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  2. Phillies are wearing powder blue on HOME Thursdays. Kinda dumb if you ask me.
  3. According to sources (possibly even a confirmation, not sure) the NFL adjusted their schedule once the Phillies signed Bryce Harper and out the Eagles on the road for three straight in October, so there wouldn’t be any conflicts with potentials phillies playoff games in the stadium area. They’re the only team that got three straight road games (which I don’t think is a big deal at all, just saying). Whats interesting is that there’s been several cases of a 1:00 Eagles game and then a Phillies World Series game right across the street.
  4. Finally, the NFC West has arrived: Arizona Hotshots (Arizona Cardinals): Decided to keep the identity and logo for this one, only changing the green to black to better line up with the Cards' colors. However, the biggest change comes from location, as I chose to move the team to Tuscon, where they are much more likely to gain a larger following than previously. They will play in the oversized Arizona Stadium as, unfortunately, it is the only stadium available for use. San Diego Fleet (Los Angeles Rams): One of the most followed teams in the original AAF keeps their name and identity, but gets a significant color refresh, now featuring the Rams' throwback yellow and royal blue, along with the team's primary navy. The text also gets an alteration as the drop shadows are now yellow as well. While they will probably will have to play in the oversized SDCCU for a little while, they will then move into SDSU's new 30,000-seat Aztec Stadium (formerly SDSU West), which is looking for another tenant anyway. Portland Chinooks (Seattle Seahawks): With all the existing AAF teams done, it was time to get more creative for the Seahawks affiliate. Portland seemed like a perfect fit as a large, passionate market looking for some football and not too far from Seattle. After looking at several options, I chose the name Chinooks (a species of Salmon) because of the fish's large impact in the Pacific Northwest. I modeled the logo after the "Coast Art" design language also previously incorporated into the Seahawks primary. I kept the colors from the parent team as well. Providence Park is a natural fit for a minor league team. The venue is beloved by those in the Portland area and it's set to receive some renovations that will make it one of the best venues in the league. Sacramento Prosectors (San Francisco 49ers): I thought about putting this team in Fresno or Sacramento, but ultimately decided on the latter because of the larger size and greater proximity. The team name obviously refers to the gold mining prospectors during the gold rush that the parent team is named after. The black is removed from the color scheme, simplifying it down to the Niners' classic red and gold. The logo comprises of two pickaxe heads, curved in a way to form a football with the city abbreviation linking them. Hornet Stadium is the only reasonable venue in the Sacramento area and its size is perfect for a minor league team. I'll be making one more visual of all the teams' helmets as a way to close this series! Obviously, if you have any comments with this final set, feel free to make suggestions!
  5. I find it remarkable that some of the criticism leveled against the Michigan State uniform is about a design element not really fitting on the jersey (or potentially fitting differently depending on jersey size), when that same criticism could easily be applied to sleeve stripes being put on modern sleeve caps. I would be interested to know how many members here are pro-sleeve stripe on modern templates, and yet think that the "STATE" wordmark "doesn't fit." Because it feels like essentially the same idea. As for that uniform itself, I understand that lime green (and I suppose "volt" could be included here too) always seems to get a reaction, especially in this case where it's not an official team color. And yeah, the large wordmark is gaudy. But this is far from an "abomination" or one of the worst uniforms of the year, etc. I would argue that if one of those two elements were not there, those uniforms would get a reaction more along the lines of, "yeah, I can live with that for an alternate." For example, take out the lime green: After a couple people would comment about the wordmark, this wouldn't get a second look until they actually wore them. I know that's an in-a-vacuum/if-you-just argument, but my point remains that this uniform is not awful. It's not this (for instance): Frankly, I think this Michigan State uniform will be looked back on (in 15ish+ years) with the same kind of hey-remember-that-one-uniform quasi-fondness as these (and their ilk):
  6. Folk music, kayaking, even the Blue Ridge Mountains. If it’s known for anything, it’s for those.
  7. Another one?? If anything they can stake the claim to beer city, I live here in downtown and there is a brewing district and I kid you not there’s at least a dozen right in the area I can name off the top of my head. Legitimately prob the only thing Asheville is known for, beer!
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  9. They're going to celebrate it in a series against the Braves in June. I imagine maybe that weekend will have a special patch. How much different with a throwback uniform be? I think the main difference on the uniform is no names on the back and the older style NY on the cap. Doesn't seem like something you can really sell to the regular person, just nerds like us lol
  10. I've had trouble thinking of names for teams in Oklahoma City and Montréal. Does anyone have some ideas?
  11. Dundon is the easiest to point the finger at because he took over everything then pulled the plug. But Ebersol has proved to be less credible the more we find out about his operations. And it looks like he couldn't admit he needed to delay kicking off until he had all the money he needed.
  12. Consider the time and effort thrown into the season long celebration of the 1986 team with throwbacks every Sunday, I can’t believe half that effort isn’t thrown to the 1969 team that won their FIRST championship.
  13. I can’t believe they aren’t commemorating it with a patch.
  14. But let’s hear again how Dundon is the only bad guy in this story.
  15. Does anyone recognize these?
  16. Any word on if the Mets plan to wear their 1969 throwbacks? I can’t imagine they wouldn’t on the 50th anniversary.
  17. They were the 89ers for over 30 seasons. A name like that is almost perfect for this sort of thing.
  18. Patriots are opening against The Steelers (again). Because Dallas, Cleveland, KC, even the Giants wouldn't be more interesting.
  19. So the NFL is suppose to have 17 “historical” matchups, one each week, for recognition of this year being the 100th anniversary of the nfl.
  20. Ummm....I was totally joking. Trust me, I fully understand following a team on a long playoff run. I've been on a few over the years. My guess is you aren't aware of my "hockey history." I was a Rangers fan from 1992-2011. (I lived in UpState NY from 1990-97.) I moved back to Ohio in the fall of 1997. The Blue Jackets didn't exist yet so I stuck with the Rangers, Long story short, the lost season lockout happened and I completely lost interest in the NHL. By the time the league came back, my interest was gone. It took a couple more seasons before I started getting mildly interested in the game again. It would be another couple years before I was fully back onboard as an NHL fan. By that point I'd been back in Ohio for over 10 years and being a Rangers fan wasn't as much fun as it used to be so I decided to make the switch to my "hometown" team. When the Jackets were still in the West, I still rooted for the Rangers a little, but it was nothing like it was before. When the Jackets were moved to the East and dropped into the same division as the Rangers, I decided I was done with the fan of two teams thing, I had more fun rooting for the Jackets, and here we are. Point being, none of this is "new" to me. Being here with the Jackets has been a lot more fun that it ever was with the Rangers. There's just something better about it being your "hometown team."
  21. A Lions A Vikings B Dolphins (Not going to consider the color tweak as a full redesign) B Seahawks C Jets C Jaguars 2.0 D Titans F Browns F Buccaneers F Jaguars 1.0
  22. Word in the street: Mariners going to be Seattle Pilots vs Orioles (and O's wearing throwbacks for 1969) Mariners wearing "1987" vs Astros who'll be wearing "1989" throwbacks Pirates wearing gold crown pillbox caps vs Phillies Astros will be wearing a hat for 50th anni of Apollo 11
  23. Yeah, people not knowing quidditch was definitely a concern I had. I feel like more people than you think have heard of it, but I also think most of them probably took one look and dismissed it as a dumb sport for nerds or whatever. I definitely knew muggle quidditch existed before starting college but I hadn't really thought to look into it more until it came up at orientation. That said, quidditch hasn't really developed a specific look yet, given that it's only been around since 2005 and a lot of early "uniforms" were just t-shirts with a name on the front and numbers hand-drawn on the back. Pretty much every major sport has the benefit of being around since the 19th century or earlier (which is also why they're major sports). I've been trying to show real-life examples of teams' uniforms so you can get a little more of a feel for the aesthetic, but it's one that's still very much developing. Anyway, thanks for the compliment!
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