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  2. That's nice, but I still prefer the 24 Eiffel Tower logo from the candidacy.
  3. It seems more like a vocal minority - don’t let them get into your head. I read that article for research, and while I’m sure a three team plan would have tempted MLB, expanding to an uneven number of teams would have likely been an issue. Angelos was a primary offender for keeping MLB out of DC (which is how Norfolk got in on the Expos hunt - since he approved of it). Still, other troubles complicated the issue of getting a team in DC. Like many things in life, you can’t just blame one person for the difficulties.
  4. I think having the eagle on the jersey is alright on the white and navy sets. It's not the greatest logo, but it's different. The AU being there hasn't felt a bit overboard at times with it placed everywhere else. The orange jersey is the odd one, with, like you said, the eagle and "Tigers" on the same design. While I appreciate the consistency on this detail, it feels weird. Good luck to Auburn fans fighting the "you people don't even know what animal mascot thing you are!" claims now...
  5. Hey Folks! Many moons ago... I had the privilege of playing lacrosse for the historic "Brampton Excelsiors", on their Jr.A & Jr.B teams. Fantastic game...had a great time...many great stories ( saturday night in Huntsville ). Took quite a few stitches to the mug, but it only added to my rugged, good looks ... Anyway, the city of Brampton, and the Excelsiors Lacrosse Club is hosting the 2020 Founders Cup Canadian Jr.B Championship !!! Last year's tournament took place in Winnipeg, with the Calgary Shamrocks defeating the Six Nations Rebels for the golden cup. As an alumni, I was honoured to be asked to design the event logo. The cup itself is a beauty... ...which made my job a little easier...make the cup the centre-piece of the logo. First step...rough sketches...the club decided to do something like this...
  6. I found this surprising from Burkle as he said it right in front of Garber, and look at the sourness on Garber's face. Read more here:
  7. Super sexy... don't even try to kids yourself. On the other hand... An absolute crime against decency.
  8. My first thought on seeing this set was "SMU" but i couldn't quite put my finer on why A quick image search reminded me: the awful red number/colored outline/dark gray base combo.
  9. It's very noticeable, especially to us. There's people on social media who are seriously suggesting the Nats wear Expos throwbacks during the WS. Huh? It's especially irritating considering the Nats are obviously sticking with the navy jerseys the rest of the way. It just shows that they're not as much fans of the franchise as the Washington Nationals, but just want their Montreal Expos back. Of course I feel their pain, but at the same time a lot of their rhetoric is just disrespectful to DC and baseball fans here. Relocation is never pretty. As far as Angelos, he would've sued as well. When there was brief discussion of adding a third expansion team for DC in that last round, he made his opposition known. He was the only owner who voted against the Expos move, and he and the Nats have been in court for years just over TV network revenue (MASN). It JUST got settled a couple month ago after years of appeals, and ruled in the Nats favor. "The owners already had settled on Phoenix and Tampa, but Collins says some were intrigued with the idea of locating a team in Washington. When one of the owners introduced a motion to add a third team and open up Washington as the potential site, another owner "went nuts," according to Collins. It was Peter Angelos, the new owner of the Baltimore Orioles."
  10. I liked the set much more when I thought it was black. The red numbers are awful, the purple numbers with red outline on the sleeves are fine and should have been used throughout. Not a fan of the random red piping on jersey sleeves and neckline, but the red logo accents and facemask are all creative and nice touches.
  11. I’ve said it before, they could easily do this and not too many people would be upset.
  12. Is the inventory there from TV six weeks later? Plus, say you started the second weekend in April, when would you ask for full payment of your tickets? The closer you get to Thanksgiving, and especially Christmas/Hanukkah, the less likely you will have advanced sales and potential ticket buyers will be six weeks in deeper debt. In fact, XFL is nearly making sales public to the date which AAF did last year.
  13. Well, we will see if TNT will change anything besides adding the new shot clock on the floor (2 posts above).
  14. Outsiders perspective here, what the hell is a Dynamo? And why the hell is there one single team named after a beverage (company)? I would hate if my team were named the Coca Cola’s.
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  16. You can't really tell from the video, but the new TCU uniforms are a dark grey. Would have looked better if it was primarily black, and the red numbers don't really work.
  17. The most infuriating thing about the whole solid-colored socks debacle is that if teams had the decency to wear different-colored pants with them, they probably wouldn't look half bad. Like, any look is better with contrasting socks, and you're telling me that the Jaguars can't wear their solid black socks with their white pants and the solid white socks with their black pants? Or the Saints? Although gold/black/black/white probably wouldn't look great, it's still better than solid black from neck to toe.
  18. Interesting, I would see colored pants as something especially softball-y. I think it’s super unprofessional for MLB, but it does look nice for softball however, I don’t really know the reason behind that though.
  19. Beautiful! Curious to know where the Canadian team will be based - Montreal or Toronto? Btw. I love the smaller, simple logos you put next to the bar with team names.
  20. More like Roller Hockey International.
  21. I would prefer monochrome dark baseball uniforms (which we never see anymore) to the awlful monochrome dark football uniforms (which we have to look at all the time now). Orioles or Pirates in all black... Astros in all navy? Works for me. Infinitely better than another dopey dark-over-white softball look IMO.
  22. Haven't commented in a while because I hasn't had anything to say. All of these seem better than the last, loving this series thus far!
  23. I absolutely hated those end zones in '96 and was happy they turned out to be one-and-done. The new ones in '97 were an improvelent.
  24. Ah yes, the same Hurricanes fanbase who couldn’t fill up their stadium to save their lives until they all had a collective “wait a second, we’re actually good?” moment.
  25. IIRC, the Astros did throwbacks just for Biggio during his final season in each set in played in.
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