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  2. Under Armour seems to refit teams every 3 years so they were due. I wonder if Texas Tech will get new unis too.
  3. That striping is bad.. boring is better than another overly-designed, reference-to-some-random-building-on-campus-that-I've-never-heard-of, trendy look.. I can't wait til that trend dies
  4. Yeah, I don't really have much of a dog in this fight. The Caps finally got their Cup win last year and I'm ambivalent towards Carolina. Just here for fun. Plus, my team is out anyway.
  5. As a fan of no team, just playoff hockey, I can safely say I am ready for Game 7 OT.
  6. WHY must everything be difficult. I’m not ready for Game 7 OT. No one ever is.
  7. Ricky Rubio getting behind James Harden to guard him is the damndest thing.
  8. They actually have a nice set right now. I'd be willing to bet on striping being removed for another boring, trendy look.
  9. How many ultimate sudden deaths are we gonna have in these playoffs.....
  10. You know, I wrote that comment before I realized the front said "Rip City." I'd hate to see them ditch their traditional black set for the City, but the City definitely stands on its own -- if it said "Portland" on the front. I've accepted that Houston is now a team that wears color at home. Given their white set is outdated trash, it's fine.
  11. I have a feeling this one is headed into OVERTIME.
  12. No it wouldn’t, because then it wouldn’t be his major league debut
  13. Really damn good! Fun fact, Pajama Boy met with 5 teams last year during the "talking period" (TOR, SJ, DAL, BOS, NYI) 4 of them are in the second round of the playoffs...
  14. Am back. As promised, an NFC East team. DALLAS COWBOYS One shade of blue. One shade of silver. New font, as the regular block is dull and the Staubach-era font is a little thin for my liking. Yes, it's the Nationals font. Shut up. Thanksgiving throwbacks are thrown back, unfortunately in keeping with NFL's dumb one helmet rule. I promise I'll try to upload stuff more regularly before inevitably failing to do so and falling off the face of the earth.
  15. Barcelona’s kits were a tribute to their original kits, which were inspired by Basel. Juventus has never worn anything but stripes since the started wearing them 100+ years ago. A halved shirt isn’t a close up of stripes, it’s just a halved shirt. To me they’re two very different styles, with little overlap, and definitely not for a team like Juventus, whose this season kit is already lacking stripes. I don’t mind the pink too much, it’s a historical color, if they had done a Gremio style shirt with pink separating black and white stripes I’d have been intrigued by it.
  16. Why on earth is this game tied? C'mon, foot on the throat. Shut the door on these pesky Canes.
  17. Today
  18. But there have been two to four games every night, including tonight. I prefer tonight (two) to last night (four) anyway. EDIT: Ingles blows these playoffs.
  19. Think it's more about the two days' rest between lots of first-round games than the series themselves running long.
  20. I like basketball so I'd rather see more than less. Really don't understand this take at all.
  21. I’m very scared. So far this has played out exactly like Game 6, in that the Caps started good and then faltered as the game went on. My fingernails will be on the endangered species list after tonight.
  22. I just read we are 6 weeks away from names and logos!
  23. It would've meant more if he was with a Montreal-based team.
  24. It's funny how the National league might possibly just adopt something (DH) from a formerly-known "alternative league".
  25. Vlad Jr. finally makes his major league debut Friday as Toronto welcomes in Oakland. However, his batterymate, and No. 2 Blue Jay's prospect Bichette, took a foul ball off his hand will be out indefinitely.
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