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  2. YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! When the 4th line and Rask play like they did tonight, they can beat literally anybody. Columbus is gonna be tough, but this team can definitely win, especially if Kevan Miller can come back and replace John Moore. Any Islanders fans around? How does getting farther than Tavares feel?
  3. GG Leafs, that was one hell of a series, I really think this was the toughest series for both teams. Whomever won definitely would be seen as Cup favorites. Going to be interesting how the long wait effects the Blue Jackets, usually it's the worst thing for a team that catches fire like they did against Tampa. On a more personal not, if Carolina can pull the upset against DC, I would be 100% content with however the playoffs turn out.
  4. Just a crying shame an elite talent like John Tavares languishes on a first round exit team.
  5. Brooklyn just broke 50 with 4 min left in the third I’ve seen teams almost score fifty in the first. Not only is Philly playing well, but Brooklyn is playing especially bad, like NC State 24 final Score bad
  7. Miami will be more like the Tampa Bay Giants and be a team that's seemingly a done deal but never happens.
  8. I like the browns CR jerseys, would
  9. The obvious has passed in the Eastern Conference. This is where it gets fun; Any of these teams can get to the Finals.
  10. Well at least something went right tonight. Go Raps. Kick the Sixers in the teeth.
  11. Bruins are an upset win by Carolina away from being the runaway Cup favorites. Thanks for nothing, Leafs.
  12. yea, if you're trying to hit a marketing home run every at bat, you'll go down swinging from time to time i promise i'll never make an analogy that awful again
  13. ...not really what? And I don’t like the update, maybe s propeller logo down the line but for now I’d stick with the star
  14. Aaaand Canada's gone! That was faster than I expected.
  15. They're the Browns, brown over white and white over orange or white makes more sense, even if the orange jersey looks better. Hopefully that changes next year.
  16. The Leafs will lose this game. Frederik Andersen isn't good enough. Kuraly made a beautiful neutral zone move on that third goal, but Andersen should have had it from that far out anyway. This isn't the first time this has happened too. He has a tendency to give up goals from far out, and it's not going to cut it in the playoffs when every goal matters. And the defence....Jesus Christ the defence. Another game seven in Boston and another goal given up by Jake Gardiner. The D has been the Leafs' weak point all year, just like it was last year. And just like last year? It's not good enough to get it done when it comes to a seven game series against a talented team. Hats off to Boston for weathering the Leafs' more consistent play this year. They earned their Ws. The Leafs didn't make it any easier on themselves with weak goaltending and absent-minded defensive turnovers though. They need to start investing in those areas if they're going to win anything with this core. He has a lot of appeal for older generations who tend to share his sensibilities. These days? He's the amusing old man who rants and dresses funny.
  17. Meanwhile, speaking of boring, two National League pitching staffs have a higher slugging percentage than the Cleveland Indians.
  18. To be fare they didn’t win any games for 2 Seasons when they first had a team so.. 5-5 is amazing
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  20. Embiid is really great for basketball and I'm glad he's in the Eastern conference and he loves playing Philadelphia. It's good for basketball. That said, I hope Toronto rocks them in round 2. I'll never be happy until Philly fans say "you know, Elton Brand is probably a better GM than Sam Hinkie. Also, Hinkie blows." In those exact words. @dfwabel What are you hearing about the Lakers GM search? Simmons and Rusillo said Bob Myers is an option but that seems unlikely to me.
  21. Jesus christs that's the worst thing I've ever seen.
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