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  2. New Orleans Jazz sounds awful, due to the syllable dissonance. Two words (one syllable and three syllables) paired with a one-syllable name just doesn’t sound right. Pelicans and Hornets are better. Besides, Utah Stars? ABA fetishization is annoying.
  3. Imagine how good this Clippers team would be if Lebron trolled everyone & joined them instead of The Lakers. Then again, with how his first year in LA went, he probably would have :censored:ed them up too.
  4. Looks like Brownie to me, as well. Is the one on the very bottom a football, with maybe a letter B in it? Colors look to be staying the same. I understand that they do focus groups and what not, but why not let the fans vote on a uniform?
  5. 1 - I disagree that their designs have been average at best. If I were to rank NFL uniforms, the majority of the Nike re-designs would be below 16, and thus NOT average. 2 - See @oldschoolvikings post above to see exectly how Nike highlights its swoosh. I don't hate Nike. I only wear NIke casual shoes. I DO hate Nike's design team, and how most NFL teams have bowed to their designs.
  6. Woof. That was a tough series to take from a Washington perspective. Some more thoughts: -Carolina fully, absolutely deserved that series. They outplayed us in their three prior wins; we did not outplay them in our three wins. Simple as that. -Justin Williams’ Game 7 loss with the Caps in 2017 remains his only Game 7 loss. -Hindsight is always painfully 20/20, but maybe, just maybe, alienating a Jack Adams winner who just did the impossible and won the freakin’ Washington Capitals the Stanley Cup so that you could hire said coach’s assistant (essentially just so other teams couldn’t hire him) wasn’t a great idea. I said it last night but it’s worth mentioning - how was Carolina so consistently able to get their preferred defense pair on the ice against the Ovechkin line? You’re home! You have the last change! You dictate the matchups! Todd Reirden may yet end up being a great coach, and he got us to a fourth straight division title, but now that the Islanders are through and we’re out, Trotz’s exit looms large. -Braden Holtby had his worst postseason game in a long time at the worst possible time. -Carolina suffocated the Caps’ PP. It cost us dearly a few times. -The Foegle hit on Oshie was dirty as all get out. -That no goal call in Game 6 looms large. Despite all of that nonsense/ranting up there, at the end of the day, we got our Cup. Can’t ask for too much more. I’d be happy to see any of the remaining teams win it all. Except the Bruins. May the next generation of Boston sports fans endure pain and suffering for eternity as penance.
  7. I love this Clippers team though. A three-year experiment in addition by subtraction. And a throwback to the 00s when we all (rightly!) thought Doc Rivers is a damn good coach.
  8. This might be an unpopular opinion but I think the Dbacks finally nailed it. I love that the dbacks added teal/turquoise to the red and black. I would be in favor of dropping the primary home and road unis and make the teal accented ones the primaries for home and road. I also love the re addition of the snakehead with the ball in the mouth.
  9. In the Rest vs. Rust debate I was firmly on Team Rest because the defense was banged up, Bobrovsky needed time to rest, and needed time for Vladislav Gavrikov to get over here from the KHL. We will see of course if it makes any difference. I kind of think that's one of those things that's talked about more than it actually matters. If they lose the series I don't think it'll be because they had too much time off and if they win I don't think it'll be because the Bruins had no time off. The Blue Jackets have a world class goaltender who's been lights out down the stretch and had one bad period against the Lightning, but was otherwise spectacular. He's had playoff troubles before, but looks like he overcame that against Tampa. Seth Jones and Zach Werenski are elite puck moving defenseman who play a big role in the offense, but I do enjoy watching Seth Jones stickcheck the puck off guys' sticks in the defensive because he's enormous and long. David Savard is a possession monster who's stepped up his offensive abilities this year and Dean Kukan has been a pleasant surprise this season. Their bottom pair on D, however, is a weak spot with the injuries they've had on the blue line. The forwards have some guys. Top line interchanges PL Dubois for Matt Duchene depending on the night, but Cam Atkinson and Artemi Panarin are on the wings. That's the most dangerous line. Josh Anderson is a big dude who motors, but plays clean and can score. He's Tom Wilson if Tom Wilson wasn't a dumb a$$hole. They also have some sneaky small fast guys like Oliver Bjorkstrand and this Alexandre Texier kid who seem to score every time they have the puck. Best ranked penalty kill in the league and they're the second least penalized team in the NHL this season, which is the stat I point to when so many national writers griped "the refs put their whistles away in the playoffs!". Maybe, but there wasn't a whole lot in that series where I went "yikes. got away with one there". Average to bad power-play for the whole season, but they went 5 out of 10 against Tampa, which is actually kind of misleading because one of those was at the end of game 2 when they were up 5-1, plus they scored a 6 on 5 goal in game 4 so really they were 6 for 10 if you think about it like that. It'll be interesting to see what they try against Boston because against Tampa they played a patient, defense-first, neutral zone heavy game that disrupted passes and made it difficult for the Lightning to enter the zone and their forecheck was really good. I'm not sure if the same systems will work against Boston, but one thing I saw was the team committed to playing complete team hockey with everyone buying into the systems and were air-tight responsible with the puck on the breakout and in the neutral zone, which was my biggest worry going into the Lightning series. I'm worried about them giving that Marchand guy too much room to operate. He always always always seems to have a goal and 2 assists against the Blue Jackets.
  10. Nice job! Now it's odd that, assuming moving from Hornets had something to do with the minor league team, both teams changed their names within a 2 year period. The Greensboro Hornets became the Greensboro Bats after the 1993 season, not 2003 as I said in my original post.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve also thought about making the center “badge/shield” larger to make all this more apparent.
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  13. Here's my take on the Hurricanes, based around a logo tweak I made a little while ago. What do you think? C&C appreciated!
  14. I wouldn't mind a scenario where the hawks color the feathers lime green and navy on the white pants to be able to pop out more with the navy blue jersey at home. i think that could work if they ever decided to not go monochromatic at home anymore.
  15. Every non-in-the-know baseball fan would call it minor league as it is
  16. The swoosh has become a team logo in many cases, and it’s obviously intentional. I can’t blame Nike - if the NFL allows it, why wouldn’t they do it? I blame the teams for not caring enough about their brands to allow Nike’s to overtake theirs.
  17. Fair comp, and I appreciate them being out there as a reminder that NBA teams weren't always massive money generators and used to make decisions like this based on some owner looking at the budget and saying "nah, it'd cost too much to replace a bunch of stuff"
  18. I think it's the helmet stripe. @hutchins75 if that's what it's suppose to be, I would make the C orange then.
  19. The center of the C has the 3 football helmet stripes (brown/white/brown) surrounded by orange.
  20. Forget anti-trust. No start-up could ever guarantee $500M contracts over 10+years. Even if they had stupid money, no player would sign that long with a team that isn’t likely to survive more than a couple of seasons. There will never be an “alternate league” to MLB. Ever.
  21. Honestly, does it matter? A title is a title.
  22. I like it, but what’s the significance of the white bar in the middle of the C?
  23. Ladies and gentleman, may I present.. that guy. Hate Boston or not, the grandslam would be a pretty amazing feat. @McCarthy & @infrared41 best of luck this series guys. Any other scenario I'm pulling for Columbus to take it to the house, maybe because the image of McCarthy sitting indian style in the corner facing a wall while rocking back and forth at the end of every April was just not a good visualization. On to the actual series, Columbus was hot but they haven't played in over a week, I wonder what affect that will have and if it's just a slow game 1. What's the scouting report here? I admittedly haven't watch much if any Blue Jackets games this year - so what are they? You know what Boston is: chippy, borderline interference calls every rush, and red hot or ice cold goaltending that varies from period to period.
  24. and at this point in time, i am surprise that it has not been overturned.
  25. Was expecting some contrasting arm cuffs or collar, so not thrilled with this. Will look very plain from far away when you can't see the tonal pattern.
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