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  2. Yeah, I was debating on whether to go with 70% black or 80% black. I’ll go back and take a look again. In regards to the ears, I probably won’t make them THAT much smaller, simply because black bears have big-ass ears as is, but thanks for the C+C on that. Yeah, I think what they were going for was the tongue? It really is a complete mess. For me it’s the unnecessary grey outline everywhere. The single color logo looks so much better because it’s not muddling up the whole look (still not good though) Yeah, I’m on the exact same page as you on going more Hockey East teams. I imagine you’ll see more soon. I actually did a providence logo awhile back. I also did UNH, UML, and Merrimack logos, but I’ll probably redo those first before posting.
  3. Mostly because I wanted to know, here are the Ducks and Kings since the Sharks began, with the Ducks playing two less seasons. I did include this season though because neither team made the playoffs. Ducks: 14 playoff appearances Did Not Qualify - 11 Out in the 1st Round - 6 Out in the 2nd Round - 3 Out in the Conference Finals - 3 Stanley Cup Finals - 2 (1-1) Kings: 13 playoff appearances Did Not Qualify - 14 Out in the 1st Round - 8 Out in the 2nd Round - 1 Out in the Conference Finals - 1 Stanley Cup Finals - 3 (2-1)
  4. The next team up is Richmond: I love that UR is the Spiders, but their quidditch team seems to have taken that as an opportunity to do some weird two-tone Spiderman cosplay. I was going to completely scrap it, but it turns out if you clean it up a little and make both sides of the jersey the same color, it's not such a bad look. I tried to balance red and blue as much as possible with just enough white to keep things looking clean, and every element has a red and a blue version. Also, since Richmond quidditch has an official logo and I don't completely hate it, I figured I should use it somewhere, so I popped it on the shorts. Keep that C&C coming!
  5. Sweeney and Neely need to go. — David Backes was signed for $6 million for 6 years as a 30 year old THIRD LINE CENTER when we desperately needed defense — Zboril and Senyshyn as you mentioned. — Frank Vatrano became a 40 point scorer, Colin Miller is a solid defenseman for Vegas, Dougie Hamilton has been solid in Carolina, Reilly Smith has regularly scored 50+ after his Boston career ended. — Charlie Coyle has been fine, but not worth being a rental for another talented young player with tons of potential. Johansson has been terrible, the Bruins traded a first for the miserable Rick Nash experiment. The boys club needs to be completely purged.
  6. I don't doubt any of that, I'm just saying it doesn't mean much to me from 2,000 miles away. Whether it should have to is the larger philosophical question, I guess.
  7. Eriqjaffe also had a 4-sports font pack that was excellent. Pretty sure that one is also dead.
  8. There is something to be said when an organization has three consecutive picks in an absolutely loaded draft and only one of them is suited up for an important playoff game.
  9. Kinda like this helmet from "The Middle."
  10. ...I don’t want to talk about it. AAAAAAAAARG THEY WERE SO CLOSE GET A REBOUND YOU S
  11. You must be new here.
  12. Celtics (Green) at Pacers (gold) looks absolutely fantastic tonight. Any team with a yellow alt should wear it against the Celtics.
  13. I’ve said this on here before and it usually falls on deaf ears, but while the GGB is more iconic visually, the Bay Bridge is much more important to the Bay Area functionally. It gets a ton more use every year and changed the dynamics of San Francisco and it’s connection to the rest of the Bay Area in ways the GGB simply couldn’t have. As for nobody caring about about the new span, I disagree with that wholeheartedly. That project took an insane amount of time and resources, and it replaced a span of the bridge that was dilapidated to the point where people were literally crushed to death in a major earthquake in the late 80s (just to give you a feel for how long it was needed). The logo representing that span of the bridge (Oakland to Treasure Island) was important because it kept the classic bridge concept intact while giving Oakland the representation it deserved. Also, the Bay Bridge isn’t just bigger than the GGB, it’s also older (by about five months). The new Bay Bridge is also the longest bridge in the world connected by a single span (just to give a feel for the enormity of the project). I’m wondering if they plan on modifying/changing the logo with the move to better match the new location. Apparently they’re changing everything next year so we’ll see if that logo stays in the East Bay. I kind of think it should change, but I can see the challenge that may pose as well with this current run.
  14. New York Mets have yet to wear either of their alternates this season
  15. Come on Maple Leafs, you have to pull this off.
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  17. Fiesta colors would still be better than bad camouflage.
  18. Should the Chargers add yellow pants at one point? I'm leaning towards no since it would look too similar to the Rams and might drown out the jersey:
  19. The thing is the Spurs never wore the fiesta colors on their uniforms. The closest it got was the warmups and floor.
  20. I think branding and merchandising is a huge draw for a lot of would-be franchise owners. For Inter Miami, this really might be enough. Or they can just run an esports franchise instead.
  21. Not to go off topic but I lived in Lex for two years when I attended UK for graduate school.
  22. Well, if they were playing that song before Flyers games, I think it'd be a real problem. But this is a reach. Were we really thinking of Kate Smith as an instrument of white supremacy?
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