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  2. 2nd Round Picks East Bruins in 5 Hurricanes in 7 West Avalanche in 6 Stars in 6
  3. You know what's really nice about the Invision Power Boards line of online message boarding communities? They have this really nifty feature where you can adjust the filters in your settings on what you can see. So, if you go to the top of the page, you can click on your member title on the right (It's next to the upside down triangle). That'll bring up a menu option that gives you several really neat little features to play with. The first two options are listed under the 'Content' section. Here you can view your profile, where you can adjust your signature and play with all sorts of nifty customization features. You can also check any attachment you've made here, which I don't use much, but I guess it's nice to have, just in case you're ever curious. After that, you have several features listed under the 'Settings' headline. Here you can adjust your followed content, get a bit deeper into your profile settings, and even ignore certain users if you so choose. Let's talk about that particular feature for a second, shall we? Once you click on that feature, you can add any member you like to a list that prevents you from seeing any of their content and (I hope) prevents them from seeing any content you post. You can feel free to add me to that list any time you'd like
  4. The "my team is just the best!" combined with "you need to hear my trauma!" is a Boston sports fan special that has been roundly hated for a generation. Part of rooting for an all-time great team is being gracious in victory and defeat; Brass does this really well in the NFL threads with the Pats. You can say whatever you want. I'm just helpfully pointing out how it comes off. Which is poorly.
  5. There are "alternative" baseball leagues. We know them as the "independent leagues" like the Frontier League, Northern League, etc. If you're not counting those leagues then here's what would have to happen to start another alternative league. First, you need to find around 2500 players who are good enough to play professionally at at least AAA level and who aren’t already signed by MLB or MiLB. Do that, and we can talk about the second step.
  6. Disappointing how the green looks so dark even under sunny skies. I thought it was supposed to be a brighter green, which I guess it is, but not by much. Looks better on the helmet due to the metallic effect but on flat material... way to dark for my liking.
  7. Thanks everyone for the replies. Simple fix but at least now the logo has some meaning to it.
  8. Most likely reason why Seattle wore their away kit because it is "sunset" themed and the game was being played on a sunset.
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  10. Hey I'm back! The Midwest is up next, starting with Creighton: The Bluejays have two jerseys currently, both of which have their issues. Their white jersey has white numbers and some weird pointy shapes on the shoulders and side panels, their blue jersey is long-sleeved for some reason and is otherwise really boring, and neither of them can figure out how to arrange their logo and number. I fixed all these issues and focused on a gradient between all three of Creighton's shades of blue, which shows up on the sleeves and the shorts stripe. I couldn't really figure out what color the 'Jays like to wear more, so I made white the primary, mostly because I think it looks better. What do y'all think? C&C appreciated!
  11. San Jose and Seattle wearing their change tops while their homes don't even clash... nothing to see here *eye roll emoji*
  12. I can't see them dropping the next two (But I couldn't in the 2016 Finals, either), but I legitimately think Houston has a VERY good shot this time around, and that's the first time I've actually felt that way since this run started. The Rockets seem to absolutely want blood this time around, are still a VERY good team, and this Warriors team just seems to have a really difficult time mustering up the energy/cooperation to grind out a series like that. It may be just that they've played so many games in the past five years that they're both physically and mentally exhausted, but it seems a lot more like they're just absolutely sick of each other. Despite the success, it's like everyone seems really frustrated and stifled in some ways. I get it, to an extent, but it's one of the strangest side effects I've ever seen a team on this kind of run ever have. This feels a bit like the waining moments of the Kobe Shaq Lakers. It's almost like this kind of tension is just unavoidable. But apparently I'm not allowed to point even that much out for fear I'll offend the weird sensibilities of some people
  13. The rest of tonight’s matchups:
  14. What's up with the claims that the Jets helmet looks black now? I don't see it. It's clearly a medium shade of green and gets brighter when light hits it because of the metallic flakes or whatever. It's nothing we haven't seen with the Broncos or Eagles.
  15. if there was only somewhere to draw inspiration from...perhaps a stylized script that evoked the JET era of the 70's-80's that did not use a football and might even resemble an airline wordmark.
  16. Right. All the baseball talent is locked up by Major League organisations to a degree far greater than the talent in the other sports is locked up by those sports' dominant leagues. Only so many NFL jobs exist; for all but the league's top superstar players, there are dozens to hundreds of unsigned players who could do those jobs equally well. Whereas, the only Major League prospect-calibre baseball players who are not already working for a Major League organisation are those who have chosen not to pursue baseball as a career.
  17. Are Warriors really going to blow another 3-1 series lead?
  18. Yup. That was the basis for the Aviator helmet. I thought an aerodynamic design would be appropriate for the Sixties.
  19. Is Columbus our 2019 Team Justice? If only because I already want to shoot Boston into the sun. Again. Again again.
  20. Then go post on Reddit or 4chan or something. Or go yell at a cloud.
  21. I don't need to hear Warriors fans complaining. Nope, not interested. You're Boston-level now and no one cares. Sorry. Also, you pay $5,000 grand for lower bowl seats, you can sit out the last damned minute of the game. Embarrassing.
  22. I'm never going to get used to the stupid football on their helmet. Like they're going to get confused with a hockey team, so we better put a football on our football helmets to let everyone know what sport we're playing...
  23. K, THIS is where I meant to put this. Have you ever had a time where you ended up dating the most beautiful and popular girl you know, and despite the accolades and praise that comes with that (popularity, clout, etc) you end up getting to the point where you’re just SO goddamn sick of her and all the baggage that comes along with it? Thats kinda what this Warriors team feels like at times. I’m actually starting to wonder if they would play better, or in the very least be more fun to watch, if Durant ends up leaving.
  24. That’s how hard of a time I’m having keeping track of all of this right now. It’s almost too much!
  25. Always wondered what the old Bengals helmet would look like in the Super Bowl so I made one up:
  26. Wow just posted basketball stuff in the hockey thread. I'm tired.
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