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  2. Oregon State Unveils New Football Uniforms April 20, 2019 - 20:05 PM The Oregon State football program unveiled brand new football uniforms ahead of its annual Spring Game on Saturday afternoon. The Beavers held a special event at Reser Stadium for season-ticket holders, which marked the first time anyone outside of the […] Read More...
  3. Ok, question for you all. The league is dead, it's filed for bankruptcy, and the dirty laundry is out. So I wanna ask the community. Is there a point in keeping this thread alive? I ask because we're in the midst of the NHL and NBA playoffs, the MLB season is underway, and there's another thread dedicated to another spring league that hasn't sunk yet. So seeing a thread dedicated to a league that's dead constantly pop up near the top of the page is questionable. Would it be ok to lock this thing and re-open it if something of significance is revealed? Or potentially re-open it and merge it with the XFL thread should the XFL die off? Sort of a Spring Football Graveyard? I don't like killing discussions prematurely but at the same time, as I said, it's a bit ridiculous to see a thread about a dead league bumping down Big Four playoff threads
  4. Pretty sure he worked on the Hillary campaign. He was built to question authority like chopsticks are built to eat ice cream. They were the authority!
  5. Yea there would be goals on both ends of the court. 2v2 could work.
  6. Well done! Progress is very good on this project. Nicely executed and fits in with their identity.
  7. That’s fair, but we also live in a world with the Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers, and Indianapolis Colts. I think if these examples have worked out due to longevity than hypothetically the Tennessee Oilers would be fine given a long enough passage of time. For me it’s a matter of just preferring the Oilers to the Titans as far as brand goes. The Titans’ identity was never that strong in my opinion, and it lost a lot of lustre once its turn of the millennium stylings grew dated. The recent redo could have refreshed the Titans’ brand but it only made it worse. Saved only by the Bucs’ clownsuits when it comes to “worse in the league” standings. While people do tend to overrate the Oiler’s brand, I think it’s far stronger than anything the Titans have trotted out in years. And its main drawback- its overall simplicity- is excusable given their “charter AFL member” status. I get that at the time the two “Tennessee Oilers” seasons weren’t the most popular but I think going back to it could be done. Especially if the Titans brand continues to be plagued by underwhelming football. Thing is though? If the discussion isn’t “maybe the Titans could be the Oilers again/wear Oilers throwbacks” it’s “the Texans should be the Oilers!” The entire thing is rooted in people looking to embrace the past. If not in Tennessee then people in Houston who can’t accept that the NFL team that plays there now never was the Oilers and never will be the Oilers. In so far as Jay-Z goes? I think part of the problem of modern sports design is an inability to go "that old look was pretty good, maybe we ought to bring it back?" The need to fiddle can result in cleaning up a great old look, but it can also stop teams from doing the obvious and just reverting back to a superior design. I mean I have no nostalgic connection to the Oilers. They've been the Titans for most of my time as a football fan. I just think the Oilers brand is better than anything the Titans have rolled out. I'm not looking to obsess over the past, I just think the Oilers have a better look. I don't think it's fair to write that off as failing to embrace the present. This is a good point, however, and it’s one I’ve used to defend the Raptors against suggestions that they should be the Huskies.
  8. Seattle’s pink is temporary. Miami has a chance to make it a permanent part of the league.
  9. I’ll echo the sentiments about the ears. My very first reaction was that the logo struck me as a cub because of the size of the ears. I think I’d make them a touch smaller and move them higher on the head. The head could be a bit wider too. I think that and the size/placement of the ears are what make me see a cub, not an adult bear.
  10. I didn’t say these weren’t good, I was referring to @alexandre comment they don’t look football enough, and gave @Punchy_Gungus some constructive criticism to make them more football if he wanted to
  11. The WWE did get a billion in their latest TV deals with Fox and USA Network despite a rapid decline in ratings and attendance.
  12. Tom Andrich, an Oregon State alum, was the designer in charge of this new set. So I really don’t think your theory has any legs to it in this instance.
  13. In that case? takes up drinking again Babcock’s always known what it takes to get the most of out of his lines. If Toronto loses this series it won’t be because of coaching. My big concern is that the Bruins just know how to beat the Leafs. The Leafs have shown remarkable improvement over last year, answering every bad game with a strong showing. Compared to last year where they let the Bruins pants them two games in a row before they decided to start playing like a playoff team. So I’m certainly happy to see this Leafs come out and play Boston like they know they can beat them, but I’m too gunshy about this Bruins team. They always seem to know how to upend the Leafs that makes me perpetually nervous facing them. It’s been garbage, agreed. I guess my main thing is that it’s even-handed garbage. I suppose that’s the best way to have bad officiating? Me too to be honest. If that had gone against Toronto I don’t know if I could argue against it. Just like I can’t argue against it going for Toronto. It was a very borderline case that was honestly a 50/50 tossup. I’ll take the fact that the coin landed in the Leafs’ favour this time, but it was a really up in the air decision.
  14. They're an amazing resource for throwback/fauxback concepts, given that finding color pictures (heck, any pictures) of a lot of these teams is like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  15. I like the 1-8 system because then there's a chance of having an actual divisional rivalry in the conference final. That would be a heck of a series.
  16. 1971 NAML Season Week 1 Scores: Boston 36-21 Houston Philadelphia 51-25 St. Louis Chicago 54-45 New York Washington 49-57 Michigan Toronto 22-35 Los Angeles Milwaukee 58-43 Montreal California 43-26 Minnesota Western Division: Fresh off of their first Urquhart Cup victory, the Minnesota Walleye continued their dominance, finishing first overall in the league for the first time in their history, with a 16-8 record. A key part to their success was their defense, led by Calvin Black, who won the Chester Harland Award for league MVP. The Walleye's defense, helped by the offseason addition of Larry Farrell. set league records for average goals and points allowed, helping them win lots of low-scoring games. Coming in second were the Milwaukee Dragons, who despite an aging core, improved their play all year, including winning 2 games at Minnesota. Joe Lapoers showed huge improvements over his rookie year, and critics predict that he will be a top 10 player in the league. The Dragons finished the 1971 season 3 points back of Minnesota, at 15-9. In third, the Los Angeles Guardians continued their rollercoaster ride in the standings, finishing 3rd for the 2nd time in 3 years, but this was after finishing dead last in 1970. Daniel Thorn was the team's leader up front, kicking a career high 73 goals. As well, rookie rover and 1st Overall pick Oscar Madigan showed flashes of brilliance at times, giving the Guardians a hopeful future. LA finished at 13-11, just a few Point differential points higher than St. Louis. In fourth were the St. Louis Gatekeepers, who came oh so close to their first playoff appearance since 1962. Forward Sid Bragg led the team in goals, and a breakout year from defenseman Joshua Fultz helped the 'Keepers to their first winning season in 9 years. They had a huge chance to clinch in the final week, but they lost in heartbreaking fashion to Michigan, making their point differential 22 less than the third-place Guardians. Coming in fifth was a big surprise, as the Chicago Crusaders had an off year. Bud Mahoney had his worst season statistically since his rookie year, only getting 30 goals. As well, the defense was awful at times, including allowing 70 points against in week 14. All this added up to an 11-13 finish by Chicago, their worst season since 1960. In sixth were the second-year Houston Comet, who finished at 9-15, their same record as in 1970. The Comet didn't have any standout players during the season, but their teamwork and passing, implemented by Coach Puck Jutton, was among the best in the league. This helped them win some games, but they still were too inexperienced to be a contender. However, analysts say that once they get one superstar player, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Finishing last in the Western conference were the California Quails, who started the year hot, getting victories over Minnesota and Milwaukee. However, star forward Gary Ayers suffered a fractured skull in a freak accident in week 3, sidelining him for the rest of the year. Fortunately, doctors said the injury wasn't career-threatening, and that he will be fine to play in 1972. The Quails struggled without him, going winless in the next 7 games, and finishing the year at 7-16-1. Eastern Division: Coming in first in the East was a major shock, the Toronto Nationals. After they looked like they were finally going to be a mediocre team, they skyrocketed back into first in 1971, led by young 3rd-round pick Jimmy Bjarnathan, who scored 67 goals, a rookie record. James Jogi, despite aging quickly, also played a big part in the Stallions' success, and Andy Kappert was a brick wall in net when he had to be. Toronto finished at 15-8-1, 1 point safe from second place. In second place was the league's other Canadian team, the Montreal Évêques. Led by the ageless wonder Nicolas Bartosh, who set another league record in goal-scoring with 84 goals, the Paulies bounced back after a disappointing 1970 season where they finished 3rd-last in the league. Amateur signing Laurent Sluce made headlines for his blazing speed, and caught opposing defences off-guard countless times. Montreal finsihed at 15-9, a mirror of their record the year before. Coming in third were the previous regular season champions, the Philadelphia Falcons. Even though they underperformed and didn't meet their huge expectations, it was still a playoff year for the P's, led by their young goalkeeper George Sovine, who has been called one of the most athletics goalkeepers the game has ever seen. As well, veteran centre Rudolph Lussier had a career year, and led the league in passing accuracy. Philly finished at 13-10-1. In fourth were the Boston Wolfhounds, who finished 5 points out of the playoffs at 12-12. In what was called their last season in a while to be a playoff contender, they failed to make the cut, as defenseman Vinnie McClelland and forward Howard Tremble had both hinted at potential retirement prior to the season. The two veterans played well, but the rest of the young team couldn't do their job well enough. Another big surprise came in sixth, the Washington Warriors. After Jim Gardenar tore his achilles a week before the season started, the Warriors knew it would be a tough road without the game's best player. Despite many people predicting the Warriors still being able to make the playoffs without him, they struggled off the bat, and once they had managed to find their game, it was too late, as they finished at 9-13-2, good for 31 points. Bandits fans were probably breathing sighs of relief after the season ended, because they wouldn't have to play in the east anymore. In their two years after switching conferences, the playoff-contending team played to a dismal record of 21-26-1. Hugh Westbrook was showing signs of aging, but new addition Lawrence Pearson had his best season yet, getting career highs in goals and total points. Michigan finished at 10-14. In last was an expected surprise, the New York Knights. Philip Cook, despite playing amazingly, couldn't get the Knights anywhere, as they struggled all year. Even when they won, it was close, as they didn't win by more than a goal all 7 times they managed 3 points. The Knights finished at 7-17. The 1971 NAML Awards were given to: Chester Harland Award (League MVP): Calvin Black, D, MIN Len Garey Memorial Trophy (Top Goalkicker): Nicolas Bartosh, FF, MTL (84 goals) Benjamin Legrand Award (Best Goalkeeper): George Sovine, PHI Rivalry Cup Winners: Colonial Trophy: Philadelphia (Beat Washington 2-1 in season series) St. Laurent Cup: Montreal (Beat Toronto 2-1 in season series) I-94 Series: Milwaukee (Swept season series with Chicago) Notable Events: St. Louis forward Patrick Fink competed at the 1971 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships, finishing 5th in the 100 yard dash, with a time of 9.53 seconds. The NAML bought and moved into a new, larger league headquarters, now in Downtown Washington, DC. In surprising moves, both Washington and Philadelphia fired their coaches during the year, due to poor performance. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Definitely some surprising stories here. Playoffs will hopefully be up later this week. C&C is appreciated!
  17. You’ll find Ebbets Field Flannels is well-known around these parts. Even infamous, considering their impact on our wallets.
  18. The current playoff system leaves a lot to be desired but I don’t think it would be as bad if the NHL went to simple wins and losses. I get that there are some people who don’t like the shootout, but the point of it was to eliminate ties. To have a definitive winner and looser in each game. So if you’re going to run with that? Go to straight wins a losses.
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  20. What are you talking about? These are amazing, and no one ever said that this was real life.
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