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  2. IIRC Stance still had an NBA license when Nike took over (not sure if they still do) so they were still selling NBA branded socks, but just no longer worn on-court.
  3. They were actually based on what Jay Z considered cool then once he left they started doing actual city based branding.
  4. Entirely possible. I've always thought that the entire thing was meant and could have been better done as a plane or two forming the star. It's just really unclear. Compare to Israel Railways (sorry, I know this is an airport thread), which is very clearly railways forming a stylized Magen David.
  5. It bears mentioning that of the top 20 best attended MLB teams in 2019, only 6 are in the American League. The dominance of 2 teams for so long seems to have lulled a lot of AL fanbases into apathy. Even with everything working against the Sox in Chicago, I just can't see their situation being any better in a new market.
  6. As far as the Clippers... I don't blame them for doing something the Lakers couldn't necessarily do, nor should they. Especially when the "Straight Outta Compton" era coincided with "Showtime," which the Clippers were still around in LA for. I don't see it as tge Clippers rewriting history so much as representing an era of LA's history that transcended and even influenced sports.
  7. 110% agree. Red and yellow-gold without any stitch of black is a natural for the Flames. Perhaps, a slightly deeper shade of red.
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  9. I guess I'm one of the few who find the Rocket City Trash Pandas to actually be really good as it ties in the NASA angle with an animal that is extremely common to the area. I typically don't like the over the top Brandiose stuff, but the Trash Pandas is actually very well done. The logos and identity are fantastic. I'll buy three caps and a shirt. I think it's an iconic name/identity and it will not only last but flourish. For Wichita. I like the Lineman reference, but it seems odd for baseball. One creative idea I kinda liked was the 'Twisters' thus setting up a natural rivalry with the 'Storm Chasers'. Since it's the Marlins affiliate and Wichita is apparently a big aviation place, the 'Flying Fish' was another suggestion I saw. I think that's pretty good as I like when minor league teams make a subtle connection to the parent squad while creating their own identity. The only issue with that identity is are the Marlins and Wichita going to be together in a decade? The geography doesn't lead one to think it's likely to be a long term partnership and I've got to think Miami would eventually want something in the east and one would think there are other teams that fit Wichita better.
  10. Take-off and landing? Just guessing.
  11. True. The Chicago Metro Area has a pop of over 9M, so if they can attract a third of baseball fans there they'll be fine. It just doesn't seem they can maintain that with that stadium. It took them a WS win just to get them up to a 36K per game avg the following year, and it went down hill again since then. Compare that to the lovable loser Cubs who pack Wrigley every year no matter what. Even more so now with the recent success.
  12. The Nets brand is a nod to the 1970s NYC subway system. At most, you could argue that nostalgia for the 70s was an influence on Brooklyn rappers in the 90s, but it's not hard to see what really inspired the Nets brand.
  13. That. Is. Awesome.
  14. Only if the act is clean enough for the state's many Mormons.
  15. The mono white uniform trend was an unintended consequence of nike and the league not properly accounting for franchises reluctant to fully embrace the program known as color rush. The issue compounded when in the initial unveiling, nike and the league decided to insult ~7% of the viewing public by pairing red v green. This clear lack of foresight and piss-poor execution cracked the entire program as they relaxed the rules to avoid clashes by going mono white with their primaries. Given that the results have been mixed based on each franchise we now have 2nd alts and solid white socks. I am cool with solid dark socks though, especially with stripes.
  16. I'm sure a local buyer will emerge or the lease will be re-upped at some point. ...which is why I doubt Baltimore lets it happen again. That's ultimately the argument for why the Clippers will never leave Greater Los Angeles. When you're in a top 5 media market, it's hard to leave.
  17. Maybe they can get a stadium that's three miles from the Loop and is right on the main rapid transit line, the main south-suburban commuter line, and a major expressway, that'd be a real coup for them
  18. The contract with Stance ended when Nike became the league’s apparel provider. In addition to the uniforms, the socks are all Nike now. Nike does actually make team-specific sock designs to go along with the City Editions, and as of this year the Classic Editions as well. Plus, the standard sock design is available in a bunch of different color ways, including some team-specific color ways.
  19. Even being the #2 team in Chicago (albeit with history dating back to the 19th century) is still better than being #1 in any place that could realistically host a team.
  20. Does anyone know what happened with the sock designs the league used to do with Stance? I remember teams having sock designs to go with their uni’s, does anyone know why they don’t do it anymore?
  21. That’s not how things are working out here man lol. Lakers are the urban team. They are the boujee’s team. They are everything LA.
  22. Kansas City San Francisco Houston Jacksonville Buffalo Green Bay NY Giants Minnesota LA Rams LA Chargers New Orleans Seattle Philadelphia New England
  23. Hello there! Next up we have the Texas Rangers: This design derives its inspiration from the Rangers' former alternate logo, a personal favorite of mine. The stripes in the logo translate into pinstripes on the uniform, with the red "Rangers" wordmark arching boldly across the chest. Red is injected elsewhere into the set in order to keep balance with the abundance of blue. Let us know what you think!
  24. There's nothing to take up
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