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  2. Astros will have to do what the 1996 Yankees did, come back from a 2-0 deficit and win three road games. Do they have what it takes?
  3. I think this is the Sports Gods' way of apologizing for almost giving us three simultaneous Boston championships
  4. A week to forget in New York sports and then some.
  5. Well I was right about the pathetic Yankees getting ousted because they suck at situational hitting... Something the Nationals are actually doing in BUNCHES!
  6. Loving the Blazers new court
  7. Also, noticing that nbc sports CA is using a modified version of roundball rock during the telecast.
  8. I think this is going to be a 20 team concept series, but that means I'll need some help coming up with names for places like: LA San Antonio New Mexico Las Vegas San Diego another East city, Boston? That said, here are two current club updates. The NC Courage crest features the courageous cat from the WUSA's Carolina Courage logo, and it's a bit rough. The face shape of the current Reign FC logo has always felt a bit off to me, so here's a tiny update + some color to get it poppin'.
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  10. I don’t know about fantastic, but it is pretty solid.
  11. The white front paneled home cap is a nice nod to the Expos.
  12. I blame the Mets for this. Stupid Mets.
  13. Washington vs. Minnesota Tampa Bay vs. Tennessee NY Giants vs. Detroit Denver vs. Indianapolis NY Jets vs. Jacksonville LA Chargers vs. Chicago Seattle vs. Atlanta Philadelphia vs. Buffalo Arizona vs. New Orleans Cincinnati vs. LA Rams Carolina vs. San Francisco Cleveland vs. New England Oakland vs. Houston Green Bay vs. Kansas City Miami vs. Pittsburgh
  14. How about Seattle Squid? Local, alliterative, all the same logo/uniform possibilities as Kraken, without the stupid gimmicky name. Name the mascot Kraken for all I care.
  15. Studio Simon has been providing generally good nicknames and visual identities for its baseball team clients so far. However, a part of me hopes that Studio Simon does not become too popular among baseball clubs, lest the company then become inclined to perform its work at least as formulaically as has Brandiose.
  16. My first reaction, based purely on the name and logo sheet, was that this was the cleanest, simplest, and most cohesive look I'd seen from Brandiose. Knowing it's Studio Simon makes a lot more sense. They look amazing, I already want a hat. The name is definitely a bit silly, but Simon had to balance the community's "Cannons" suggestion and the owners' desire to be more whimsical and family friendly than Intimidators. Overall, I think this is a testament to working with the community and keeping designing centered on the team and not what the design firm thinks will be fun. Hi, Brandiose.
  17. They need to fix their stadium solution very soon.
  18. What, did you think he'd come out as flat as he thinks the Earth is?
  19. Of course Kyrie scores 50 :censored:ing points in his Nets debut.
  20. What statement are they trying to make?
  21. Jazz are also in white and OKC in blue tonight. They've also been advertising the new 5 for the fight ad all game. It says 5 jerseys and shows the city edition they've had the last two seasons.
  22. Arizona Cardinals were also part of the NFL East till 2002. Anaheim Angels
  23. Had Dallas beaten the Giants, I would've felt majorly confident that Dallas would beat Green Bay. Favre had never beaten Dallas in Texas Stadium, and they had a late season, heavyweight matchup that Dallas won (and they rang Favre's bell). Would Dallas had beaten New England? I don't know. Considering how the Giants also lost and triumphed in the rematch; Dallas would've still had a chance. They wouldn't have been as huge an underdog as New York was (considering they were the NFC's #1 seed), but they'd still be treated as massive underdogs. However, considering their matchup early in the season, that New England came in and stomped Dallas, Dallas would've not been able to keep up. Who knows what would've happened? All I know is; it's all Patrick Crayton's fault.
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