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  2. I'm unsure. I get that you're fishing for "brown" but that's not accurate. It can come off a dull bronze or silver, depending on the finish. Either way? Take away the metallic aspect and it's not pewter. Much like how silver becomes grey without the metallic aspect.
  3. I know all about that drunken sot, whose racist comments about "the ethnic vote" (which was a slap not only at Jews, but also at Italians and people of other ethnicities) after the loss in the 1995 referendum led to his ouster as PQ leader and Quebec premier. No movement should be judged by its worst distorters. In fact the Quebecois identity is broad and pluralistic, embracng francophones of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. By the way, if it is true that Montreal could not support a Major League team, it might be a good location for a Blue Jays minor league affilliate. The Jays' fit with AAA Buffalo is too perfect to mess with. But a AA team named the Montreal Expos and owned outright by the Blue Jays would have a much lower bar for success.
  4. I wouldn't be so sure about that. Sure, we'd lose good stuff like....ok, I'm thinking....we'd lose....yeah, what good stuff would we lose exactly if NYC became an independent state? (It's a joke, son. No need for a 43 paragraph dissertation on the greatness of New York City or the economic impact or why it's a good idea, etc., etc. Just let it sit there and be the joke I intended it to be, OK? Thanks.)
  5. How would you describe pewter as a color, outside of calling it metallic or dull?
  6. I'm glad you appreciated the suggestion, Mark. I, too, am a fan of the Trailblazer name. It speaks to the adventurous spirit of Minnesota's early explorers, the love of Minnesotans for getting out and enjoying their state's natural beauty, the many and varied accomplishments of Ann Bancroft, and the groundbreaking strides that the National Women's Soccer League is making on the American pro sports scene. As per usual, you've created a terrific logo. It's a great start. I agree with Axe in that I believe the badge might be stronger if the image of the trailblazer were moved farther into the foreground. I'm picturing a a larger, 3/4 shot of her head and shoulders, from behind. She'd be gazing skyward, towards the State of Minnesota's namesake North Star, the celestial body - positioned above the majestic pines - serving as both her inspiration and guiding light. I'd render the star as the same six-pointed symbol version used by MNUFC.
  7. That's fair. Sad it has to be that way, but I can't begrudge your logic.
  8. The dazzle fabric of the old look had a dull metallic look to it that called pewter to mind. The matte version currently used lacks that element and looks dark brown. That's how. In short? Use dazzle fabrics if you're going to use a metallic colour.
  9. You spit this propaganda every time Vegas gets mentioned. I think you like to think you’re joking so as to rationalize the behavior.
  10. This Las Vegas deal is starting to feel like an extremely elaborate end-run around being the L.A. Raiders again, where they will heavily mine Southern California for business partnerships, bus everyone in from there for gamedays, and otherwise just so happen to play the games in Nevada. The upshot in all this is that the Chargers are very dumb.
  11. I'm not arguing about the design, people are free to prefer one look over the other. I'm not even arguing that the new color/matte is better, as that's a matter of opinion. Hell, I'd even concede that the new look, in certain lighting, does come off like a dark brown. And whether the old color was a more accurate pewter is not really the question here. I'm just not sure how you can look at those two and claim that the old one was less brown/tan. I mean, how would you describe pewter? Yes it's metallic, but do you think the old fabric looks like a dark gray or some sort of gold or what?
  12. These are pretty sweet! I like the horns on the shoulders but on the sweaters with the colored yolks they look a little like after thoughts... maybe you could try making them bigger or bleeding them off the front edge of the yolk? I don't know, that might not work.... Great looks overall!
  13. Because nothing makes more sense than an Indian casino in San Bernardino sponsoring a team playing on the other side of I-15 from the Vegas Strip!
  14. Shouldn't they get special sponsorship for those, like Colt .45 or Death Row Records?
  15. I miss you, I loved you, come back (the jerseys, not Bo Outlaw).
  16. Once Calgary goes full retro, it won't even be a Top 5 home uniform in Canada.
  17. So the Clippers City edition is Straight Outta Compton inner City inspired to oppose the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and the Lakers. 2017-18 edition honored teams original colors from San Diego 2018-19 edition honored the court from the L.A. Sports Arena 2020-21 edition will be a black version of the 2019-20 Straight Outta Compton set
  18. Williamson looks strange wearing number 1, a guard's number. It seems to me that he should be wearing something like 32 or 33 or 44. I suppose I'll get used to it if he keeps that number. But right now it is like seeing a pitcher with a single-digit number.
  19. Rookie of the year odds, everyone. And to the surprise of nobody, Zion is the runaway favorite.
  20. That script and split blue/red trim? At this point I’m actually hoping they sell exclusively blue and exclusively red gear
  21. I am not defending national territorial integrity; I am noting the reason for the Chinese obsession with it, and for the tremendous offence that they take about it. Except the Hong Kong protesters are not "fighting oppression". What they are fighting is China's legitimate use of its governmental authority to adjudicate a criminal case. While the Chinese government's response to the protests has certainly been excessive, its original exercise of authority in the extradition was not. I'm for that. Of course, the two are now to some extent intertwined. The league has already stated that it won't police the expressions of opinions of its employees. And that does not please China. This is why the two viewpoints are incompatible. The NBA is trying to have it both ways: to defend individuals' freedom of speech while at the same time appeasing China. In my view it should give up on appeasing China, and should concentrate on places like Spain. In so doing, the league would make a lot less money in the short term; but there would be no more walking on eggshells to avoid offending Chinese sensibilities, as the sailing would be smoother on account of the lack of serious cultural clashes. This is correct. While major pro sports in play a positive role in general in the world, the large companies that run them must not be allowed to masquerade as charitable organisations. Also, we should remember that an employee can get in trouble for knocking a corporate partner, whether that partiner is a foreign government or a private company. For instance, if an NBA team's employee were to tweet a criticism of Nike's manufacturing process, or were to express support of someone who had been suspended by Turner Sports, that employee would be called on the carpet for jeopardising these relationships, and arguments about freedom of speech would not be raised. The China thing is this, writ large.
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