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  2. They could wear yellow pants on the road, but not at home. It'd violate the 'rule'. Given their current choices, they'd be dumb to wear the navy pants at all. If they're stuck with navy numbers on their road jersey, they should either go with the normal white pants or make something new that somehow works in more of the light blue and yellow.
  3. Nobody has ever tried to tell you that. The point is that you can choose to have multiple helmets, but the league/team can't force you to have a second one*. Also keep in mind that those "second" helmets are worn all season long and are theoretically broken in the same as the normal ones, rather than just getting new ones to wear in a random week 7 game. *they can force you in the case of a trade, but they might even offer one-off repainting for situations like that too.
  4. At least Calgary won a game in their playoff series?
  5. It looks pretty bad, so that's a low bar.. wouldn't take much
  6. I think the Flames' loss is bigger than Tampa's. They lost to a team who was basically ranked ninth. The Jackets were technically ranked fifth. SMH, NHL playoff seeding is a joke.
  7. Outstanding progress. The overall image is really great but here are some small things I think would progress it even further : - Make the ears a tad smaller. I know someone else mentioned it and you countered it, but if the ears are bigger it gives off the vibe of it being a cub. If you shrink the ears, it becomes more adult looking. So whichever one you’re going for should be represented by the ears. - Try both options of (1) Removing the line connecting the mouth. (2) Have the mouth connect on both sides. I personally think the half-and-half doesn’t look good. - Remove the small white piece on the nose. - Make the darker grey a little light for more contrast (also previously mentioned)
  8. Is it me, or would orange socks and shoes make that set look even better?
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  10. The Mets have some of the best uniforms in baseball. The Yankees get more credit for theirs, but I would argue their neighbors from Queens are actually better-dressed, when they keep the ugly alternates in the closet. Their home and road are just a few tweaks away from being the very Platonic ideal.
  11. And even if he’s okay when them being posted, they absolutely do not go in this thread. That’s not what it’s here for.
  12. Since 2016, it’s been used sparingly probably because they’ve mostly lost every time they wear blue.
  13. I stumbled upon a website that replicates older minor league jerseys among others and it’s proof of how the teams simply adopted their parent teams look at the time: Hartford Chiefs: Burlington Bees: New Orleans Pelicans:
  14. They "share" the history, but that's really only a technically. The Thunder had a deal with Seattle that the history and identity would revert to Seattle if they got a team within five years of the Thunder leaving. That never happened, so the Thunder are under no obligation to let a new Seattle team have the identity/record books.
  15. I want a mini of that Packers helmet.
  16. Ironically, Syracuse is another city with a traditional nickname (Chiefs) that would lend itself to simply applying the parent club's brand.
  17. I pretty much expect this headline in a few years: 2022 NHL Playoff Update: "Expansion Seattle stuns the Sharks 4 games to 1 in the First Round"
  18. Braves were probably the most notorious for that. Then there's the Mets who saw the B-Mets become the Rumble Ponies and their AAA affiliate switched to Syracuse and suddenly they're now the Mets.
  19. First three of this weekend’s Parley matchups: Few notes: - Players are wearing white undershirts with the light blue kits and black with the dark blue kits rather than undershirts that match the color of the kits. Same can be said for the compression shorts. - The Galaxy apparently took it upon themselves to add the 5 stars to their Parley shirts. None of the other clubs have their championship stars on their Parley shirts (at least from what we’ve seen so far in these games and from the promotional materials). - Even though the shade of blue isn’t right, Minnesota’s Parley kit is arguably better than both their current secondary and their secondary from the last two seasons.
  20. Add getting curbstomped by goddamn Vegas twice in the team’s first two years and you have a recipe for a team I simply can’t root for any longer. That’s the three biggest rivals the Sharks will ever have and they’ve been flat out embarrassed by all three with zero real redemption. I can’t have an ounce of respect a team like that.
  21. Chargers get yellow facemask, w powder blue uni. I now need a yellow mask for my collection of current and 80s mini helmets. These guys know more than anyone else about stuff like that. I ask them, they showed me, i bought the mask.
  22. I really like the idea of a individual sport being that dynamic, but for me this concept might work better with on a 2v2 with substitutes and goals on both ends of the court.
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