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  2. Seattle also uses silver trim as well.
  3. And he's been very wealthy for quite a while, building an inventory of golf courses going back to when he was a player here. All of his network gigs haven't hurt either. He was joined by a local wealthy crook bar/restaurant owner but he may have pulled out.
  4. If they're intent on keeping the basic design of their wordmarks and colors, then this is really the only way to go. IMO, "COLORADO" doesn't look great when written like that, and the purple fill would solve many of the problems I have with their home jersey, though it'd be better if they then changed the pinstripes to purple too.
  5. How is there any negative comments about this? It's completely innocuous. They simply saw an opportunity to get their primary logo on a jersey in a way that didn't alter waht has become their signature look. From a branding perspective, it's smart. From an aesthetic perspective, it didn't do any harm. It's at worst a lateral, and at best... a lateral. "Cash grab"? Really? They just figured out a way to get their mark out there on consumer's backs without it intruding on the aesthetic of their uniform. Seems pretty smart to me, and as sleeves continue to shrink, I'd expect more of this in the future.
  6. The navy blue alt is very much a 2000s thing, he is right about that. That whole decade seemed to have a funectomy and it showed in the uniform design.
  7. Today
  8. AKA the Sharks winning a single game. You really commit to the bit, I have to hand it to you.
  9. The extreme parity of the playoffs shouldn’t really be surprising — there’s only two first-round series where there was more than a 4-win difference between the teams. In one of those cases, that gap’s because of a historic team, not a bad 8-seed (Tampa Bay); in the other, it’s because the Avalanche were woefully awful at 3-on-3 overtime, which isn’t a thing in the playoffs anyway, not the 1-seed (Calgary) being anything too special.
  10. I’m seeing a Boston vs Vegas/Dallas final because of course that’s whats gonna happen.
  11. Wish they would switch their primary to red...
  12. The doomed Florida... uh, Gators... from The Sum of All Fears, with what I can only assume are BFBS jerseys that didn't survive the 2000s. If the team didn't just fold right then and there. Then there's their opponents, the Chicago Rockets, who... hey wait a second ANTHONY THERE'S A BOMB IN THE STADIUM GET OUTTA THERE
  13. Especially when the road team is in white.
  14. Shooters, they need them, especially since Westbrook forces a double almost every possession that almost means there is always someone open to shoot an easy 3. It’s just now they got nobody who can hit them consistently other than George but they’ll never come off him on defense.
  15. Nice update, given that in the old version, the lioness looks like an afterthought.
  16. I think they just need to blow up everything that's not Russ/PG/Adams/TFerg and try to get some shooters who'd better compliment Russ' game. Why they didn't go after Wayne Ellington and Wesley Matthews this year is beyond me.
  17. Knew this before the playoffs even started, but thanks.
  18. If Carolina & Boston both win their series, this could actually end up being a very interesting playoffs. For me, anyway.
  19. I cannot stomach any of the remaining Western teams, not one. May Columbus, Long Island, or Toronto sweep whichever wretched bunch comes out of there.
  20. Much better end zone design. Love that font!
  21. Virginia and Virginia Tech are great—no complaints. Rutgers... I’m not feeling that one for some reason. I like the clash jersey with the knight logo front and center, hockey style. But the red jersey is just kind of okay. Maybe lose the number and just go with the R. That would be pretty minimalistic but that’s kinda what I feel like you were going with on that one.
  22. My team is out. Drought protocol in effect, so I'm going all-in and pulling for a St. Louis and Columbus/New York final, with the Blues taking the Cup.
  23. So, barring a miracle, the Final Four in the west is going to be Colorado, Vegas, Dallas, and St. Louis. Oof. That sets up pretty nicely for a Vegas Dallas WCF. OOF.
  24. Always had a soft spot for the Stars, mostly cause they're one of the few pro-sports teams to embrace green, so tonight was a satisfying win. What an incredible goal-tending performance by both Rinne and Bishop. Hope the Stars can continue the momentum into round two.
  25. Uninspired is probably the word I'd use to describe the Preds' performance this season.
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