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  2. They didn't wear the orange-billed cap as much this year, and they didn't wear the orange cap with the blue bill at all. The orange-billed cap was worn occasionally on the road (it was the cap they wore most of the time on the road before this year), and it was also used with the navy jerseys for Sunday home games.
  3. Or the other option was Christian Hackenberg. Oh, snap!
  4. My hope (and dream) is that the Clippers will make the Lakers irrelevant. Probably wouldn't happen like the past 30-40 years ... but ... seeing the Lakers suck has been fun.
  5. If you say they can’t give credit to developing Pedro into a customer young winning pitcher, I’d say they didn’t for randy Johnson considering he spent less than 2 seasons with them.
  6. I was looking at a Jets game in 1996 though, and it looked like the number font had slightly changed. I'd have to take a closer look.
  7. Those Twins may be the worst 100+ win team, though. They got to feast on the Tigers and Royals for 38 games.
  8. Or the other option was Christian Hackenberg.
  9. Beating Cole, Verlander, and Greinke seems like a tall task. I think the Yankees are done for. Not to be that guy because everyone in the AL East played them the same amount, but their record was inflated thanks to the Baltimore Orioles. They're one of the worst 103 win teams we've had.
  10. Well played sir. Well played. With that said, while I would love to see this diatribe continue, I gotta ask that we get back to the A's potential move.
  11. Yeah, every team has their own version of the NFL100 Logo. They are all the same, just with each teams logo and colors. The Bears one uses their Jersey Number Font though.
  12. How come the illustration of that Native American patch on the left shoulder is facing forward, or in other words, the "wrong" (right) way?
  13. It probably didn't snow in August... But they could have taken it in late September or early October, and it definitely could have snowed then. Also did anyone else notice the NFL 100 logo modified for the Vikings on their page? I know the Bears are using that for their anniversary logo, but have other teams modified the logo?
  14. The University of San Antonio has had a checkered history in Super Series football. In the 1970s, the University had been complicit in covering up a cheating ring involving several student athletes, had engaged in illegal recruiting, and was involved in a scheme where student athletes were being essentially paid to play. When the NCAA discovered this, they gave the program a 3-year "death penalty" in 1977. During this time, all players were given a full release allowing them to transfer. The Sentinels were unable to field a team again until 1983. University of San Antonio Location: San Antonio, Texas Type: Private University Founded: 1913 Major Rivals: Central Texas, UT-Fort Worth
  15. I agree with @Whittier S The concept looks good but the logo is too simplified and the jet is to blocky. Also the almost oval shape, especially where there’s sharp angles, looks a bit awkward. I love the Double green however and I really like what you’ve done to the uniforms!
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  17. I mean that doesn't sound that bad to me. The Expos went to the playoffs 1 time in 35 years. 5 playoff appearances in 15 years isn't shabby. 4 division titles and a World Series appearance in that span, some teams would kill for that. No denying that the pre-Strasburg years were rough though. And yes, they did have a knack for choking in the postseason
  18. John Elway is one of my personal favorite sports figures in terms of schadenfreude. Watching him trade for Joe Flacco after it was painfully obvious we were going to cut him anyway, then have the audacity to say he’s entering his prime at 34 years old was particularly enjoyable. The man built a defense that could’ve won Nathan Peterman a Super Bowl, and has been coasting on that for years. You love to see it.
  19. The trouble is, in regards to the officiating, what is the NFL going to do about it? The answer is not a gosh darn thing. Why? It’s not affecting the bottom line. People will still watch football despite bad refs, and that’s been proven for years. As long as people still watch, the NFL won’t care.
  20. Believe they started doing that last season, when one of the many uniform gimmicks to distract from the ad patches was that there were no more white jerseys in WNBA at all I don't think... just a light team color and a dark team color.
  21. Yeah, just because he doesn’t like a city and explains himself doesn’t make him “self-important” or means that he “treats people terribly” or “acts like a child.” If anything, you’re the one projecting onto his posts.
  22. How awesome is this team picture taken in a snowy stadium? Did they take the team pic in December, for some reason, or does it occasionally snow in August?
  23. Nah for real tho, you have big time issues if you automatically assume people who like going to a city you don’t like and/or have hobbies you don’t like are subhuman trash...the level of self-importance required to believe that garbage is staggering, and you should be ashamed of how you treat are not the sole arbiter of what people can and cannot do. Quit acting like a child.
  24. Those black jerseys are ugly and the logo on the stomach is tacky, but i love the color on the green home jerseys. did they always do that? seems like an obvious choice but i feel like the only times i’ve seen the liberty on tv they were in white.
  25. Up next we have the Mobile State Minotaurs. The university was founded in 1941, but has only fielded a football team since 1990. They were one of few schools to begin play in the Super Series (Division I at the time) without starting in a lower division. They have always been known as a pass heavy offense owning most of the offensive records in that category, but due to habitually mediocre defense, the Minotaurs have never made it beyond the first round of the playoffs. Mobile State University Location: Mobile, Alabama Type: Public University Founded: 1941 Major Rivals: Alabama Tech, Central Alabama
  26. WVU going white, white, grey. Blahhhh. One perk of getting throttled by OU might be that this leads to never wearing this combo again
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