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  2. and it would be made better with the red being outlined in blue Also with the regular hats, but that is just me.
  3. And their rivals, the New Jersey State Nighthawks... New Jersey State University Location: Trenton, New Jersey Type: Public University Founded: 1897 Major Rivals: New Jersey, Philadelphia State
  4. To Canada. For literally the first time in my life. O Canada! Our home and native land!
  5. "middle of the game", 13 minutes left in the 4th quarter with a 17 point lead. Yeah totally the same thing. So a bad call that impacts the game regardless of where it happens is okay if the Patriots opponent has enough time to overcome both the Patriots and the officials, but if a bad cal happens at the very end of the game and the Patriots aren't involved then it's not okay? A. The Lions and Packers game have nothing to do with the 2017 AFCCG, but the Packers similarly benefit from bad officiating in the same way. The Lions routinely see the boned end of the stick. B. This is what you're not getting - The Jags shouldn't need "plenty of chances to win despite that call." They did what they had to do, but bonehead officials kept the patriots in the game. The Lions also did what they had to do. If it's called correctly the Patriots likely don't win that game. You know this. No it isn't. It was a 10 point swing thanks to that one call. If it was any other team I'd have the same reaction. That you're defending it is only out of childish Patriots homerism. Do all of Pats fans a favor and admit you only won because you got lucky on that call. You're making them all look bad. It's not disingenuous to point out that being up 17 points at that point is better than being up 10. The "effort the Patriots put in to win" only got to put in that effort and the mistakes the Jags made to lose the game only happened because the Patriots were gifted that bad call. IT'S HARD ENOUGH TO BEAT THE PATRIOTS WITHOUT THEM GETTING HELP FROM THE OFFICIALS WHICH THEY :censored:ING DID.
  6. >Be the San Diego Chargers >Move to LA because bigger market, better stadium and blocking the Raiders from moving there >Raiders move to Las Vegas >Get screwed out of your own market by a team that is 3 hours away If they didn't deserve every bit of this, I'd feel bad for them.
  7. I am assuming you and he are aware that the NFL has ALWAYS ONLY given Super Bowls to markets which already host NFL teams, which is why Los Angeles did not host one in those 21 years.
  8. Brandon Carr continues the Proud Ravens Tradition of standing 10-15 yards off of every receiver. 1st and 10? 15 yards off. 3rd and 5? 10 yards off. It never fails. Every game the opposing offense gets a few easy completions on Carr which just makes me shake my head. Once Jimmy Smith comes back, Carr will be the fourth cornerback, which is ideal. Saw a tweet listing every QB drafted in the Top 5 since 2006. In general, it’s not pretty. From Winston down (aka the QB’s that it’s not too early to make the call on), 8/12 were busts or disappointments. Only Luck, Newton, Stafford, and Ryan turned out well. Yeesh.
  9. I think the number on the front of the Nats script jerseys is set a little to high causing the script to be set at a high angle. The road Washington script doesn't seem to have this issue. I wonder if this could be remedied with adjusting the location of the number ever so slightly towards the belt.
  10. Auburn has finally revealed their new uniforms. Some interesting things here: TIGERS is on the orange jerseys - only 2nd uniform ever to have that moniker While the jerseys are rather plain, the shorts have an abundance of stripes Orange uniforms have different striping pattern, most evident on the waistband Eagle-silhouette logo appears on the belt buckle - making it's debut on uniforms this year here and on the WBB uniforms Working on my mockups currently.
  11. There’s a difference between something like that Jags-Pats game where it was one blown call in the middle of the game, and what happened in the Lions-Packers the other night when it was 2 obvious wrong calls at the end of the game that didn’t even give the other team possession. Jags had plenty of chances to win despite that call. Lions didn’t. Do the Pats get the benefit of the refs? I won’t deny that. But to say that’s why they won or they should have lost is such a childish patriots-hating excuse. It’s also disingenuous to the effort the Patriots put in to win, and the mistakes the Jags made to lose the game.
  12. Not necessary, but a good way to engage fans. Even if it's just a livestream.
  13. That is so much better than any other uniform they've ever worn.
  14. True, but the NFL let them get away with that, meaning it's about more than just retail sales. It's also about creating a hip and cool visual statement and buzz. You know, for kids.
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  16. Great work on the NY teams...they both look outstanding !
  17. I figured that was too good to be an actual Pistons alternate design..
  18. It's a shame since I actually want it to be real.
  19. You're correct to be wary. That image is not representative of the design.
  20. The rear of the plane is actually a pretty decent start. There could be a some better depth and color balance though. I would lose the thin white outlines separating the stabilizers and fill those with a solid color. You could also exaggerate the engines a bit as well. The way the green and yellow meet and mirror each other in the body of the jet gets a bit muddled when you scale down the logo and you lose some of that perceived dimension.
  21. Up next we have the University of New Jersey Mallards. They use their blue and green jerseys equally for home games. University of New Jersey Location: Clifton, New Jersey Type: Public University Founded: 1895 Major Rivals: New Jersey State, Rutgers
  22. The Redneck Rangers are off to a great start. Dzingel and Haula making an immediate impact. Svech already showing signs of improvement in his sophomore year. Once Aho finds his stride this team could be a real force.
  23. I feel as if we're being teased. A red Pistons jersey that makes good use of the Motor City nickname? Check. The NBA logo back on the front where it belongs? Check. Pistons fans will probably just get a brown and gray jersey with Nike speak thrown in: "The brown represents the grease that bleeds through the silver skin of Detroit's auto mechanics."
  24. I would guess the exact opposite and say they showcase the far superior green set this time, though it will likely be green pants too. Teams generally break it up when they have multiple primetime home games.
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