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  2. Helmet stripe unveiling video for Mizzou. This change has already been noted in this thread, but it’s also worth mentioning that the black pants in the video still have the “tiger” stripes on the side which might mean that only the white pants are getting the athletic stripe treatment.
  3. Maybe they'll hire Klaus instead.
  4. Thus my edit to mention "burn rate". Crunchbase only had them with $17M in funding through the first half of 2018. Then Ebersol, in subsequent interviews, tries to point out that in Q2 he was able to raise 10x that amount?!? Really?
  5. Idk about Sacramento’s logo it’s kinda boring? Maybe make it like the SF 49ers and have a pickaxe going through it? The rest of the logos look good
  6. I just wanna know what designer looked at this when they were designing it and said, "yeah that looks good"
  7. Really? It’s not hard to see how the current look’s weird curved bolt design down the pants and the unnecessary change from over the shoulder to across the sleeve orientations for the bolts could be seen as downgrades. And the same can be said for the numbers. It’s not pedantic to point out the differences between the previous block number font and the current custom for custom’s sake overly jagged font. Come on now. Anyway to @Ted Cunningham @BJ Sands @Lafarge and @colortv The navy vs powder blue debate for the Chargers was one of the first real arguments I ever got into around here. As such I’ll just say this. Chargers fans love the powder blue throwbacks and prefer the now-primary powder blue jerseys to their navy counterparts. That’s been the case in San Diego and it remains the case in LA. Of course the Chargers’ powder blues have been so widely popular (not just within the Chargers’ fanbase) that backlash was bound to happen. And it did. And has been, for some time. If you dislike the AFL throwbacks or prefer navy? All the power to you, but it’s a distinctly unpopular opinion. ESPECIALLY among Chargers fans.
  8. First of all, paying the salaries of players and coaches does not constitute a "misuse" of funds. But, yes, Fowler evidently disliked what he saw and pulled out. The point, however, is that this does not mean that Ebersol's early pronouncements about the league's funding were lies, as those comments were true when he made them. Anyway, if Fowler was expecting a profit right away, he was living in fantasy land. Any reasonable investor in a new league has to be prepared to lose money for years before the league can be profitable.
  9. Considering the Penguins scored the first goal of the game in Games 2, 3, and 4, that stat is absolutely nuts.
  10. The Raiders had one of the most brutal schedules last year, and they get it again. Rough. Meanwhile, the Jets don't even leave the Eastern timezone.
  11. The bottom right is the only one that's an upgrade over the current on-field cap but I wouldn't even wear it with every jersey. The BP cap is way better than all of them anyway. The problem with their "neon" design concept for the cap logo is that it doesn't really work on any background that isn't black. I want there to be so much more blue in this set overall but the logo as is really suffers when on that background. That's why I am not a fan of the blue ST/BP jersey, despite liking that as a color for a solid top alternate. With a wordmark it could be great, though.
  12. Really don’t like the mix of yellow and white applications on the Liverpool kit, and the Celtic kit exposes the problem New Balance has continually run into, where the template they use doesn’t always look so hot.
  13. Name: Sid Manson Age: 56 City: Hamilton, Ontario Business: Steel Factory Owner Voting For: North American Football League Why: Door open for Canada where Hamilton could have a team, and I gave the name suggestion
  14. Padres: I like the new scripts/wordmarks (especially tying in with the old “SD”). The new shade of gold, along with the new sleeve patch, are excellent additions. My one critique would be to not use the alternate cap with the brown jersey, as the brown top doesn’t have enough yellow to justify it. Other than that, well done! Giants: I like the new primary logo, the return of the 1977 road script, and the number font cleanup. The alternate is also fantastic, as that script looks good in one-color form. Nice work. I look forward to seeing the other concepts!
  15. Thanks for all the feedback, guys! At the end of the series, I will be going back and posting the edits that you guys have all suggested! Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 8/30: The Kansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals get a vibrant refresh under Nike. Gold (a color of royalty) is added as a secondary color across all uniforms (excluding the home alternate--which is the road version of the 1985 Royals that will be worn at home as an alternate). The cap logo is an interlocking"KC" outlined in gold. The "KC" is their print logo, and not the actual cap logo that they use. The home whites have the "Royals" word mark, name on back, and numbers outlined in gold to provide some flair and to set them apart from the Dodgers. The road uniforms are grey with a slight powder blue-tint as a nod to the road uniforms they wore throughout the 1970's and 1980's. I don't like white outlines on a road uniform, but in this case they're needed so the gold doesn't bleed in to the grey of the road jersey. The blue alternate can be worn both at home or on the road. Home: Away: Home alternate 1 (Yes, powder blue at home--didn't mind when Toronto did it a while back, and this way you get to wear powder blue at home): Home alternate 2: Away alternate:
  16. Two interesting facts from the Islanders sweep. First, the Islanders held the vaunted Penguins offense to 6 goals over 4 games for a 1.50 GAA. Second, the Penguins played more time with an empty net than they did with the lead over the course of the four-game sweep.
  17. Nice job on the Giants! Really can't find fault with anything.
  18. Wait?!? What? Maybe Fowler saw how his millions, and he did invest millions, was being missued and stopped. Hell, we know Dundon did. This wasn't free f'n money, venture capital money is a loan! Dundon pulled the term sheet because he could be and Ebersol's words never matched the books. It's called "cash burn" and that's all on Charlie Ebersol. Putting the teams up in the hotels they did clearly didn't help. The Apollo's, before switching to Georgia, were in the be downtown Orlando Marriott...why? As I said two weeks ago, Ebersol seems to have paid every person within the business and not for the services. The training camp hotels, venues and be caterers were stiffed. Part of that stuff was likely billed weekly, so even with Net 30 billing, they were past due before Dundon.
  19. It was named the Checkerdome due to Purina's corporate logo. We just called it the Arena, and it was a dump
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  21. Leak of the Celtic home shirt: I love the green polo collar, but I’m not a huge fan of the shirt as a whole. The new NB template works well with the new Liverpool shirt, but not nearly as well here.
  22. If anyone is interested.... AAF stuff on Dick's website are half off
  23. Hold on, now. It appears that Ebersol's claim of having the league funded was based upon promises made by another investor who eventually went back on his pledge after the whole thing was announced. That's not a lie or a scam on Ebersol's part. The people who lied were Dundon and the original investor Reggie Fowler. (And whether Ebersol was paid any money this week is neither here nor there.)
  24. That's a good way to describe it. I can't actually remember how I found that particular shade of gold but I think what you mean is that they colors don't pop the way something more deliberate would. The sort of blend into the environment. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on taste.
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