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  2. The Atwater home and away shirts borrow the brown and grey pattern from the brick work of the station. Home features a lighter brown, with a dark brown overlay of diagonal lines. While the light coloured away has a pattern of hand drawn lines reminiscent Van Gogh's paintings.
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  4. There is "discussion" and then there is what's been going on in this thread. You're right, it is a farce, but it's not because we're shutting down Canucks Talk Radio. As someone stated about 4300 Canucks posts ago, this bit has become the new Clevejacked. This has been page after page of tail-chasing and derailing the thread. Maybe if some of you hadn't shown such blatant disregard for Glenn's original warning, we wouldn't have gotten here, but that hasn't been the case. Trust me when I say this, the very best bet you can make right now is to drop the matter and move on. We all get where you stand on the changes to the Canucks look. You've made your point. What's left to say?
  5. Gwynn apparently changed his opinion of the browns after he retired, but at one time he did dislike them. Here's a quote from him in an SI spring-training article in '91. He was definitely happy to see the brown unis gone back then: The 30-year-old Gwynn arrived at the Padres' camp in Yuma, Ariz., last week, three days early and with a smile on his face. He bounced into the clubhouse, admired the Padres" new blue uniforms ("I hated the old brown ones. I hated every one of them"), then spotted manager Greg Riddoch and immediately asked if he could get a coach to throw extra batting practice to him.
  6. First team up is Station Atwater FC, with a colour scheme based on the browns and greys of Atwater Station. The logo features the three towers of Westmount Square, an outdoor shopping centre built in 1967. Located a short distance from Atwater station, and constructed in International Style architecture, it was modelled after Lake Shore Drive Apartments in Chicago. The shopping centre has both boutiques, art galleries and office space reserved for health clinics.
  7. In 1966, Montréal mayor Jean Drapeau spearheads an initiative to bring underground transportation to the city of Montréal. The following year, the 1967 World's Fair comes to the island. To celebrate this joyous moment, the City of Montréal will join together and create a 26 team soccer league featuring the original metro stations. Each with a team playing in the individual neighbourhood, featuring sponsorship by prominent businesses and home/away shirts inspired by the metro specific art and design. Take a trip back to 1967 with me, while we explore the formulation of the Montréal Subway Soccer League. From the above map, you can see that the stations have been divided into Northern and Southerns divisions, just North of the major hub Berri-de-Montigny. Twenty six teams, split up into the two divisions. Over the next few weeks, and months, I'll be creating team logos, home/away shirts, and introducing the individual neighbourhoods, featuring a little bit of backstory on each.
  8. Designers of he Oilers 3rd jerseys.
  9. The Arizona State 24/7 on HBO was pretty good. All three of them have been great, really. But I was wrong about Herm Edwards. I thought it was a disaster waiting to happen but he has ASU in a pretty good place right now.
  10. I really don't like the Oilers third. Maybe had the stripes on the sleeves had been slightly thicker or more than just two, it could have worked...maybe. Maybe a little white outline around the logo, too. At least, they won't go down in team history as the worst jersey ever. And why did they use the weird collar instead of just going with the thinner version?
  11. They had some decent Levi's money behind them until the mid-'90s, but then the patriarch died and thus began the series of piecemeal ownership consortiums (consortia?) that were only just getting by, which in turn begat Moneyball.
  12. wow that’s pretty drastic. i still like the green, but that definitely makes it feel less special. that’s also pretty dumb
  13. My votes for the Prince George Princesses Quebec City mcFLURRY Winnesota Mild and Orlando Orchard BoyZ really though, this the fourth time? I’d suggest putting some more times towards the league logo, it has the elements but looks a tad too much like clip art. Other than that I’d take the feedback from your OG post for the whirlwind. Outside of design, I’d reevaluate the names they feel like they are very similar. Also I’d actually post the logo in this thread because it seems like the thread is just a bump for another one at the moment.
  14. Of the 16 teams in the PCL that could move to St. Paul: Fresno maybe?
  15. At least the Niners don’t have black alts anymore.
  16. Oilers navy alternate looks better than I expected it to on the ice. Did not like it at first, but I have come around.
  17. It's not really fair to compare playoff appearances and division titles from the two eras, though, since only four teams made the playoffs before 1995 and 10 do today. Likewise, there are six division champions today instead of four. Of course, the same point applies to NFL playoff appearances, NCAA basketball tournament appearances, etc.
  18. I wonder if they will change their jersey colors. They were rolling with navy and light blue jerseys. Seems like now they'll go gray and red. Although there's already quite a few team with dark/black and red jerseys.
  19. It's not really a farce based on the reasons given. At least I can take some comfort (and I think you're with me too) in the fact that I know I'm very happy with how they look currently, while some others are still whining about what they want them to change. Anyway, I'm not keen on being punished for talking about something we're not supposed to, so I better toe the line and keep quiet lol.
  20. Still stand by original opinion that those Oilers 3rds are nice. Nothing amazing, but they're unique and sharp and do everything a 3rd jersey should do. I like them.
  21. So the Canucks change their uniforms for the first time in 12 years, it being the only major uniform change of the entire season and we're all forbidden from talking about it on a message board where we discuss uniform changes. What a farce. Unfair? Yeah, that's putting it mildly. How would you like it if their was a ban on Maple Leafs talk the season they got rid of the Ballard Leaf...
  22. Really nice looking matchup between PItt and Syracuse earlier:
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