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    Washington Pigskins

    I know that, but you can't deny it might be a controverial name. What about insluts is might be similar to "Redskins" I'm not sure if this name make any problems in Europe like in North America.
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    Washington Pigskins

    Not to dismiss what you're saying, but in this case, "pigskin" is a reference to leather. Literally, pig skin. Back in the mid 1800's, many balls used in sports were made from inflated pig bladders, and covered in rawhide made from pig leather, hence the name "pigskin". Even the early days of American football were using pig skin balls. Nowadays cowhide leather is used. While pigskin may have racial connotations in Europe, I'm unaware of it being used as a racist insult here in North America. Every reference of the word here talks about the ball, not people.
  5. Hey, have been following this series for forever, but please change the Oaks name to the Buckeyes, that is the state tree, just a request to represent the state better.
  6. + I thought I could salvage the current font by changing the colors around and adding an outline. It is a goofy font that I think could work, but not for Arizona. Also the Bear Down mark makes it look like it's one word so my bad there Out of place in this case. The Desert Swarm uniforms are good, but these aren't the Desert Swarm uniforms.
  7. MonOcHRoMe iS fIRe Sorry, I’ll stop mocking it when people stop trying to force mono. The Seahawks make it work. Everyone else should just let them have it.
  8. I like the lighter blue used on that hat and could imagine using that full-time as an improvement. The super dark navy is just a dull color that sort of drags everything down with it.
  9. Will there be a Player's Weekend in this short season?
  10. Again: Please no more comments on racism, racial injustice, etc. I have commented on the situation of Native Americans, racism in general, and I think I made my position clear to other users. My comments have resulted from one or two user comments which I wanted to address; comments that were also design-related. Then one thing led to another. Thanks.
  11. "Also worth noting that "white conservatives" don't make up the entire spectrum of people who might disagree with a name change." That's bs. And you should know that, too! Otherwise, just two groups of people, racists or complete morons, would remain, walking by a Native-American, asking "Hey, how's your day, Redskin?" I used the words "these conservatives", "these right-wingers". Why do you want me to specify that? It should be clear enough. The word "these"? Most of the conservatives/right-wingers don't even feel that the word "Redskin" is a bad word, let alone they would ask for a replacement! Don't be nitpicky, please. You know that nothing that I've said is wrong. You just don't like the fact that I didn't use the word "some", although you should know which breed of people I was referring to. That's nitpicking – for whatever reason it might be.
  12. Again, I appreciate the civility of this conversation so far. But as with the Washington NFL franchise, we can have a thread if and when a change is made. Otherwise, the forum rule stands of no discussion of indigenous team naming controversies.
  13. You might not have said "all", but you also didn't say "some" or "most".. like if I say "strawberries are red", there's a certain implication that I'm referring to "all" strawberries, or at least generalizing the entire strawberry group as a single entity.. Also worth noting that "white conservatives" don't make up the entire spectrum of people who might disagree with a name change. So, it would've been more accurate and less offensive to simply say "some people....". That would've explained the design-choice aspect effectively without sparking the political debate. We're all aware that some people want to keep certain imagery and nicknames, but that doesn't mean we have to insinuate they're automatically a bunch of racists..
  14. Love the logo. The only change I would make would be to have the hat look like it was sitting ON the skull's head rather than behind it. That would give it a more sinister look, and provide a little more black space to make the FC bigger.
  15. Speaking as a Mariners fan, I love #1 and #2. It's a great modernization of the current logo.
  16. I bet designers/brand developers would love to get their hooks into the Rockers/Rocks.
  17. I’ve always appreciated how tight of a relationship the Spokane Indians have with the Spokane tribe... if the Cleveland Indians partner with a local tribe in the same way I don’t see an issue with the name. It’s insane to me how long Chief Wahoo lasted... clearly a caricature and I’m not sure why some people were playing the history card when the team is historically quite bad and possibly even cursed (blown two WS Game 7s).
  18. Spiders is the obvious choice, here, but I do actually think the name "Blues" is a good shout as a nod to the long history the rhythm and blues genre has with Cleveland, and a nod to the city's past in the MLB; plus, a musically-themed identity is something no other MLB team has. The only quibble might by if St. Louis over in the NHL would play hardball.
  19. Good callout, Dobys would be a great choice as well.
  20. I can't remember the last time a five star talent when to a low major program, let alone an HBCU like Howard. His goal is get those going to schools like Howard, which I think is admirable... but, let's face it. Kids today want to win and be national television and get into March Madness. You're not getting that with Howard.
  21. I'm really loving the collection! 1. & 2.: I do prefer the font on 1. and the colors of 2. A narrower "S," with the horizontal points above the letters as well would be the best option. Both logos labeled 3.: I prefer the second variation and second @jwinters' idea to remove the beveling. It's not really needed. I'd love to see how it'd look in navy/teal/silver, since those are my preferred Mariners colors. 4. It's a bit too abstract for me. I appreciate the idea, but it doesn't read like an "S." 5. This interpretation of the city flag, mixed with a baseball into an "S," is a fantastic abstract design. Might I suggest making the two teal parts closer, so it reads more as an "S?" 6. and 7. Making the "S" parts solid doesn't really work for me. It feels too '70s/'80s for me. 8. I second @vtgco's idea to add an outline between the wheel and the ball, while using modern colors. I'd also extend the length of the white parts, to help it read as an "S." I'm curious to see where this will go. Good work here!
  22. In order of my preference: Spiders Dobys (for Larry Doby, the most important player in team history - the first African-American in the AL who is so unfairly ignored) Forests Commodores Guardians Rocks/Rockers Barons (the old NHL name, just ask the Sharks or Stars or the NHL for the trademark) Owls (just because it'd be nice for one Big Four team to have that name) Founders (for being a founding franchise of the American League)
  23. I would hope Spiders is what's chosen, despite its pitiful history, it would make for one of the more interesting brands in sports hopefully
  24. Commodores Blues Spiders Those are my tops, with "Rocks" or simply "Cleveland Baseball Club" also feeling acceptable. Not into "Guardians" or "Baseball Browns" Hope they follow through. This could be an opportunity to breathe life into a dulling brand and, hopefully, bring some much needed new colors into the MLB.
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