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  2. Philadelphia Eagles: 1933 Throwback: Back In Baby Blue Going a different direction that what happened in 1994 and using the new knowledge the Gridiron Uniforms Database, we have this baby blue masterpiece. Logo comes from the mothership which comes from this letterhead and numbers are based off of the Heritage Sports Art's rendering of the 1934 uniform due to baby blue and yellow not contrasting well in black and white. 1948 Throwback: The Wingless Champions Towards the beginning of the "classic" kelly green and silver era, the first Eagles NFL champion team wore these nice serifed jerseys in addition to many variations along the same color scheme and design. This one was picked due to it being the most common home jersey in the season. Logo comes from the mothership.
  3. Not an excuse. If you're doing artwork on your phone, you should wait until you have computer access to do it then and clean it up.
  4. Steve McNair and Eddie George wore Oilers uniforms that time I watched them play at the Liberty Bowl.
  5. I'm on a phone. I don't have the stuff to freshen it up
  6. Jeezus - where to start... Straight up - the uniforms are sloppy. There's way too much white space around the edges of the uniforms and the uniform outline. You can barely read the Moose's name and number font on the white jersey. The "M" on the Moose's hat is off-center Names and numbers on all your uniforms are way too low. Team names on the fronts of the uniforms are too low. They should be in the space between the 2nd and 3rd button. Name on the back of the Reds jerseys are way too big. They won't fit on them if the name is longer than 8 characters. Overall, these are beyond rushed to me in order for you to get your story out. You need to take your time with these if you want legitimate feedback on this project.
  7. Did Gruden get possessed by the spirit of Al Davis.......again?
  8. NYCFC is run by Man City and the New York Yankees. Miami has David Beckham. That is mainly why both teams are in MLS.
  9. The Rhode Island Red Hens (Commonly know as the Reds) have also unleased their uniforms today.
  10. All about the money. Those two cities can bring in a lot of money. But if they can't get it together soon, I think their spot needs to go somewhere else. I think it's possible we will see Sacramento take the field before the Pinks.
  11. JQK

    Wrestlemania 37 Concept

    I feel you... We saw the flat, here's the "gloss"...
  12. Well what's to say some in Tennessee haven't enjoyed watching them?
  13. How can I make that a deceptive picture... isn't that opening day when they are announcing the rosters? Everyone wants to crap on the Marlins attendence, so here was my shot at the "Legit Teams". The point is all the info is on the scoreboard, the in stadium PA tells you whose batting if you cant see- and the Marlins jerseys- while black on black... aren't the worst.
  14. Also, Minnesota Vikings Wide Receivers Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen both want the Vikings to wear 1970-1995 Throwbacks in 2019, the ones with Northwestern Stripes on the Home and UCLA Stripes on the Away. In my opinion, it’s the Vikings Second-best look after the 1961-1968 set which had Northwestern Stipes Home and Away, Gold Outlines, Purple Pants, and striped socks. The White One would make sense due to the NFL100 Season, and 2019 being the 50th Anniversary of the Vikings 1969 “40 for 60” NFL Championship season. They lost the Super Bowl to the Chiefs that year though, and happen to play them on the road this year. The odd thing is that in 1969, the Vikings wore the 1961-1968 Uniforms that year, with the 1970-1995, having a weird thing where the Home Had Gold Outlines, but not the away.
  15. Why is it that NYCFC and Miami get to just completely bypass the most important “rule” to getting an expansion team - needing a stadium ready? New York’s two-year temporary stay has gradually become five, and they still don’t have a deal even being voted on (at least, that’s what I’ve heard - if a New Yorker has some insight on how their search is going, that’d be good to hear). Miami can’t even get their temporary stadium built. MLS is basically saying “You need all of these things, but the most important thing is a stadium. Unless it’s not the most important thing. Then you don’t need it”. It doesn’t make sense.
  16. Atomic

    MLB Fonts

    Basically what Sec19Row53 said. Also, no - we can not re-post them on the boards.
  17. Yes, Dan Pastorini, Mike Renfro, Earl Campbell, and the great memories those Tennessee fans have of watching them...
  18. Today
  19. They'll just be put on hold as MLS expands to other markets.
  20. Peoria Chiefs (while affiliated with the Cubs) Peoria Chiefs (while affiliated with the Cardinals) The name of a local afilliated ball club can hold a lot of brand identity, if the team has existed for many years. This was a fantastic way of incorporating the major affiliate into the look and feel.
  21. Minnfield Grizzlies from the Made for TV movie The Quarterback Princess starring Helen Hunt.
  22. Lets be real. Miami is supposed to begin play next season and their temporary stadium in Fort Lauderdale likely wont even be ready. Lockhart in its current state isnt even usuable.
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