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  2. Daniel Jones seems like such an appeasement pick. "Hey we might as well get a QB with a pick this high, Oh but make sure he isn't too good, can't have Eli feeling threatened."
  3. It is a throwback to road uniforms, which is apparently being worn at home because reasons.
  4. Okay, this is fair. Hmmm, not too unreasonable. You still got me. Well, ummm... uhh. Weird rant, but I guess I understand your opinion And you lost me. Not like nets are needed for safety. (And literally not distracting to anyone)
  5. Because their primary logo is clearly their best logo.
  6. Why didn’t the Texans use their alternate logo on the back of the jersey rather than the primary
  7. Because fans aren’t necessarily any better at this than anyone else. Somebody is buying those Tampa Bay Bucs jerseys, after all. And ironically enough, fan votes can lead to lower satisfaction. If you have more than two options in the poll, it’s rare to have one broach 50%. You get a plurality, not a majority. That means when the uniform takes the field, most people wanted something else. Which is okay in soccer, as kits have a built-in expiration and fans know they’ll be replaced in a year or two, but not in the NFL.
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  9. I definitely like the left bengals jersey over the right one, with an orange home, orange should be more front and center on the away too, like you have on the left concept
  10. No. It’s dark grey, although when the logos first game out most of us thought it was a dark teal. It’s definitely one of those shades which can look different every time you look at it.
  11. I think it’s just me, personally I’m not a massive fan of sleeve designs that don’t go up onto shoulder, for some reason. However that looks amazing, the ermine adds a little more character to it
  12. Given the era you’re obviously from, why are you watching games on TV?
  13. I'd eat my left shoe if Bosa turns out to be the best player in this draft. He's gonna be solid, but he's basically another Ryan Kerrigan. But the Giants man... LOL. What on Earth are they doing?!
  14. Playing baseball, a summer game in a dome or roofed stadium is sacrilege. Uniform colors don't pop, It looks ugly, boring, lifeless, both in person and on TV. Retract the roof! So what if some rain falls, or that it gets a little hot, what did the audience do 50-100 years ago? They were happy just being outdoors. But i guess the sunshine these days makes it hard to read your cell phone, which you of course are glued to instead of the game your paid money to see. Thank goodness for the huge distracting nets they had to install so people like you don't have to pay attention to the game. You are comfortable in your seat, shaded from foul balls, wind, rain and sunshine. And can both text and eat nachos and huge burgers without any nasty distractions.
  15. Stupid question: do the Knights have a very dark green sweater? I saw one of their games and maybe it was the lighting, but what I thought was gray seemed to be very dark green.
  16. For some reason, I get the feeling they may just go with a black alternate even though a gold version using the same material/pattern as their sleeve trim would be the most intriguing. The most far out idea would be for them to go with a red jersey.
  17. slowly coming to the realization that Boston is going to have all four championships at once and no please god no help me I want to get off the ride
  18. are the blue uniforms strictly road? I thought it was a throwback thing
  19. Thought about waiting a bit, decided to just post now. On to the next: San Francisco 49ers Overall, I think the classic set is better than the 2000s, but there were a couple things from that version that I wanted to incorporate. Let’s get to it. Helmet: Immediately jumping to one of those 2000s carryovers, the only tweak is a red facemask. I’m not anti-gray facemask, but I feel like there’s better alternatives for most, like in this case. Jerseys: Just the two. Both have the standard block number font and the third stripe returns to the sleeves. The second 2000s carryover is the logo on the sleeves, bet with a minor tweak: instead of the SF monogram, the oval contains the players’ numbers. Pants: One pair of gold pants with a red-white-red stripe. Combinations: I ain’t no math magician, but two jerseys and one pair of pants is pretty simple. Only thing to note is a pair of striped white socks for the white jerseys. And yes, stripes are on the red pair too. And the second in this pair of teams: Detroit Lions I really like their recent redesign, so I kept the base intact, only making a couple adjustments. Helmet: Most noticeably, the facemask is now blue. The second change that might slip the radar is the addiction of white to the stripe, replacing silver to match the logo (blue outlined in white outlined in blue). Jerseys: Just the two, the gray alt is killed. Just like the helmet, white is added to the stripes on the home jersey and silver is added on the roads. Numbers drop the outlines and at home they become white, since I felt like the blue is so light it can blur with the silver at times and cause legibility issues. One of the more controversial details on the redesign was the sleeve wordmark. I actually like it, so I kept it and put it on both sleeves, replacing the WCF memorial patch because, no disrespect to anyone, no memorial patch should be permanent, at least in such a prominent place. Pants: I kept both pairs, with the same changes to the stripes as all other elements to match. Combinations: I’d keep silver pants at home for most games, maybe, juuuust maybe, all blue can be worn sometimes, but not often at all. Road should probably be an even split between pants. Two pairs of socks, both with stripes matching the jerseys of the same color. So that’s that. How do we feel about those two tweaks? I’m all ears. PS: I’ve got a lil something I’ve been working on that should be up in a couple days, kinda just something for fun related to the concepts
  20. Well, he created Magic: The Gathering, so that's kind of a big deal. So you know that old @RedfieldNick dude right? Yeah, that's me. Locked myself out of that account and had this one created. So I'm still here and hoping to the heavens we get someone good in the draft this year!
  21. Mods, here's a link to measure if this is political or not. It is only a link.
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