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  2. The Jazz could make a more conservative sunrise uniform (maybe use it in panels, numerals, etc) and switch nicknames to Bobcats and make me happy. Everything about their current brand screams New Orleans.
  3. I guess this is when I'm thankful the St. Louis Cardinals actually own the Springfield Cardinals so that the AA team doesn't become the "Springfield Cashew Chickens" overnight.
  4. Thanks man, I had a lot of fun creating this post. I'm hoping to use the spoiler feature more in the future, maybe in the playoffs or something. Glad you enjoyed it! I am working on a brief story where fans are bitter about the lottery and fans in Montreal have accused Nolan of rigging it to get Camden into the NY market. I certainly hope so. When I added the Concordes, the hope was that they would form one of the biggest rivalries in league history. Aside from a nasty playoff series in '94, it's been fairly quiet, mainly because the two teams have never really been good at the same time. Camden should turn things around in New York fairly quickly, meaning the Concordes should still at least be relevant when the Civics return to the playoffs. Oh they did, that will come up in the off-season post. Glad you enjoyed it! I'm hoping to do things like this more often, I like adding a little suspense and drama. As for Calgary, there is still hope. A new ownership group may be forming, whether or not they have the money to keep the team in town will be the big question, but it's a fairly strong draft all around, so the Wranglers should get a decent player at number 4. One of the things on the agenda for Houston this summer will be acquiring a decent backup to Kaleek. Trevor Blake was his backup in '07-08 and he's barely a PHL-caliber goaltender. Kaleek should be healthy next season but it might be smart for the team to carry some insurance on the bench. This team shouldn't be missing the playoffs over goaltending, they're too good. And there is indeed a navy alternate coming next season! A lot of teams will start going retro in the coming years but with no real history (in Houston), the Roughnecks new third will definitely be a modern design, similar to the home/road jerseys. Playoff simulation is underway. I've decided to post one round at a time to help build suspense a little more. the first round should be up in a day or two. Thanks everyone!
  5. I guess I'm the spelling guy. Two Zs in Blizzard, in the logo. But I love this logo and anxiously await uniforms.
  6. I hope "tell our story" as marketing jargon goes out of style even sooner than Brandiose does.
  7. even though this approach is not my thing, i dont believe its something that will tire out soon. the look/aesthetic will certainly, but they're working with a set of principles that drives the branding. the elevator pitch could be "local stories told in the most ridiculous way. and theres a splash of Americana" so i don't believe the well runs dry because their whole thing is about finding something unique and really close to the market the team is in, then giving it that under-dog, middle class personality. the Jumbo Shrimp because Jacksonville is "a little big city" or the Trash Pandas as the low brow animal aiming for the moon, and so on. underneath the trendy, gimmicky name and swinging celery sticks is a really great personal story that is connecting with people. maybe there's a part that feels humorous and safe about it that brings families out to the games and they'd rather cheer for a rubber duck than a MLB knockoff?? i think even if the style and naming approach matures over time, the branding philosophy still stands. which is really the key for any designer/studio. yes, they currently have an extremely recognizable style/aesthetic, but they have a stronger ethos. idk, its a difficult thing to not gravitate to what they're doing, but then how do you even argue against the success?
  8. I'm saying that if this series is currently set in 2008, then a navy alt would very much be in spirit of that time period. Yes, teams have held onto those alts but they originated in the mid-late 2000s. The trend since has moved back towards more colorful uniforms but there have been holdouts.
  9. I wouldn't go as far as saying may they "rot in hell," but I agree with your sentiment that permanent identities are better for sustainable branding in the local community. When I buy merchandise, I don't want it to be outdated in a handful of years. It's one thing for a logo update or whatever because then I just have "retro" apparel. But if the team identity has completely changed my old stuff doesn't make sense at the ballpark anymore. I have no ties to New Orleans, but I loved the Zephyrs nickname. One of my favorites in MiLB. It was unique and sounded classic. Baby Cakes is honestly kinda creepy.
  10. CBS might've protected it from SNF.....or maybe it can be flexed into SNF if the Packers are hot garbage before the visit the Chiefs.
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  12. Doesn’t that game involve guns and killing? Not a great promotion or association for kids. Might as as well have a Marlboro or joe Camel theme night. Lets get some some beer pong Budweiser themed jerseys set up. ‘Binge drinking night’. i know there was backlash with this game and the NFL. They ended up getting rid of the jerseys for awhile. I think theres a reason we dont see call see call of duty, grand theft auto, or halo themed jerseys over these past few years.
  13. Should be some new team looks coming next season
  14. So sounds like Harper is already rubbing teammates the wrong way and has wore out his welcome in philly getting called out by jake Arista saying he shouldn’t be getting himself ejected over balls and strikes.
  15. Goodbye, Chicago Italians. You will be missed. May people lament you not being brought up to greatness because of a money injection by the Chicago Outfit.
  16. Honestly Id rather see the Rowdies in than Miami. Too bad the Rays have no interest in MLS.
  17. Here's a fun idea: cancel the expansion, tell Beckham to piss off, and give up on Miami. In exchange, encourage the Rowdies to assemble an ownership group to replace Inter Miami.
  18. San Antonio Missions to wear loot llama jerseys on Fortnite Night April 23, 2019 - 19:04 PM The Triple-A San Antonio Missions will wear Fortnite-themed uniforms this Saturday, April 27, in a game against the Oklahoma City Dodgers. The jerseys feature the likeness of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s supply llama—also called “loot llama” because Fortnite fans love alliteration—whose […] Read More...
  19. Well Lockhart is their temporary venue but Im not sure if they have a temporary venue for their temporary venue. I think at one point they mention Marlins Park is out. That would leave Hard Rock in Miami Gardens (unlikely), FAU in Boca Raton (only logical choice left besides sitting out another season), or Ricardo Silva at FIU (unlikely). Ricardo Silva currently hosts Miami FC of the NPSL and formerly of the ill fated NASL. Silva owns Miami FC and had FIUs stadium renamed after him. He likely wouldnt let them play there after the NASL-USSF fiasco.
  20. Huh. Always looked black to me but you’re right. Well then purple letters would be fine.
  21. Four-seamer? Two-seamer? Sinker? Cutter?
  22. One off branding (for a few games) are cool. But your entire identity? It feels like they could just up and change it every 1-3 years when sales stumble. What happens in 3 years when the team changes and you buy a new hat or shirt. And then again in three years. I think at some point, you stop buying the new crap. Established brands have solid sales year over year. The one trick ponies will need a sales boost every 1-3 years. That’s not sustainable. May Brandiose rot in hell. They’ve ruined a good thing. Then again, I know some non baseball fans who love the copa designs. They own more of those than the actual team gear that’s been around decades. Gimmicks are in right now. Some teams can’t rely on changing their name ever 2 years though.
  23. The Angels used every position player and even forfeited the DH spot in their 14-inning loss to the Yankees last night. Mike Trout got on base in the 9th and 11th, but was squandered. Thursday's starting pitcher Trevor Cahill, who came on in the 14th as a pinch hitter, struck out swinging to end the game. this team.
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