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  2. Good to see this getting about as much traction as the NWSL. Any more comments before I post more clubs?
  3. Colored baseball pants should be used in throwback uses only, if any tries to recreate the garbage that was the pullover era in the mlb, they deserve to be shot
  4. March 19, 2019 was both the second or third best (also related to the 2018-19 season) and worst day of my "sports life." On one hand, the Magic were finally in the playoffs, at home, for the first time in 7 years. It was the first time I had ever been to a playoff game of any kind, much less a playoff game for my favorite favorite team. I've never seen the Amway Center that crazy. The crowd was the loudest it's ever been. For a day, the entire city was painted blue. Even if the Magic make the playoffs ever year again, I don't think that initial experience will ever be the same again for me. On the other hand, the Magic lost in heartbreaking fashion. After, all 18,000 of us were just walking out of the arena in defeated silence. Game 4 was still great, but by that point we as a fanbase had accepted our fate. Maybe I (alongside everyone else) got a bit overly optimistic after Game 1. Either way, it was a crushing blow, and I learned just how much of an emotional connection I have to the Magic as my mood sunk for days after.
  5. The Astros switching leagues after 50 years was a terrible decision done only to placate the whiny new-money Rangers. Milwaukee was one thing because it had been in the National League before, and it didn't saddle us with the loathsome year-round expanded interleague play. We don't need a tertiary level of game importance that isn't being offset by a petty local rivalry.
  6. The Eiffel 24 (which is no eiffel-65) is okay but eventually it gets to be like St. Louis and the Gateway Arch, like, there's gotta be more to this city. The lettering reminds me of Toulouse-Lautrec posters, too.
  7. Well... the championship banner cover doesn't hide all....
  8. Nah, the Rams aren’t the ones ruining this, that “honor” belongs to the Ravens. The Rams’ gold is their second best look (granted, it’s a looong way down to third) and one of, if not the best of the color rush uniforms (again, not much competition there). If it was matched up against the Ravens in all white or white/purple it would be a solid matchup.
  9. Fun fact someone created a Facebook post about Brady wearing a jersey last night with the regular NFL shield to try to get him fined by the league for wearing the wrong jersey. When in reality it’s the equipment managers fault not his.
  10. The NL Central is a great geographically placed division. Living in Illinois, it is not too much of a trek for me to go to St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, or Cincinnati for a game. Pittsburgh makes for a decent long weekend destination. I don’t think Houston would come into play. I like how things are.
  11. They couldn’t have got a mannequin that wasn’t the EXACT same color as the uniforms? I had to do a double take because I could’ve sworn they forgot to put pants on it at a glance. As for the design, red numbers ruin it for me. Swap purple and red on the numbers and bring back this gorgeous helmet, then come talk to me
  12. I'm sorry... I had to stop reading when you used the phrase "good design" in relation to the Saints stripeless black pants, monochrome monstrosities. Non-white Monochrome football uniforms are an abomination, foisted on us by an evil shadowy power (my theory... Russians) threatening to destroy everything we hold dear. Dark Monochrome baseball uniforms, on the other hand, while a bit out of the ordinary, make sense because the good Lord intended baseball uniforms to have matching pants and jerseys.
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  14. They put it on YouTube. Again, look at Garber. @Bucfan56, does Burkle wear a hairpiece?
  15. Kraken reeks of a middle aged man trying really hard to be hip and cool with the kids these days.
  16. In modern day sports design, the only good design you posted (excluding throwbacks which kind of go by their own rules) are the Saints. I’d also like to make a point baseball pants were strictly black or navy, and for the most part grey for ab a hundred years before any of the brightly colored, pullover era monstrosities you posted above were created. Those only lasted about 20 years for a reason, they are disgusting. The Saints look is like the opposite of a crime against humanity, it’s the only reasonable design you brought up!
  17. Go Philadelphia Bulldogs!
  18. I have a Boll Wievels hat since I'm a huge Phillies fan. What a great identity that was and how sad that it's no longer around.
  19. I'd honestly prefer that to boring all white (even though any time Ravens have worn white against opposing CR uniforms they thankfully haven't included predominantly white socks as well) vs. all gold, like what happened last year between Chiefs & Rams on MNF. Either way though, once again, a potentially much better match-up in prime time is going to be ruined by the Rams being ridiculous about their uniform choices.
  20. You and your paywalls. Even I don't pay for The bee
  21. Great logo, I think it's weird that it gets unveiled a year before the next games even begin. Simple and good, I like the font too.
  22. I mean I personally love the white on black, too, but just wish they'd wear contrasting socks, preferably purple. Same with purple over black. Black socks with black pants should be reserved only for the "Blackout" games, as originally intended. The only other non-contrasting socks appearance MAYBE should be CR, logic being that it differentiates from the other purple jersey/purple pants look, and even then I'd still prefer the predominantly black socks to better tie into the helmet. That is unless there was ever a way — which there won't be — that those "Blaze" alternate helmets from a couple years back could be an option for the CR uniforms.
  23. Houston's assistant GM is a brazen asshat, the likes of which should be bred out of existence.
  24. Next step was to create a simplified cup graphic, and develop some text. We decided on a vintage look, so I hand-lettered a "Founders Cup" title...
  25. That's nice, but I still prefer the 24 Eiffel Tower logo from the candidacy.
  26. It seems more like a vocal minority - don’t let them get into your head. I read that article for research, and while I’m sure a three team plan would have tempted MLB, expanding to an uneven number of teams would have likely been an issue. Angelos was a primary offender for keeping MLB out of DC (which is how Norfolk got in on the Expos hunt - since he approved of it). Still, other troubles complicated the issue of getting a team in DC. Like many things in life, you can’t just blame one person for the difficulties.
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