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  2. I'm liking the series thus far, especially the philosophy behind the design work! Solons Phase One: I rather like the approach here, keeping with the conventions of the period and putting a unique (but not unreasonable within aesthetic traditions of the time) style on them. The cartoon logo could do without the dotted seam lines on the cap, but that's a minor quibble. I don't know if arched block letters are really the best idea here, given the font experimentation present at the time. Look at what the Blue Jays, Mariners, Astros, and Padres were doing for a more appropriate typeface. Heck, the primary logo typeface would work well for the uniforms! The font Cortez would be fantastic as well: I do agree with @Htown1141 slightly about the pattern in the racing stripes, but I can pass it off as an "exceptionally experimental" design. Also, I'd recolor the yellow cap button white or use a yellow "S." Solons Phase Two: I like the font and the new logo for the period, with appropriate amounts of highlights and accents. My big complaints center around the uniforms, namely the trim and number fonts. Collar trim like that is more an early-2000s trick (e.g., the Angels or Giants). If you want a more '90s aesthetic, pattern trim may be your best bet. I'd also recommend using a display font for the numbers. What do the numerals look like on the wordmark font? Don't you mean Denver Bears? I can't find anything on a vintage Denver Bulls team. As for teams you have plans to do, may I inquire about the Seattle Rainiers, Houston Buffs, or Portland Beavers? There's plenty of potential in those designs.
  3. What's to come: 2 More Fun Concepts ((Both are FXFL)) 8 NFL Concepts ((4 from NFC and 4 from AFC)) 4 Expansion Concepts
  4. because Color Rush no longer exaist as a requirement, this is just a 2nd alternate jersey. the helmet, pants, socks, and equipment should all be the same as when they wear the aqua throwback. yes, seems Nike just didnt make the NFL100 logo update on the template
  5. Yeah they're on my list, but farther down since they were formed in 1962.
  6. Love that updated Marlins home design. Why can’t they look like that in real life?! I also really dig the splash of green you added to the Braves. Maybe work it into the sock stripes as well?
  7. How about the Oklahoma City 89ers? I always liked their name and identity.
  8. They were the worst-run teams of the Original Six, basically operated as subsidiaries of the Red Wings. It isn't that odd at all.
  9. Ottawa no longer playing Stampeders dress up but I still wish they’d do something more traditional. Gotta say, BC, looking very nice... but their Adidas look was the worst thing ever so anything different was going to be an improvement. I don’t hate the stripeless Toronto as much as I thought I would. It does remind me of the early 90s Rocket era.
  10. What happened to WEEI? They were one of the biggest stations in America for a long time, and then they circled the drain really fast.
  11. Just wanted to do a quick bump. I had an idea for the Denver Bulls Phase 2 brand and built that, and was playing with plans for them while I sat on Solons. I have a general idea of what I want for Phase 3 and 4, but wanted to sidetrack. Also feel free to name some teams and I can tell you if I have plans to do them!
  12. And some of those same, competent people now run the Orioles. Which is our main source of hope and positivity, and will be for the next couple of years.
  13. This is totally misplaced. The Expos could have survived in Quebec ruled by the PQ — or even, if all had gone well, in an independent Quebec — if they had had competent ownership.
  14. I can think of bigger pieces of crap. If this is getting political, it’s only because it’s relevant to the Expos’ situation. People who solely blame Loria/Selig or the 1994 strike are woefully ignorant of the political, economic, and demographic factors that turned the Expos into DC’s National League club.
  15. Despite issues with some of these, it's so nice to go back to one helmet per team (please stay dead forever, black Stamps helmet) that I'd say this is overall a large upgrade for the league.
  16. While we're on the subject, what else is Boston known for besides its role in the American Revolution? I was trying to think of a good team name for Boston but one that's not patriotic.
  17. Random thoughts - if this is a "color rush", is the team going to wear plain white socks? And unveiling them with the regular NFL neck logo probably means this graphic was prepared before the NFL100 logo was unveiled, right?
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  19. The astros were lead by people that were actually competent
  20. CFL Unveils New Team Uniforms for 2019 May 23, 2019 - 15:33 PM Today begins a New Era in the Canadian Football League, the league this morning officially unveiled the new 2019 team uniforms for each of their clubs provided by New Era who has taken over as the league’s official outfitter beginning […] Read More...
  21. Are peppers in oil known for being served up along with a wooden-spoon beating courtesy of an angry old woman? Because that's what that character artwork suggests.
  22. This is probably best suited here. But, this is an article that claims the Vancouver Grizzlies and Charlotte Bobcats logos (even the New Jersey Swamp Dragons logo) were rejected names/logos for the Toronto Raptors. Pretty cool read.
  23. A uniform is much more than the helmet and jersey. Thanks, CFL.
  24. I think it's a good modernization and Rickabaugh created a more complete and unified package than what they had.
  25. it occurred to me that this might be worth pointing this out: this is a 3D model Nike uses for presenting concepts to teams for approval (the next step with a brand new design would be to actually make some uniform options and put them on real models to see how they look IRL). we've seen some fakes from people altering images from specific team shoots (Lions) of real players and thats not how Nike presents their uniforms. if any image had ever leaked early, it would have been on something like this. just remember that come next season
  26. So the official release is still a bunch of cropped teasers? Well done CFL
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