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  2. Browns showed an extended clip (about 10 min into this episode) of Baker, Jarvis and OBJ seeing the new uniforms. They don't seem to excited, but some interesting things I noticed. OBJ definitely says "all-orange" after seeing the new color rush set. Also looks to be some new logos out of focus on the left at about 10:18. Obviously we can't make out what they are, but they seem like simple one color designs. Maybe monograms? The middle one looks like it might have some white in it, so it could be a modernized elf or something? Either way I'm encouraged because I don't see anything that looks like a helmet logo.
  3. Which skyline would you like me to use, lol?
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  5. Hit the jackpot this past week, including an official NFL game ball signed by Drew Bledsoe for $10
  6. Ok. Must have been the filtervthey used that threw me off.
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to address the issue of thread hijacking. I've created fictional sports leagues before, in fact I have a hockey league I've been playing on the EA NHL series since 2004, but I've pretty much only enjoyed those on my own or with a buddy or two. What has made this more fun than anything else I've done is having actual fans who not only follow the league as a project, but actually support favorite teams. For that reason I've always allowed the community to have input as fans. Posting about fan traditions, stories and memories, and of course participating in the Expansion committee (a great idea I got from @Veras and the AFA) are all ways that followers can interact to make it more fun. There is a line, however. @Crazy Rider, I really appreciate your enthusiasm for the league, but I will ask you to refrain from making comments about the teams themselves unless it has already been established as fact somewhere in the story. You can create stories about Shamrocks' fans and their memories of the '83 run for example, but although it hasn't been mentioned much, the team does already have a slogan in the locker room; "We Are Green" is based on a quote from Fred Garfield back in the '50s when the team refused to wear white jerseys. It may not have even been mentioned at all, but I have details like this filed away for future use. PHL followers can have a big impact on the league. There are team names, logos, and even franchises that exist because of PHL fans. Before I started the project I ran through the entire visual history (mainly just logos and uniforms) first to map out the timeline. I still have it and it looks drastically different from the PHL now. This is because of fan input. The league is a lot better than originally planned because people following this thread have had great ideas and for the most part, have been very respectful of my vision for the project. I just ask the same of anyone joining in now. If you ever have suggestions, feel free to PM me or you can ask on the boards and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks everyone!
  8. Not on these new uniforms. All single color outlines. And it's white outlines on the orange jersey.
  9. There's gold in there. Those numbers have had gold trim for a while.
  10. I don't think there's any gold on any uniform. Just white outlines on the orange jersey, and a white swoosh on the black pants.
  11. I agree with you about patience. I'm waiting for NBA's All Stars courts timeline a long time. Hoping like Kodrinsky mention by himself, that this year it might happen finally, that's my dream.
  12. Can somebody Photoshop that throwback jersey with their current helmet and pants?
  13. That was a nice way to respond after our first loss of the season. I wish LAFC played Seattle again later in the season, instead of next week (why MLS?), but I'm thoroughly enjoying this start to the season. Onto.. Seattle again.
  14. I don't even think the Mets pinstripes are necessarily an "imitation" (I've heard the story about them being a tribute to the Yankees too, but never thought much of it). But even in a vacuum, I don't think they add anything to the Mets look. If anything, they distract from its strong points. The fact that pinstripes are so closely associated with the hated Yankees is just the icing on the proverbial cake. But, someone made the point that the snow whites weren't around until the late 90s... right when I started seeing the Mets on a regular basis. So it's hard to say if I'd still feel that way if I were a fan who grew up with the pinstripes.
  15. The Rays wore some pretty crazy socks with their throwbacks yesterday. They also posted an incredible late 90's animation on their Twitter.
  16. Yeah...I just don't think it's going to happen for OKC. They needed Melo to be 2013 Melo last year and that clearly wasn't happening. Bummer George stayed in Oklahoma instead of going for it in LA.
  17. Please tell this to the Beavers’ rodent brethren in Minnesota… And it’s not the “Ski-U-Mah” part that I have a problem with.
  18. Every sports team has some sort of motto/saying, it doesn’t mean it needs to be on the uniform
  19. So it just the Circle of Life but with football. In the end, the NFL is WWE while the CFL and Arena League are the Indy's once it is over again. Kinda funny but it true.
  20. Ernie Johnson proved to be the best host in handling the PDX/OKC postgame. So much for Playoff P
  21. The AAF has died......The SLAF, which was proposed in 2014 has not updated their social media accounts in two years. The APL has been inactive for almost two months and the Freedom Football League probably won't kick off despite being active on social media. As soon as the XFL dies (and it will) this leaves the CFL and their version of the game as the last man standing.
  22. Does the Rangers but not the Islanders
  23. Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich made that LAD-MIL series fun to watch. If that ends up being the NLCS again, it should be something. One series; cool. Now they just need to keep it up.
  24. I can see why people would think the Yankees are black and white, especially before HD tv’s when they midnight navy would look like black. I have heard the Yankees' numbers and lettering described as black by radio announcers on games from the 1930s and 1940s. (So I don't feel so bad for having thought that the San Diego Fleet wore brown or that the Salt Lake Stallions wore white.)
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