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  2. Jesus ing Christ, Ernie. Perfection REQUIRES that your pants are at your KNEES, not your shins, and your sleeves should be at your elbow joints! YOU'RE A ING MESS, ERNIE.
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  4. Same with football, actually. The most successful rival league to the NFL became an entire conference within it.
  5. Half of MLB was formerly an "alternative baseball league". The American League is the most successful alternative league ever. It just happened to start 108 years ago.
  6. And isn’t the next phase just throwbacks? Up to rebranding to have your primary logo be something from a past era?
  7. OK...Here is the best shot I can get for the 1983 USFL Championship Game at Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO Michigan Panthers 24 Philidelphia Stars 22
  8. For the sake of giving the Bruins less of a chance at the Cup, the Caps really need to win this game tonight.
  9. Um, because they have the minors, any “alternate baseball league” wouldn’t be able to get players when all said players have already signed contracts for minor league teams that is currently the only way to get to the majors.
  10. Cleveland Browns Hat Concept 2spacer.png

  11. On another note, I can figure out why the CFL has not had a serious alternative league in Canada. I think it is because Canadian football, being largely confined to Canada, only works there, and an alternative league would likely last only one week, or not even play at all.
  12. You know, you hear about new, alternative sports leagues trying to challenge the NFL (AAF, WFL, XFL, USFL, et al.), the NBA (ABA), the NHL (WHA), but not one league has cropped up to challenge MLB (the independent minor leagues notwithstanding). So, it had me thinking- why has there been NO alternative baseball league like what the other three leagues have gone through? Post your answers in the comments, but keep the discussion civil.
  13. He has not worn out his welcome or caused any issue whatsoever.
  14. A flurry of victories prepares to welcome round two, with the Predators going extinct: The Knights being killed in battle: And the Leafs being crunched (RIP my hopes and dreams): Here is the latest edition of the bracket.
  15. That’s crazy patterns and neon you’re thinking of, the 2000s is boring piping and dark colors
  16. Hopefully with better striping. The numbers also don't look as good when they aren't italicized so they might as well change those too. However, I personally like it when college programs have a consistent and unified look.
  17. Strange navy blue, lots of piping alternates are about as mid 2000s as it gets man.
  18. WELP. Not so fast. Per usual, things sure aren’t going well in Sacramento. Kings Need To Part Ways With Luke Walton Ultimately, I disagree with this take, for now. I think they need to let this one work it’s way through the court system a bit further before taking any major corrective action like that. BUT, with as serious as these accusations are, I certainly won’t begrudge them if they do decide to part ways before this reaches a conclusion. Either way, once again, what a goddamn mess the Kings are. They basically just live in this particular chaotic realm at this point.
  19. I like the halves-as-a-close-up-of-stripes look. Loved when Barcelona did it. But what ruins this Juventis shirt is the red stripe. Terrible.
  20. Keen eye, but except this it look like the same design. Anyway I curious what happens with Argentina/Colombia shorts style? Did adidas use them for third kits? Or only for NT teams? Or something else? Because on the leaks United also got regular stripes design.
  21. I'm one of the rare commenters who actually love the Mets' current road alts with "New York" on them - but your set is outstanding without them.
  22. Yeah it looks like he was mistaken and made an update. I thought that sounded strange, as I hadn’t seen it posted anywhere else,
  23. Professional sports as of 1964-65 Driveball (New alignments effective starting with the 1965 season) National Driveball Alliance East Atlanta Aviators Miami Flamingos New York Heroes Philadelphia Brawlers Central Buffalo Lakers Chicago Gaels Cleveland Mad Hatters Milwaukee Voyagers West Oakland Squirrels San Diego Admirals Seattle Emeralds St Louis Showboats Continental Driveball Alliance Colonial Boston Unicorns New Jersey Rogues Pittsburgh Knights Washington Commanders Heartland Detroit Roadsters Kansas City Rustlers Minnesota Shockers New Orleans Revelers Frontier Dallas Metros Houston Marshals Los Angeles Jaguars San Francisco Dragons Canadian Driveball League East Hamilton Maulers Les Castors de Montreal Montreal Trappers Ottawa Lumberjacks Toronto Titans West Calgary Bighorns Edmonton Barons Saskatchewan Stags Vancouver Ravens Winnipeg Aces Baseball American League Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers New York Yankees Philadelphia Athletics Texas Rangers National League Brooklyn Dodgers Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Houston Astros Kansas City Monarchs Milwaukee Braves (Moving to Atlanta in 1966) Minnesota Twins Pittsburgh Pirates St Louis Cardinals Washington Grays Pacific Coast League Hollywood Baseball Club Los Angeles Angels Oakland Oaks Portland Beavers Sacramento Solons San Diego Padres San Francisco Seals Seattle Rainiers Football NFL East Baltimore Colts Cleveland Browns Detroit Lions New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers Washington Redskins West Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys Green Bay Packers Los Angeles Rams Minnesota Vikings San Francisco 49ers St Louis Cardinals Expansion Atlanta Falcons (Coming in 1966) AFL East Boston Patriots Buffalo Bills New York Jets Houston Oilers West Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders San Diego Chargers Expansion Miami Dolphins (Coming in 1966) CFL East Hamilton Tiger Cats Montreal Alouettes Ottawa Rough Riders Toronto Argonauts West BC Lions Calgary Stampeders Edmonton Eskimos Saskatchewan Roughriders Winnipeg Blue Bombers Basketball NBA East Boston Celtics Cincinnati Royals New York Knicks Philadelphia 76ers West Detroit Pistons Los Angeles Stars Minnesota Lakers San Francisco Warriors St Louis Hawks Expansion Chicago Bulls (Coming in 1966-67) Hockey NHL Boston Bruins Chicago Blackhawks Detroit Red Wings Montreal Canadiens New York Rangers Toronto Maple Leafs
  24. The old Moose logo looks great on a red, black, white scheme. A lot like the Blackhawks.
  25. I agree with this, they broke it down on SC, and basically all they said was everyone including the coach was disinterested standing there and some weren’t even watching the play. It was everything that was wrong with today’s iso basketball.
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