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  3. I remember reading this somewhere, but I don’t remember where. What it was is that during the 1990s, Nike was trying to convince teams that they had contacts with really hard to make uniform changes. For example, the Packers removed 2 stripes, the Steelers used the helmet Number Font, the Broncos went full rebrand, and it seems that Nike convinced the Jaguars to change to a custom font and side panels. At least the side panels were ditched after one year.
  4. It may be an unpopular opinion but these original uniforms are far superior to the fred taylor era with the custom number font. I wish they had never changed them.
  5. Your Rowdies' propaganda is my favorite thing about your posts. #MLS2StPete.
  6. Along with my baseball league, I had the thought of making a Stanley Cup Winners playoffs. Each team will wear a patch with their logo from that year, along with the Stanley Cup and the year they won it, like this Each one will be separated into Regions. Ex. 1990's winner plays 2000's Anyways, lets see who wins playoffs #1!
  7. I do. It means to have access to a computer. I'm just drawing it cause it looks better.
  8. I think it looks sharp with the navy outlines. I understand some people don't want navy in their identity, with navy jerseys and pants, but minimal navy outlines is perfect.
  9. Thanks for sharing! Love seeing this kind of progress. I agree with jaha in that I'd make the ears a bit smaller, otherwise you've pretty much nailed it. Have you come up with a wordmark to go along with it? Their current primary is hilarious. What is going on with that mouth? My goodness.
  10. Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed it up.
  11. It’s hard to find good png images of the cannon I was looking for, so I took a yellow jacket and colored it blue. The canes had a tornado for the same reason, but I should probably fix that.
  12. Man I wish we were getting a damn Mania. Drives me crazy.
  13. I would prefer these whites.
  14. Massive improvements here when seeing the progression from your earlier drafts. In your latest version, I would reduce the size of the ears drastically and lighten up the charcoal gray a shade to create more contrast.
  15. Considering hawkfan89 created the league and thread, I think he should get a preview, eh?
  16. Felt similarly when I found a Parramanta Eels shirt/jersey in a Thunder Bay 2nd hand shop. (similar to this but with 3/4 sleeves) and a pair of Rio Grande Killer Bees blankets in a local thrift store.
  17. Both of these uniforms are superior in every way to everything else the jags have worn. It's not even a close race.
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  19. I’d much rather they were just trash than do what they do. At least they would be easier to ignore that way.
  20. I was just answering the who in LA would care to see Brooklyn throwbacks question.
  21. Exactly. That's what frustrates Sharks fans the most. They've only missed the playoffs 6 times in their 28 seasons. You'd think they would've won something.
  22. Who’s to say they didn’t reach out to those kind of guys and this was the best dude that didn’t tell them no? A coaching job is a TON of work, and coaching St. Louis’ XFL team probably isn’t very tempting. That would mean coaching in a second rate league AND having to live in St. Louis again. Hard pass.
  23. It’s different, because the name didn’t change. Besides, it’s been over six decades since the move and the team has done plenty to promote both historic locations. Some relocated teams place branding emphasis on their history Giants, Dodgers, arguably the A’s and Braves, and the Lakers - to inflate the title count ...while others subtly acknowledge it Flames, Stars, Devils and Hurricanes as of late, and Jazz or try their best to ignore it in favor of a local-themed identity Orioles, Twins, Rangers, Pilots, Thunder, Titans, Ravens, Avs, Jets, and others that I’m probably forgetting. That last category could exist for several reasons: the team’s ownership wants to bury that part of their past legal complications (why Whalers throwbacks were impossible until relatively recently, IIRC) the original team was so unremarkable/awful that we’d like to sweep it away Relocated teams should be free to honor their past in whatever way they choose. Of course, that doesn't prevent us from calling out the Hurricanes’ Whalers throwbacks as a shameless way to garner interest for an unpopular team and cash in on that throwback money.
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