. Keep United States Football Association - maybe I'm trying to fix what isn't broken 2. Professional League Football - capitalizes on Major League Baseball like name without infringing on the MLF. Keeps door open for Canada 3. North American Football League - Sounds cool and keeps door open for Canada 4. American League Football - baseball like, keeps Canadian door open I want you guys to pretend you're investors and vote using the template below Name: Age: City: Business: Voting for: Reason why: I can't wait to see what you guys think
  8. Would have been awesome to see the Ol' Ball Coach in charge of a reformed Tampa Bay Bandits team and bringing back Bandit Ball.
  9. I'd imagine a couple of the teams that get promoted into the PL could do a kit switch (Wolves to adidas this past year), but I think it'll depend if their deal is up more so than they moved up.
  10. 2019 will be in Oakland. The Raiders have an option to play in Oakland in 2020 as well, if needed. $7.5M for rent this year, if needed $10.5M in rent for 2020.
  11. The more details we get, the clearer it becomes that the league was run by incompetents, liars, and scam artists from the beginning. Nobody looks good.
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  13. Oh wow. That’s... something. Was it ever finalized where their real home games are?
  14. Apparently some Disney animators helped work on the new Charleston Southern logo.
  15. Here are a list of NFL teams that have gotten sleeve stripes to work on the Vapor Untouchable template: bears cowboys chiefs 49ers Vikings Giants (away) not a long list, but certainly possible. I think we get caught up in the bad attempts at this (Lions, for example, have to be terrible with their stripes in order to put a goddamn wordmark on their sleeve stripe) that we don’t realize that designers and manufacturers can get pretty much anything to work, so long as they actually care about the design. So it’s valid to complain about how the STATE just barely cuts off, because it doesn’t look intentional, it looks like a mistake. Especially since when you took out the lime green, that could be a top 10 alternate IMO if that dumb wordmark was just small enough to fit on the front. With the lime and the seemingly accidental wordmark, it’s just another below average set.
  16. I have enough antipathy for the both of us. The main difference is Penguins fans never appreciated the success as much as Blackhawks fans did. Obviously I have no evidence for that, but how could they? 2009 is only 17 years removed from the previous cup. They went straight from Lemieux (plus Jagr) to Crosby (plus Malkin) with like a minute of bad hockey in-between. And they behaved like obnoxious entitled puds about it the entire time. A drunk Blackhawks fan in an ebay knockoff jersey never vomited on my shoes at RBar or fell asleep drunk before the game at Nationwide Arena. Plus, if you bring a terrible towel to a hockey game you're just a :censored:ing a$$hole. Full stop. Obviously I'm only talking about the bad apples, but there seems to be a higher percentage of bad apples in the Penguins base than in others. Also the style of play, the way the Penguins play where they know exactly the edge they can go, which is farther than most teams are allowed, for some reason, while still getting away with things always felt cheaper and slimier than the Blackhawks, who mostly won by playing sound defense and skilled offense. The Blackhawks way of winning felt more noble, I suppose. Pittsburgh is a cool city. My sister and brother-in-law live there and really love living there. She's a student at Pitt Law School. She was at an event for school on Tuesday night and some dickhead bartender in a sports bar with a thousand TVs refused to put the game on for her on Tuesday night. Penguins fan. They're the worst.
  17. Cricket... Baseball? Croquet? Polo... What is it?
  18. Asheville is known for a lot of things, especially beer. I don't know exactly where it ranks now, but at one point recently they had the most breweries per capita in the country. They also house the east coast ops for some of the larger national craft breweries. It's a great city for a lot of things and beer is one of them.
  19. New Balance settled down after the wild Warrior years and have since produced some really nice kits. I'll be bummed if they don't stick around in the PL.
  20. Unofficial and most likely not true as it would have been said by the team by now. I mean there's still a chance it gets announced but it's looking a lot less likely.
  21. Liverpool home and home keeper kit officially unveiled: I’m a big fan of this kit. And once again, it’s another really solid effort from New Balance.
  22. While they're a team in the loosest term, go through the Raiders schedule: Week 3 (Sept. 22) @ Minnesota Week 4 @ Indianapolis Week 5 vs. Chicago (London game and designated as the "home' team) Week 6 BYE Week 7 @ Green Bay Week 8 (Oct. 27):@ Houston
  23. This is the correct answer. While I disagree with Lafarge (the 1961-1965 look is the best look they had up to 1974, and maybe all the way to 1988), I take the point that those uniforms are not the best that they've worn and are over-hyped. Powder blue is a great color, sure. But it's inaccurate, especially for those throwbacks in particular. And with their rebrand in 2007, it just felt so shoe-horned into the overall look. Their current look, regardless of which jersey is primary and what pants they wear or what color the facemasks are, is such a garbled mess of unnecessary detail. Too many strokes on the bolt on the helmet (why? because powder blue had to be in there). Too many strokes on numbers that are too thin. Weird placement of overly-thin bolt/stripes on the shoulders. Unnecessary curve in the pants stripe. It's just overly detailed and muddled. It's almost akin to the fairly common C&C feedback people get on their concepts wherein a logo is too detailed and wouldn't translate well if it was embroidered because the details are too small. The same principle can be applied, to an extent, with the Chargers. I feel like their numbers are hard to read at a distance, and everything having multiple strokes makes everything look slightly faded or "misprinted" (in the same way a label would be printed with multiple colors, but one of the colors wasn't aligned correctly and is therefore offset). I just feel like the Chargers have continued to tinker with their brand since the 1988-2006 look in an effort to 1) try and shoehorn in the powder blue, 2) to modernize its look, and 3) please everyone with hints at just about all of their previous looks. The resulting identity is a watered down mess. And now they're tinkering again by changing the facemask and the home look, while essentially keeping an away look based on an entirely different shade of blue. It just seems so illogical from an aesthetics standpoint.
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