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  2. A couple of my friends are starting a landscaping business and asked me to put together a logo for them. They didn't have too much in mind in terms of specifications, other than that the JGN should be the focal point. I decided to take the idea of a wrought iron fence as my inspiration as a common fixture that combines elegant craftsmanship and strong, dependable performance. Before I submit my logo I'd love to get some critiques as to what could be improved.
  3. Once again deliberately ignoring the point that that they already had young guys they were building around (Cedric Maxwell, Larry Bird,) Instead of selling them all off for a bunch of veterans. At this point you're just being obtuse if you're having a hard time grasping such a simple concept.
  4. I like the new Canuck set. It's probably my favorite of the ones they've had.
  5. So am I wrong to assume that Johnny Canuck could be a black Canadian then? I don't think the white is a team color argument holds any water. White is a neutral that every team in the league wears. Vancouver's team colors are green and blue, maybe if we were talking Toronto or Detroit that would sway me, since blue and white, and red and white are all they have. But in the palette of Vancouver the "third most important team color" is also the least important team color if you want to even call it that in the first place. If they intend Johnny to be anything other than Caucasian they could have used a different color to represent his flesh. The Blackhawks use a non team color (several in fact) and nobody bats an eye.
  6. For the first time probably since AD was drafted or Chris Paul was still there, I have hope for my favorite team. It’s finally paying off!
  7. When that happens it’s typically less of a conscious choice and more of a “lost in translation/telephone game” type of thing.
  8. I personally like the top left option the best, but I can't decide which is number two. The thin outline on the top right makes it look a little thin, but I have to wonder what it would look like with a double outline, like the bottom right, only with the thinner letters.
  9. Chile has placed the game specific branding on the back of their jerseys instead of the front. It's different and I like it if the jersey is being displayed on a wall which may be why they did it?
  10. I used to work with a guy who listened to SEC radio all the time. I wanted to jump into oncoming traffic. It was physically painful to listen to some of those callers. To be fair, there was a morning show on one of the top 40 stations that was just as terrible. One of the moron hosts actually got into a ten minute argument that as you move West from Oklahoma, you'll go through Arizona before you reach New Mexico.
  11. I also had no idea that the NFL had vetted Tom Dundon when the Carolina Panthers were for sale.
  12. Sometimes it can be a bit of both. It can be that in the case of the AAF they choose not to give it as much attention as they could. It's also likely, actually pretty obvious according to the ESPN article, that Ebersol did not engage the networks as aggressively as he could have to get them to buy in to coverage. When you appear to be more upset about not having your first meeting in a private room than you are about figuring out how to distribute players it would have affected how networks would view you if they heard about it.
  13. It wasn't his money, or so it was written/previously reported to make it seem. Wickersham and the co-writer indicated that Polian had a title of co-founder, but was more of a creative consultant.
  14. But we just got done criticizing ESPN for trying to push an agenda?
  15. I still think it’s all silly. But when we’re discussing those stories, the team is the one that decides what the silly symbolism means. Province of the client, unfortunately. And that’s awesome. I love that story, it’s much better. Which is why it’s a shame that the Canucks chose not to incorporate it into the official meaning. I wonder why they made that choice?
  16. Having no fan consensus is probably the only thing you can count on when you’ve had a different identity every decade.
  17. Reading the ESPN article on the AAF, Charlie Ebersol sounded unhinged at times.
  18. Today
  19. No because the Orca is an entirely separate motif with zero connection to any part of a ‘Canucks’ identity. It’s completely out of left field. Nobody looks at a skate or rink and thinks ‘Oh, a Canuck is a boot with a knife on the bottom’. People look at the Orca and think a Canuck is a whale. Should the Seahawks use an Orca as their logo? They’re endemic to the Seattle area as well, so it makes as much sense.
  20. That’s ultimately where I stand. Some of us here want Johnny Canuck, but I take it that it’s a minority opinion. We have to remember that our opinions on the boards don’t necessarily reflect what the Canucks’ fans think. Market research won’t always back up the consensus of the CCSLC. This isn’t the Brewers’ ball-in-glove, the Padres in brown/yellow, or the Rams in royal blue/yellow. There’s no clear fan preference that contradicts what the team wants (AFAIK). The fans at large could reject Johnny Canuck for all we know. Maybe it’s for the reasons that @andrewharrington mentioned, I’m not sure. Johnny hasn’t been on a uniform since the early 1960s. Entire generations have gone by since its heyday. If that has any bearing on its current use, I’m not sure.
  21. Like trading the #1 overall in 1980 for Robert Parrish and the #3 overall, which was used for Kevin McHale or like trading Rick Robey for Dennis Johnson in 1983?
  22. I'm sure Adidas and Nike will both be in the running if Tech doesn't renew. Adidas would probably pay more though.
  23. Oh man. Don't do this. If they elect to move up to Division I, they'll put a massive amount of fees on their student body for decades. Kentucky State's enrollment is under 1,800 undergrad and not even 2,100 total. While, that's not Presbyterian small, they have retention level at 68% for Freshmen, but they have issues getting students to enroll period. Partnering with area school districts for Dual Enrollment is the reason they are where they are now. In fact, in the last week, they announced that out of state tuition will be reduced to those from eight neighboring states plus Michigan.
  24. All I hope this means is they drop the gray and black uniforms and stick to blue yellow gold. Is that too much to ask? also I love the logo on the front. It’s unique and REALLY works well for them
  25. Every project has romantic tales cooked up at marketing meetings. Every project also has a truth from behind the scenes. I’ve watched this place collectively throw up in its proverbial mouth at the puffy marketing story in every team press release for the better part of a decade, and now all of a sudden it’s gospel? “I created a graphic for the numbers that’s inspired by the waves in the Vancouver flag and coat of arms” is not corporate speak. Nothing in that statement is exaggerated, nor is it a retrofit story used to justify a design choice. As far as the design itself, why does it have to be so literal? It’s very much an “inspired by” situation, as I’d rather not go the Calgary Flames/NBA draft hat route on a set of numbers. Wavy lines of uniform width didn’t translate well to the technique and footprint of the numbers and they didn’t give me the look I wanted. Making a gradient with the wavy lines created a better graphic that’s more than just a flag. Is it the waves meeting the shore? Is it the fog settling into the harbor? Is it the snowy mountains in the distance fading into the hills and forests in the foreground? That’s up to the viewer, but the wavy lines that create the larger graphic were pulled from those civic symbols. As far as the disconnect goes. There’s no good solution. We design identities and uniforms. Marketing departments don’t just sit around waiting for designers to Provide all their content. They have other stuff to do, and we definitely don’t impede on what the teams’ marketing departments are doing unless they ask for content. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Maybe I didn’t communicate that well. I think the chunkier C *does* make it more elementary. I just don’t see it as a bad thing because I think it has always been a very elementary logo in a delicate logo’s clothing. I appreciate delicate design when it works, but I actually think the delicate parts of the older models detracted from the bold, simplistic concept behind the rink logo. There will be disagreement, but that was my point of view on it. The reaction seems pretty mixed. Some are loving the new one, and some prefer the old. The question was why wouldn’t they want to use Johnny Canuck? Maybe they just think he’s too silly. Maybe they don’t like that he’s essentially a political cartoon. Maybe they dont like that he’s a generalized stereotype. Maybe they see him as “minor league” since he came from the WHL club. Maybe they don’t like that he represents an industry that threatened the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest for decades. Who knows? There are a dozen reasons why they *might* not want to tread those waters. My original example was on the extreme side, but certainly realistic given the context of the era. No team wants to be perceived like “Tone Deaf” Dan Snyder when it comes to potentially sensitive social issues. Would *I* have a problem with Johnny Canuck? No. Would I, as a team, try to understand and respect how the fans felt about the subject? Of course. Vancouver is definitely in the top tier of teams when it comes to fan research, so if they’re reluctant to use Johnny in a starring role, I’ve got to think they have a reason for it.
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