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  2. FWIW this will be the 5th time in 6 years that OU has worn this alternate set vs WVU:
  3. Yup, they do still sell NBA branded socks, just not the on-court versions. I should’ve been more specific there to say that the on-court sock deal ended when Nike came on board.
  4. I just read through... everything, and it's glorious. Jeez, Louise. The only three comments I have, in reverse chronological order: 1. If you look at real life HBCUs, all but a handful use animal mascots and nicknames, and all but one use easily definable and drawable mascots and nicknames (the one exception being Aggies). Patriots doesn't really fit with the rest of the pack, but that's personal opinion. 2. Bandits for a university founded so long ago seems a bit out of place, although the logo absolutely fits both the name and "Old institution trying to connect and modernize" (I assure you this is meant in the best of ways). We're talking about a school that would have been founded only 30 years after Cornell, and which would be an old standard of American education. Again, personal opinion, but maybe something to consider. 3. The Brooklyn (College) Bulldogs already exist, but that may have been intentional (it only caught my eye because the others are fictional and I'm from Brooklyn). I apologize if this comes across as overly critical. I've loved every single concept in this thread (and the other threads of yours I poked around at after), seriously!
  5. I believe the Raiders have now ditched the "Color Rush" part of the Color Rush, now wearing it with the Standard Silver Pants and Black Socks so it is now a 1970 Throwback. Now if only teams like the Cowboys, Giants, Saints, Broncos, Steelers, and others changed the Pants and/or Socks to make a true Throwback.
  6. Oh I agree totally. Golden1 is an awesome venue. It’s a GREAT place to see concerts, the rodeo, and monster trucks.
  7. Yeah! Sorry I never replied to your PM, by the way, took an extended hiatus from the site in general. Rechovot is definitely a bit weird. I felt that its non-standardness and kinda-weirdness is made up for by the meaning behind it, especially as the first bilingual logo, but it's 100% not for everyone. Glad you're following again!
  8. I'm quite bored today. Can't you tell? School starts in two weeks more, don't worry. Ariel Background: Ariel is another lovely place. One of the biggest Jewish cities in Samaria, it's also a very young place, mostly but not entirely religious. Big university town (University of Ariel), and the Anglo speaking population has really only taken off in the last twelve years or so.The name translates from Hebrew as "Lion of G-d," but the Arabs in the area used to call it Jabel Mawat, which means the Mountain of Death, because the ground was notoriously inhospitable (things have changed since). Visiting Ariel, you'd be shocked that the place, which is very modern and very much a city, was founded in 1978 with no electricity but a small generator to keep the lights of the school turned on. Logo and colors: The colors come directly from the city's coat of arms, by which I mean I took an eyedropper tool and clicked on the darn thing. They look nice together. I also brought in a lot of white, because the blues needed it and it looks pretty sweet. For the logo, I started by looking for a font where the A could suggest a mountain, because I really liked the Mountain of Death thing, and then decided to give it a halo, both to reinforce the Death part and to bring in a bit of G-d from the Hebrew name. They're basically the Israeli Angels, and I like it (even as an A's fan). Jersey: Dark blue vest, light blue sleeves, for no reason but that it looks nice to me. We see super complicated sleeve stripes, dark-white-light-white-dark, which we'll see (we've seen? The image is above you) repeated throughout. The text says ARIEL in big bold white capitals, with the halo repeated on the A (again, like the angels). Also, the jersey number has a light blue circle around it, repeating the halo motif. Pants: White pants, dark blue belt, and the fancy stripe. Yum. Socks: Light blue stirrups, white blue socks, fancy stripe. Easy breezy beautiful. Next: Who's to say? I have a list of cities and I just pick out of a hat.
  9. I did have that in mind, but forgot to list it.
  10. Next we head to the Gulf Coast Conference... Up first, we have an HBCU, the Alabama Tech Patriots. Alabama Institute of Technology Location: Prichard, Alabama Type: Public University Founded: 1933 Major Rivals: Mobile State, Huntsville
  11. Love this series, it even inspired me to create my own... Really like Rechovot's new unis, not so keen about the logo
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  13. There are a couple of things I would change, for the sake of consistency. 1. Invert the striping pattern on the blue pants to W/O/W, to match the sleeves on the home jersey and home/color rush socks. 2. Invert the striping pattern on the away jersey and socks to O/B/O. The stripes on the home and alternate jersey are inverse of the numbers, so it would make sense to do it here as well. Other than that, I like what you've done here.
  14. Okay, it was a few extra minutes, lunch. all good. Efrat Background: Efrat is a lovely little city in Samaria which (in my experience) is among the more Anglo places in Israel. Hell, when I spent a weekend there, there were multiple people wearing cowboy boots (and I was only one of them!). It's a very lovely place, I always tell people they should spend some time there. The name comes a Biblical city which was likely much closer to Beit Lechem, and it means fruitful (Fruit in Hebrew is Peri, we're learning things). It's also a girl's name, though if my experience with my ex is any indication... Never mind. Let's move on! Logo and colors: I asked my friend who lives in Efrat what colors she most associates with Efrat, she told me dusty green and light dusty blue, so... I did that. Figured she'd know best, right? The green is dark and I made the blue so light as to approximate gray. Like what the Padres do (used to do? We'll see) with their warm gray sand, but in the opposite direction. A cold gray, you see. The logo is the letter E for Efrat in a font I simply felt fit the city and my time there (which is repeated across the chest), with an apple stem for the whole fruitful thing. Cap: Green crown, all-blue logo, blue brim, moving along. Jersey: Green with a blue logo and blue pipes on the sleeves. Really nothing overly complicated. Pants: Blue pants. I think the blue is definitely light enough and pale enough to be a nice gray look for the squad, but still bring in the blue element. A nice green stripe ties it all together. Socks: A crisp green stirrup over the same blue-gray socks. Ease pease. No fancy stripe because, honestly, I couldn't think of anything clever and didn't want to add something for no reason. Next up: Who's to say?
  15. You're wrong about that. Color Rush became mandatory in its second season. From the Packers themselves in 2016: So the league did require them. And why do you think Washington “resisted”? They didn’t avoid Color Rush, they just changed the uniform from the all-gold that Nike tried to force on them (and which they hated) into an all-burgandy one. That’s not resisting, it’s adapting to a mandate. As the Packers did.
  16. Well, this is quickly turning into a lost season for me...what a shock. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati - weekly Stupor Bowl Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  17. The Cosmos fans I know are seething. They really thought they’d be able to walk away with this semi-pro tournament. Guaranteed trophy. And now there’s very real doubt if the club will ever play another game, or will instead be sacrificed on the altar of their latest owner’s ego and ambition.
  18. Rechovot Background: South of Tel Aviv, Rechovot was founded in 1890 by Jews returning to Israel from Eastern Europe. That's pretty cool. It has three main communities - Ethiopians, Yemenites, and Russians, as well as growing community of religious Anglos - and two big things going for it: Oranges, and the Weizmann Institute. A lot of oranges, and a lot of scientists. I've tried to reflect that in the design, because, well, there isn't much going on there outside of that. Hell, even the city's seal has a microscope and oranges. Logo and colors: The colors come from those two big things in the city. Technically speaking, the Institute's colors are black and white, but they use a nice pale blue on most of their materials, so I kept it, along with a nice tangerine for those big groves. The logo is formed of a lower-case r and a standard ר, which is the first letter of the name in both languages and which together form a nice face little icon which looks just the right amount of nerdy (I think). Cap: Pretty darn standard. Blue cap, orange bill, logo. That was easy. Let's move on. Jersey: The logo on the chest, mostly because I couldn't decide which language to use. On the other side, the uniform number in blue goes in a nice white circle that mimics the logo. Cool! Pants: Clean white with two blue stripes down the pants. Socks: Tangerine stirrups over white, which a nice stripe formed by overlapping logos. It would be a bit harder to make out on the field, but I think of it as a way for the players to carry their hometown pride all the way down, more for them than for the fans. Next in a few minutes (it's already done and uploaded), Efrat!
  19. Vanderbilt tweaks on their whites noticed at SEC MBB media days: - shoulder striping eliminated - narrower wordmark on chest - black numbers trimmed in gold (change from gold trimmed in black) - anchor logo on waistband - side design simplifed - bottom of shorts striping added overall, an upgrade from before
  20. My issue is just that the name is a meme, and memes don't tend to last. They could have been the Rocket City Raccoons, though Marvel might have needed a bit of cajoling, or perhaps the Madison Raccoons if it didn't work with the comic books folk, and used all the same logos (probably swapping the garbage can for a rocket, but other than that). Trash Pandas seems like a Brandiose, "Hey, we think this would be kind of funny and we can make a kind of clever logo for it," sort of deal, and within a decade or so it'll go the way of Baby Cakes. They'll sell hats across the country, just like all the fun names (53% of RubberDucks gear goes out-of-state), but how well will they connect to the people in town and in-state? Linemen could work with baseball. Foul line, line drive, there are connections to be made, and it's a good name in general (if a bit old-fashioned for the sad state of modern minor league baseball). I like Flying Fish, as something with a connection to the parent team that could be kept even if the affiliation changed. See the Indianapolis Indians, founded as a Braves affiliate many, many years ago (they were still in Boston) but keeping the name through plenty of reaffiliations.
  21. The thing I don't get about the Color Rush resistance was the fact that the Redskins were the only team to actually truly resist. Nobody necessarily had to go through with it yet teams like the Packers, Raiders and a few others just went and did it anyways. In the case of the Raiders and Cowboys, I think it gave them an excuse to bring back fan favorite uniforms that they themselves forgot existed.
  22. I think it's a bit unfair to say the league decided to insult colorblind fans.. it really was a bad combination of a number of factors.. with oversight being a big one.. But the league likely also didn't consider the extremely similar designs of the two uniforms - both had white helmets, white numerals on their colored jerseys, 2 white stripes on their pants, and one team had 2 white shoulder stripes, while the other had 2 white sleeve stripes.. add in the fact that one team was wearing an unofficial team color (obviously to boost merch sales) that made the issue significantly worse (likely wouldn't have been an issue with the Jets' standard green jersey, or even the color rush style in their standard dark green color).. it really was the perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances
  23. I saw one where they tried to turn the Oakland A’s to the Utah A’zz. Pretty easy to see why it wouldn’t work.
  24. Look again at the fonts on the subway signs. Especially the one at the top. It's exactly what the Nets took their brand from. Unless your argument is that's what Jay Z thinks is cool, I'm not sure what there is to debate here.
  25. To me expansion would be the preferred method. I feel that re-branding in a new city complicates things with previous history. Whereas a new team (expansion) lets the new team grow with the city.
  26. why do the Lakers get to be both? I hope the Clippers succeed in making the Lakers the country club kids and the Clippers the urban city slickers
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