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  2. Love it. The colors, especially the shade of gold. The logo is prominent and strong. I love everything about this.
  3. I absolutely love the color scheme. Those values of burgundy and gold work very well together. The uniforms themselves look excellent as well! I think they do a great job of having a look all thier own while still maintaining the basic historical Washington football aesthetic. Very nice work all around!
  4. He’s a big reason why the team was vapor ware for about a decade. Just because he got a team through his contract and got a team in the Miami metro area doesn’t mean he should stay. Kick him to the curb at the first opportunity, let him make off with more millions in a sale, and let competent people run this team.
  5. In this era of social media, the clowns aren't content with being clowns. Only being the entire circus can gratify their narcissism anymore. When does it end? Oh, I don't think we've gotten started yet.
  6. If the colour is redundant, why include it? I don't think either Royal or Navy is redundant on the current jerseys, they both serve a purpose.
  7. 10-12 years ago, when social media was coming into its own, I would have never imagined this kind of stuff would become so mainstream. Where the heck do we go from here...
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  9. Isn't that how it should be?
  10. Stanford cuts 11 sports. Not a huge deal in the big picture (Obviously it is to those affected), since Stanford still has 25 sports, they had the 2nd most programs behind Ohio St before this, and the sport cut with the "biggest" national following is wrasslin'
  11. The Red seems pretty redundant here. Aside from the collar, you can barely make it out.
  12. Beckham is the only reason Miami has a team. He’s smart enough to have hired great lawyers, meaning he earned the spot he has now.
  13. Time for a What if... this time, the MLS is Back Tournament. Since it's not easy to put in 26 teams into 6 groups, things change in my version of it. Play In Round Each conference has a play in game to help round the numbers out. Miami and Nashville, as the newest teams, will be in these games against the worst teams from each conference from last season (there's not enough data to use this season, so last season will be used). So, the games would be this... Western Conference - Nashville SC vs. Vancouver Eastern Conference - Inter Miami CF vs. FC Cincinnati Group Stage After the two play in games, the group stage begins. Now, two weeks before the play in round, the groups were decided upon.thanks to rankings from the previous season. The Western Conference are in Groups A, C, and E while the Eastern Conference are in Groups B, D, and F. Group A -Los Angeles FC -Minnesota United -FC Dallas -Houston Group B -New York City FC -Toronto FC -New England -Columbus Group C -Seattle -LA Galaxy -San Jose -Sporting Kansas City Group D -Atlanta United -D.C. United -Chicago -Orlando City Group E -Real Salt Lake -Portland -Colorado -Nashville FC/Vancouver winner Group F -Philadelphia -New York Red Bulls -Montreal -Inter Miami CF/FC Cincinnati winner Each group has a day, so that makes it 18 days for the group stage Knockout Stage The top 2 in each group advances along with the four best third place teams for the Knockout Stage. It's based on each conference, so... Western Conference -Group A Winner vs. Wild Card #1 -Group C Winner vs. Wild Card #2 -Group E Winner vs. Group A Runner-Up -Group C Runner-Up vs. Group E Runner-Up Eastern Conference -Group B Winner vs. Wild Card #1 -Group D Winner vs. Wild Card #2 -Group F Winner vs. Group B Runner-Up -Group D Runner-Up vs. Group F Runner-Up The finals would be West vs. East.
  14. I wouldn't have bet on seeing Tim Donaghy in this thread.
  15. Oddly enough, back during Contraction Fever, I believe the state legislature passed a law that if the Twins relocated or were contracted, the Twins' history would be retained for an expansion team to pick back up. It would have been nice for the Nats to retain the Expos' retired numbers, Andre Dawson and Gary Carter were certainly worth the honor.
  16. I'm a little surprised that the G.O.A.T. hasn't already been posted yet.
  17. Next up is the Iowa Barnstormers. The Barnstormers are one of the most iconic indoor football teams of all time and have a pretty long history of great uniforms. I went back and took inspiration from many of their looks with the iconic goggle helmets and propellers on the pants.
  18. I saw the video and can tell you that both the jersey and the game clip itself are fake.
  19. Thanks. I'm going to drop all the updated uniforms very soon, so this is about to get a lot better. I love the name Easy Riders. That might be a possibility...If I did, I'd probably merge both words for a more flowing Easyriders. Here's my take without going too deep: I don't necessarily view someone who sins as evil. More often than not it's someone trying to have fun whilst unintentionally being viewed as a sinner. I feel like Vegas is the perfect place to do this, hence the name. I do have to say I love the name you proposed. I will have to say that renaming them the Los Angeles Easy Riders might have to happen since the movie begins in LA and they don't actually travel to Vegas (I may have seen bits but can't recall seeing the entire movie even though I went to film school). I like the idea of incorporating biker-esque imagery into a football team too. Thanks.
  20. Maybe they’ll improve once they do the right thing and kick Beckham to the curb.
  21. Unpleasant is the exact right word. Ugly shade of pink. Barely-there design. No sponsor (which I know is a positive for some). The logo is great but everything else =
  22. I think Seahawks will go green/green against the Cardinals on TNF and green/navy against the Vikings for the second straight year or against the Patriots. Also last year the Seahawks didn't go white/grey or white/white in any games so hopefully that changes this year.
  23. The Blues are perfect as they are right now. Yes, that includes the white numbers on the home sweater.
  24. even aside from the still-blew-it shade of pink, is it me or do Miami’s shirts look more prone to soak through in sweat than other white shirts? Probably just a trick or the eyes meeting actual Florida humidity. But the whole ensemble is just profoundly unpleasant to look at.
  25. Never thought I'd say it, but I am glad I watched soccer tonight. Thank God for live sports again (in America)!
  26. Yes 25. Chicago Orphans → Chicago Cubs After the 1897 season, Cap Anson retired from playing professional baseball after 28 seasons. He had played for the Chicago National League franchise for its entire history, beginning in 1876, and had managed them for the last 18 years. Anson was known for many things, some good, starting Spring Training, some bad, betting on his own games, and some ugly, constructing the color barrier. His retirement affected the Colts, who adopted the name Orphans, as they were without their “Pop”. After 4 seasons, the team started to be referred to as the Cubs because they had a large number of young players on the team. The team officially became the Cubs at the start of the 1907 season. Orphans was definitely a quirky nickname, but it may have been time for it to go. The team waited a year too long to reclaim its original moniker, White Stockings, but it would have made sense to revert back to Colts.
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