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  2. I was at home over the weekend for Thanksgiving and my dad was telling me he and others keep seeing the Hitmen players as being #25 because of the placement of the anniversary logo being in the vicinity of the sleeve numbers.
  3. This concept has been around for years, and is literally just a recoloured Tampa template, so I would take that claim with a BIG grain of salt. The funny thing is that when the concept first started making the rounds I saw so many casual fans saying stuff like "yess, the original jerseys need to come back", even though these aren't the original templates. I get that people like us might have more of an eye for detail than the average sports fan, but how do you not remember that the old look had 2 thin red stripes high on the sleeves behind the numbers? I'll be pumped about any change that makes black the primary home colour again, and the 2D logo is miles better than the current one, but this would be the laziest way to rebrand.
  4. Cool work I notice the the extra point hash mark is missing near the left (Stars) end zone
  5. ^ If there was a way that logo could be configured where the blue and green don't touch, I'd be all for it. Calgary's retros are overrated. They need a striping configuration that matches and a little bit of black for contrast. What they had from 2004-2007 is a vastly superior look even if it was a little black-heavy.
  6. Just out of curiosity, what city in your experiments comes in ahead (or behind?) it? Asking for a friend........
  7. It's a nice sweater, but I wouldn't put Vancouver's in the Top 10. It is amazing how much it's improved by removing the arched vancouver, like we've all been saying since it first debuted. Only took them 12 years to do something they should've done on day one. The new outline treatment on the shoulder patch is an improvement as well. The reason I wouldn't put it in the top ten is the logo still looks like it belongs on a different jersey. It's predominantly navy blue and white, with no green and minimal amounts of the royal blue that is the base color of the jersey. Solution:
  8. As a longtime Bucs fan I love the ideas being thrown. I was a fan of the Retro creamsicle unis, but loved the 1990s - 2000s unis as well. I made up some concepts in that forum that have the Retro being left alone, but the latter unis being a combo of the two.
  9. The contrast stitching on Vandy's jerseys and pants just make it that much worse too.
  10. Fortunately I was able to find an image online. That's been the one thing keeping me from these fields. I do however need to update the midfield logo. Some years there were less stars, I just don't know which, or when.
  11. There were at least 11 bets on Indiana of $50K or more last Saturday. Rutgers has scored 10 or less in seven consecutive B1G games. Last time that occurred was in 1962. Look for big bets on both the Gophers (-29 now) and the under (48). And Rutgers ends the season against Ohio State and Penn State.
  12. Unlike the AAF shell game, McMahon has plenty of money to burn, so I would be shocked if his ego lets it die without completing at least one full season. He has to at least go that far.
  13. I saw there was a thread about Tampa Bay Bucs possibly getting new unis for the 2020 NFL season. Here are some markups I did. I kept the Retro unis pretty straightforward, but combined the 2 looks with the Retro & the early 2000's. Please give me any feedback you may have.
  14. Make the tornado gray or white and make the basketball look a little more orange and then you’ll be good. WideRight’s right, it looks like a turd.
  15. Damn it, you beat me to it. Pink front number!!!
  16. Can't disagree more. It's a terrible look for the Packers. Not only the white pants/white socks, which are bad enough, but the fact that their pant stripes don't match the jersey stripes. As much as I hate the all-whites, I would gladly accept them if the Packers would just change the neck and sleeve striping on their regular road jersey to match these pants. So much better without those little white stripes cluttering up the design and muddying the impact.
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  18. Ahhh snap! My man knows whassup! Those clips unis are cool. Seems like LA is doing divided teams like NY: posh vs. street. Clips also added more black to their court. There are rumors that the leaked Heat Vice jersey is not accurate. There is to be more pink on the front and the blue is lighter. Good.
  19. BBC reporting Reign FC coach Vlatko Andonovski will be taking over the US women's team.
  20. Me: Oh it can't have been that bad. *Googles pictures* Me: Oh no...
  21. Consider that the WAC has two west coast religious schools that could both conceivably end up in the WCC in Seattle and Cal Baptist, should they wish to expand. Also, Grand Canyon is religious and could themselves end up in the WCC. This conference is barely more stable than the Great West conference was. (Notice that the WAC features THREE former GWC members in UTRGV, UVU, and Chicago State.)
  22. Aaaaaaaaand if I can, make it there, I'll make it... Anywhere. It's up to you, Charleston, South, Carolinaaaaaaaa.
  23. Oh yeah! I remember these three.... the LSUdogs, the blue crabs of Baltimore and the tribute to Ireland.
  24. Expecting Montreal to go from league membership to Toronto's farm club is like when people expected Quebec City to go from league membership to Montreal's farm club. It's a setup for failure and the blame always goes to the people at bottom of the chain.
  25. Up next we have the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs engage in a three way rivalry with New York State and Staten Island, but are bitter rivals with Staten Island, who are also a private Catholic University. Brooklyn University Location: Brooklyn, New York Type: Private University Founded: 1901 Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Major Rivals: Staten Island, New York State
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