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  2. No. The NFL with its salary cap for both the team and for rookies, sets itself up by design for, "Hope Trafficking" and they do it much, much better than the rest. Add the free agency month before the Draft makes it more impactful to the average NFL fan.
  3. At the college level, nobody has been able to touch the Ivy League schools like Harvard, Columbia or Dartmouth. Dartmouth is not the Big Green yet. Still the Indians as of 1964. One school that fell short of breaking the Ivy League's dominant streak so far has been Notre Dame.
  4. I can't complain at all about the Jets' pick, but honestly, I just think I don't care all that much about the NFL anymore. Like, all sports leagues essentially boil down to dick-waving contests between rich bastards at the expense of the proletariat, but the NFL is that jacked up to almost a comedic degree. And the product isn't even that entertaining to make up for it. The Patriots right now are the real sports equivalent of Reign of Terror-era Triple H. P.S. f-ck Nick Bosa
  5. Please be a full jersey of the gold they use on their arms.
  6. Ebron finally looked good last year, only problem it was in Indy.
  7. No further questions...except wondering what the status of NCAA Driveball is at this point. Other than that, bring on '65!
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  9. Since Stafford was drafted, the Lions have made three TEs as First Round picks: Pettigrew (09), Ebron (14), and now Hockenson (19)
  10. I think the writer is incorrectly guessing there's a hint specifically to a change of color scheme. Here's the quote from Demoff he's referring to as a hint: "It has been a great process and I think the one thing we look at is we’ve had the ability for the four years we’ve been back to listen to fans, to see the emotions around the uniforms. The Super Bowl will always hold great memories to me the first time the Rams could wear blue and yellow in Atlanta was a change really thanks to all the fans and petitioning the commissioner and having him hear the difference that made to our fans,” Demoff continued. “But I think the goal of the uniforms is to make people feel proud of the Rams, proud of the colors, but really emphasize that this is the 2020 Rams moving forward and the next chapter while making sure that we honor the past.” I don't think that means different colors like the writer seems to believe. Demoff is just emphasizing that it'll be a modern take of the Rams moving forward. They are actively meeting and listening to fans, just like they did with the throwbacks, so that's a good sign.
  11. Here's where the tertiary ESPN feed won the evening.
  12. I've been laughing about the Tuxedo Pooh post on and off since this morning.
  13. Surprised Daniel Jones went at 6; that feels too high. Being compared to Jay Cutler is not a good comparison, but maybe he'll do better... who knows. The Dolphins made me nervous, but they chose to bolster the defense instead of taking a QB. That's what I wanted. The Broncos took a TE again? Lol they just can't find anyone to fill that position.
  14. Some experiments should never be conducted.
  15. It's become a bit problematic to talk like this in today's world, and I totally get why and don't want to be disrespectful or "creepy", but I have to admit that I've always had a HUGE crush on her. She's just fantastic and is one of the best in her field. I admire the hell out of that and genuinely look up to her. I think we need to start a Dan LeBatard thread. His empire is the very best thing about sports media today, and that's really saying something considering it's a Disney property.
  16. Hands down, my all time favorite athlete. His was my first autograph... I was 10 years old. From that point on, "Hondo" was my hero. Heartbreaking news.
  17. For a youth league, I actually don't mind these. Its not like they're a professional team or even a high level college. Let the kids experiment.
  18. You’ve got to be :censored:ing kidding me. Welp, at leas that means he's going to be good I guess.
  19. Her worrying and doing a "pee pee" dance over the Seattle pick (and trade) was what one the night for me and was hilarious. Love her laugh too. Our "Sports Media" thread might need a post from me being a LeBatardapologist, but a decade later, I listen for Billy and Stugotz. In fact, I think my older brother is a Stugotz in every way down to them both marrying a Gator alum.
  20. Damn That hurts. R.I.P Hondo. Not one of the Celtics people often take about, but he should be.
  21. Rest In Piece Hondo. One of the greats.
  22. She's one of my absolute favorite people in media today. It seems like everything LeBatard touches turns to gold, but she's really something special.
  23. "Havlicek stole the ball" You don't even have to be much for a sports fans to know that as one of the more memorable play-by-play calls in professional sports history. Sad day indeed.
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