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  2. That's a popular color scheme for non-existent teams...
  3. These were Reebok and were stitched tackle twill bolts. During this era, the offensive line had a different bolt pattern on the shoulders for some reason. They aren't backwards.
  4. Agreed that home teams should wear white always so home fans can see a variety of color matchups. It's also dumb that hockey switched to color at home. I hate it. Portland looks awesome in those black city jerseys. I prefer their traditional look, but these are really pretty great.
  5. Why do I get the feeling that San Jose is going to win this game only to get beaten to a bloody pulp in Game 7 on Tuesday?
  6. So the Rays wore their rainbow gradient throwbacks last night and will wear them three more times this season. With them playing the Diamondbacks in May, why didn't anyone think of having a 1998 expansion team throwback night? I'd love to see the rainbows be worn against the D-backs road pinstripes. Missed opportunity.
  7. The Braves have traditionally owned most of their affiliates (the High-A club, whether it's been in Durham, Myrtle Beach, Lynchburg or Kissimmee, has always been an exception), so naturally they'd just keep the brand the same, since there's no chance of the team ever switching affiliates.
  8. Oh, I's just the Cubs are the only ones I've ever noticed doing this (seemingly imposing it, perhaps, and often rather obtrusively) for all of their affiliates, without fail, for years. Elsewhere, it seems like it may be up to the minor-league team. The Binghamton Rumble Ponies and Columbia Fireflies, for example, don't seem to have any Mets identification on their jerseys.
  9. Sharks, I get that you're trying to get back into this, I really do. But let's just swallow our pride and try for next year, after some much-needed tweaking. "Adulteress' Punishment" by Riz Ortolani runs in the background, while Jumbo Joe imagines his free agency. This is said haunting audio, coming from a movie that's a beautiful piece of filth.
  10. Me, I don't hate the Leafs as much as some others Habs fans do over here. I wouldn't mind if the Leafs won the Cup for Canada, so I'd take the Leafs, unless it's the Preds cause I'm rooting for Subban.
  11. Just curious which would win out for you if the finals were the Leafs against any US team -- national pride (cheer for Toronto) or team pride (cheer against NOT Montreal)?
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  13. That’s the series. GG Raptors. I would say “we’ll be back”, but who believes that? I sure don’t.
  14. Canadas last hope is with Toronto. I dont like those odds.
  15. Ditto. SN: The old yellow pants Chargers' uniforms suck!
  16. I can see why people would think the Yankees are black and white, especially before HD tv’s when they midnight navy would look like black.
  17. I know you're being sarcastic but I'll still respond. Some arenas literally saw three colors for three months. I don't know about you but it was always about what the opposing team wore that was cool or unique. Now they're appeasing fans who may only attend one game and making mostly all games the same. Real fans who may go to every game or watch every game is being screwed out of unique experiences What used to be a unique matchup Almost game by game is no more. I don't know about you. But this isn't the NFL where same color at home is the norm for home teams all season long. Seeing Laker purple on the road is now quite rare. Seeing piston blue in highlights, you knew it was a road game instantly. Historically since lebron won in that ugly black jersey at home, it's been a disaster to gauge home/away context based on photos or quick glances at highlights. It may be cool now. But 10 years from now, we'll be back to home/away/ and two alternates. I was curious. Lakers wore purple on the road just 15 of their 41 road contests. This includes their black dominant statement jersey Edit. They also wore purple about 15 times at home. I'm with @Wade Heidt. For the casual fan, watching the rockets is a mess My uncle had season tickets for the Spurs years ago. I would've been pissed to see the Celtics wear white in the alamodome for their one yearly visit. Seeing various colors used to be so cool. Even watching leaguepass years ago, each night was a treat. Current era is the opposite of fulfilling. But maybe I'm just getting old.
  18. Boston will rip off 15-20 straight at some point this year, the media will talk about how they’re back “against the odds”, and they’ll be pushing 100+ wins again by the time it’s all said and done. Making major proclamations about teams before the end of the first month is usually unwise. Especially when the proclamation goes so heavily against the expectations.
  19. I must be in the minority here, but I really don't understand why so many of you guys have such a boner for the yellow uniforms. I really don't care for them. I don't even like seeing pictures of the 1994 throwbacks that much. I think they were okay for the time, and a nod to history. But for a full time alternate now? No thanks. I despise the yellow Color Rush. Give me the royal blue and yellow as home and away. And blue and white as throwback/alt.
  20. Was Hayes asked by Luck or Vince to say this about the AAF? Individual Team GM's seem like an unnecessary expense with an HC there from the start in a single entity system. A team president for the business side I kinda get, but some of those positions could've doubled up on markets. Multiple accounts in multiple cities is not uncommon.
  21. Never knew I needed a pinstriped set for the new marlins update. It looks fantastic.
  22. As evident as it was in the post before mine, shadows have even been an issue at Dodger Stadium. And that park is pushing 60. Plus, by the time they get to the majors, these are guys who've played in all kinds of facilities with all different quirks. Besides, aren't the quirks of the different parks part of the appeal of baseball? I thought the one size fits all stadiums amd uniforms of the 70s and uniforms were proof that baseball shouldn't be homogenized simply for convenience.
  23. Mariners - I've always liked the idea of using their '70s/'80s scripts with their current colors, so this has my seal of approval. One suggestion I have is to make the inner stroke on the road set white because there's not much contrast between the silver and gray. On that same line of thought, maybe make the script on the teal alt white so it pops a bit more. Marlins - As we've now seen, the black on black alt just doesn't work in real life, so I'd make the script and numbers white. I'd also think about adding front numbers to the jerseys--As @Carolingian Steamroller demonstrated in his recent series, it really completes the look. I like the addition of blue pinstripes to the home set! Mets - Great job all around! Maybe make one of the blue alts orange? Also, for the home set (non-cream version) maybe drop the pinstripes altogether to give them a plain white option (with or without racing stripes) to be worn at home? Keep up the great work!
  24. According to the player, you can't pick up spin of the ball due to the shadows, and when it's coming at you at 90+ MPH and you can't tell if you need to move your face out of the way until the last second, I'd say that it's an issue. Of course I can't validate the complaint, but I have no reason to doubt it. It's easy to say "suck it up" when you're not the one facing pitches as fast as MLB pitchers and Sk8r Nick can throw.
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