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  2. I really don't get the hate for those green uniforms, they match the regular blue versions and they only wear them a few teams each season.
  3. 2 days left. Thanks to @hawkfan89 for introducing me to the PHL. It's been real.
  4. I got a few Cubs caps, two 5950s (the former road cap and a fashion cap that is basically identical to the real one, but with additional red and white piping) and one 3930 with the '16 champions patch. Love how the latter fits, to the point I can't remember the last time I wore either fitted.
  5. I always liked the idea of the sports fan fiction section, and thought it was a great vehicle for some really creative stuff, mostly @Veras's AFA. However, I understand why it's getting shut down..... that being said, a person can still do part of the idea that's being showcased in the SFF section: making your own league and going through the teams year by year to see how the jerseys have changed over time, be it equipment, management or whatever.... it's really just the back story behind these changes & the simulationary aspect of the SFF that's going away, from what I'm reading. That's a change, but a small one in the grand scheme of things, as this place is always about the concepts themselves & getting constructive criticism on them.
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  7. They tried the green over navy and it didn't work. Fans hated it.
  8. One of the owners was on local sports radio and just said they wouldn't use the Sonics' colors and said blue/green was already being used by who they hope becomes their arch rivals. Didn't exactly say no to the blue/green but doesn't sound like he was in favor of it.
  9. Seems like there weren’t actual white clash shorts and socks designed for the kit because the ones Bayern are wearing today are just basic team wear pieces: The shorts are Adidas’ Squadra 17 team wear model: And the socks are just the basic AdiSock 18 model:
  10. I've been here since 2005. I don't post often, but I really enjoyed this newer section, specifically @Veras and the AFA, which in my view was the founding concept that created this section. Unfortunately, some bad actors spoiled things, and the moderators aren't obligated to run a daycare here. For us old guys, trust me when I tell you it was a lot harder to get your creativity out on the internet even 10 years ago. It is much easier now to find a platform to publish content in the present day. Someone could create their own SFF site and with enough work and commitment, be just as successful as CCSLC and other long-running sites. There are enough people here that obviously loved the SFF section, so collaborate and make it happen. Thanks to all who genuinely contributed their creative gifts for us to see. ::raises glass:: To the death of fun.
  11. Exactly. You're exactly right. That's why Orlando getting the bare minimum of attendance the league needed to survive is not special. No market showed nfl potential. Not one. It takes 70k, despite everything you said, for the NFL to notice. AKA, you must be special. The was nothing special about orlando or San Antonio. To suggest to move an NFL team to make room for Orlando has to be the dumbest thing I've ever read.
  12. Bayern is debuting a new look today in the Pokal final. Red top with white shorts and socks. They’ve done the white shorts plenty before, but I can’t recall them pairing them with white socks. Supposedly the matchup was going to be Bayern in red/white/red and Leipzig in white/red/white but the DFB stepped in to make it more obvious for fans and the officials. I’m also interested about the design choices for these white alternate pieces. The primary red kit has tonal red stripes on red, so I was curious if they would do tonal white on white. I feel like that would have been a better decision given the aesthetic of the shirt.
  13. Puma going with purple accents for their first Man City home shirt: Really not a fan of the purple at all. Either white or navy accents would be so much better and more fitting for them. I’m also curious to see what color PL names/numbers they’ll go with since purple isn’t an option. If they go with navy it’ll clash with the purple accents, but I’m not really sure I see them going with white since they haven’t in quite a few years.
  14. Alrighty then time for an update, the first of two concepts to come from the FXFL where an experimental time to create a developmental league was fresh and there were only two names that came from this experiment that are still relevant in people's memories... this is the first team to do so. THE OMAHA MAMMOTHS This was a fun thing to do and that is to create a concept that comes from abstract resources... so I went with a classic look for the Mammoths in all their kits.
  15. It's pretty clear. Read. In fact, it's been asked and answered multiple times in this thread, too.
  16. I also prefer the 3930s but it irritates me that the logo is smaller than on the 5950s.
  17. I think Pilots is off to a good start, but needs some cleaning up. The primary logo looks a bit too much like the Hurricanes and needs some significant alterations IMO to separate it. Also in the script on the jersey the use of a plane for the ‘TT’s in Sea’tt’le makes it look like it only has a a single T and is misspelled. If you’re going to go down that route I think you should use a twin fuselage aircraft like pic related. Lastly, this is a personal preference but in order for Seattle to stand out colourwise I think you should increase the amount of teal on the jersey by a significant amount, and maybe darken the red a bit. Right now that could be a Blackhawks/Sens/Hurricanes/Flames jersey.
  18. Those results are most encouraging. That is certainly not what I would have expected. I thank you for making the effort.
  19. EDIT: I’m a moron who leapt to conclusions. Whoopsies! Sorry about that one. Anyway, I find it interesting that they cite 2005 as the founding date. It seems that nobody was really fooled by this: ...which is very good. They don’t need throwbacks to learn the history. Like @Gothamite put it, they can find these curiosities on their own.
  20. I like the font better, but it's really gonna be weird not having the globe in the S. I wish they kept it in some form.
  21. Yes. That's what the regular concepts forum is for. You can have a fictional league, just no results or story attached.
  22. Celtic have won the treble treble!! 3 straight years they win all domestic Scottish titles.
  23. @Ferdinand Cesarano My friends and I fit perfectly in the 13-15 age group that you say "do not know the Nationals were once the Expos". So, I decided to experiment with that, and try out the survey you proposed. I asked all of the baseball fans my age (that I know, of course) two questions. First, when were the Nationals founded? Second, if they had previously been in another city, where were they, and what was that team's identity? The answers to the first question was almost unanimously 2005, with one 1968 (which I will accept) and one "early 1900s" (which means they probably lumped all three Washington clubs together). To the second question, most identified that they were once in Montreal and were the Expos. Only two said that they had always been in Washington, and both of them claimed the team was founded in 2005 (so, they thought the Nationals were an expansion team). Basically, only two out of around twenty did not know that the Nationals came from the Expos.
  24. Last night’s matchups: Orlando debuted the special Pride jerseys in prematch:
  25. I always thought brown was highly underutilized in sports in general. It's hard to use it properly, but if done right it could be great.
  26. The change in font is slight. But I lament the loss of the globe. I really love that sort of depiction of a globe, as in the logo of the BBC's Panorama.
  27. Added Seattle Pilots. LMK your thoughts! Hopefully will get Rainiers started and done soon.
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