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  2. Today starts this monstrosity with the Cubs and Nationals. At the very least the Cubs are wearing their regular caps instead of the all white ice cream man look. I hope other teams wearing white choose to do the same (I'm looking at you Dodgers in particular.) However, they are wearing white batting helmets and the Nationals are wearing black helmets. Is it Monday yet?
  3. The Clippers City Edition court is fantastic and would be a fine court to base an identity on
  4. I wouldn’t be shocked if the gold out of bounds area is a one-year deal. 50 years is the golden anniversary, and they’re going to have to change the design next season anyway because this one has the 50 years logo at center court. I guess they could always just repaint that area next year, but the Cavs seem to never stick with a court design very long.
  5. I'm glad the braves have a good design and in black. Won't look nearly as good as the original, but ehhh. .
  6. Hahahahahaaaaaaa no. I mean, I'd be an instant ride or die fan if the team with my favorite branding package of all time moved to my city, but I've also seen first hand how much of an absolute disaster pro football has been here. Just yesterday I jokingly mentioned to my old boss who founded the Sacramento Mountain Lions that he should work on bringing an XFL team to Sacramento, and I got the same response I did when I brought up bringing an AAF team to Sac. Not a chance in hell he would even consider it.
  7. Gosh, that's so beautiful. Their current wordmarks really suits with red and black. Also I loved the set with current wordmarks and Titans colours. Also, Great work at Zephyrs/Pelicans!
  8. Not a huge fan of the City Jerseys, but I actually do like the Core Court. But, at the same time I'm conflicted because I love the Clippers in R,W,B with no black in the color scheme.
  9. I actually joked a while back on one of the threads, that the Hawks should do a "Peach State" alternate, like ATL United did. Well, execution is always key
  10. I hope it's a craptacular mess of spy vs spy proportions.
  11. A LOVELY look, one which truly represents South Texas well.
  12. Today
  13. I meant specifically white on white. I can't recall any teams that do that (or have done that in the past)
  14. Split this into its own thread.
  15. With the wizards moving the arena name to the baselines, I expect them to put an ad where the arena name used to be, just like the pistons.
  16. Ironically, I can't help but see a white "N" in the middle of the design with this tweak. I actually really like the squared off "eMb"! In my eyes it definitely solves the original issue of the "M" not being obvious enough.
  17. Maybe we're talking about different things here but I often post "concepts" when referencing why I think something doesn't work or what changes could be made to make an existing look better. Seems a more effective way of illustrating my thoughts than simply saying "I think this would look better without the x.y. or z"
  18. Honestly I think that reads eNb, making it harder to read the M. The Minecraft expos however works a bit better.
  19. Flames1fan

    MLS 2022

    picture not showing up
  20. Damn. That is so superior to what we got. If the XFL survives the down the road they should upgrade to this logo. Are you gonna do any other redos??
  21. I have to disagree on both Atlanta and New Jersey here. Atlanta has had two franchises, and both moved within 15 years of being established. Atlanta is simply not a hockey city. New Jersey, on the other hand, has the New York metro to watch, and South Jersey has Philly. It's not like they're starved for options over there.
  22. Arizona Wildcats To Honor U.S.S. Arizona, Late Coach Dick Tomey August 23, 2019 - 16:52 PM Arizona travels to Hawai’i this weekend for one of the first games of the 2019 college football season, and will commemorate the occasion by wearing helmets that pay homage to the 1,177 servicemen who lost their lives aboard the U.S.S. […] Read More...
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