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  2. So players like Lebron are calling morey’s comments “uneducated and misinformed”. I guess that’s what silver told the players in his meeting with them. Trying to save face with China because money is more important than wanting people to have freedom.
  3. You have to remember, the balls have to be different because they aren’t traveling as far. Atleast that’s what the cardinals are trying to make people believe.
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  5. Staying in New York, here are the Jets fields from the time they moved to the Meadowlands in 1984, through 1995: 1984-1986 early season: 1986 midseason: 1986 late season: 1987-1990 From 1991 through 1995, the field hardly changed, so not worth showing. Only differences include from 1991 forward, the yard lines not longer went from sideline to sideline, but rather started and ended 8 inches from the sidelines. This was a league wide change in 1991. In 1994 the kickoffs moved from the 35 yard line, to the 30 yard line. 1994, part of the season: Playoff games in 1985 and 1986 used the same field as in the regular season.
  6. One more. This is the offense you’d expect from a team with their mediocre batting analytics, not the one that magically scored ten runs against the Braves, which has to make things even worse for Braves fans. Now watch the Nats go Full 2007 Rockies, win tonight and then get crushed in the World Series thanks to too much time off, their opponent being much better than them.
  7. It's a cute jersey, but what does it have to do with the Berlin Wall?
  8. Presenting now, the Philadelphia 76ers! I already like the Sixers' current identity. So my concept for them is just minor tweaks from their current set. First is to use a "Sixers" wordmark for their home uniforms. Second, I tweaked the wordmarks and changed the drop shadow direction. I also switched the colors for their away and alt jerseys because historically they wore red away jersey during their most successful era. For their 4th jersey, I used the Iverson-era uniforms template with their current colors. Up next is the Boston Celtics!
  10. I guess 1999-2000 also had 3 out of 4: June 1999 Dallas Stars June 1999 San Antonio Spurs January 2000 St. Louis Rams Below are the best old the rest that I could find, either 2 out of 4 in two different leagues, or 3 out of 4 but in two different leagues, counting consecutive champions in the same sport: April 1948 Baltimore Bullets December 1948 Philadelphia Eagles April 1949 Minneapolis Lakers December 1950 Cleveland Browns April 1951 Rochester Royals April 1955 Syracuse Nationals October 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers January 1971 Baltimore Colts April 1971 Milwaukee Bucks January 1972 Dallas Cowboys May 1974 Philadelphia Flyers January 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers June 1979 Seattle Supersonics May 1980 New York Islanders May 1989 Calgary Flames June 1989 Detroit Pistons June 1994 Houston Rockets June 1995 New Jersey Devils June 2006 Miami Heat June 2006 Carolina Hurricanes June 2011 Dallas Mavericks June 2012 Los Angeles Kings
  11. For an ACHA team, your college actually has a look that stands above many club identities. If I’m not mistaken, they might even be one of the teams that have been enhanced by Rebirth (a manufacturer that specializes in club hockey). I think your takeover would be welcomed though, giving a more polished look to the identity. Fun fact! Club teams don’t get to use many of the main logos utilized by athletic programs (that’s why my alma mater gets to use sparky and not the pitchfork when it comes to club hockey). Hope the season goes well! One of my close friends plays for the team there. (Even though every time I visit I leave with some type of unnecessary injury) Excellent job! I’ve always been curious about the orange used on the team’s helmets.
  12. North Shore logo is my favorite because of the Sun design. I don't know why but I always love when it looks like that. It makes me think of the old Wawa logo
  13. Stanning for Maoist China? I've seen just about everything. I mean, I thought "not real [insert ideology here]" was just a meme. No, its very much real and my brain hurts knowing that. Anyway, if I'm Adam Silver, I'm instituting a new media policy. Like, yesterday. The league is turning into a joke and all of his credibility that he's tried to build up over the last few years has gone out the window in just a week. If he wasn't bald already, he'd be bald from this. Remember when the NFL thought he'd be an upgrade over Goodell? Maybe he is still, but not by enough.
  14. Great job! I didn't look at the Eagles because, while if felt like they've just won it, it was already 2 Super Bowls ago. Totally forgot about the Capitals, and didn't realize that the Astros' win was within 12 months of the other two.
  15. How about Milwaukee, San Diego, Phoenix, and St. Louis?
  16. Well, did a quick search and 1969-70 comes close with 3 out of the 4 (MLB, NFL, NBA) but with an asterisk: Mets won their first title in October 1969 Vikings won their first NFL title in January 1970 but lost to the Chiefs, who won their third AFL title, however it was the Chief's first Super Bowl title. Knicks won their first title in June 1970 The following comes within 19 months: Colorado Avalanche in June 1996 Florida Marlins in October 1997 Denver Broncos in January 1998 The following comes close but no cigar: Braves in 1957 (first in Milwaukee, but second overall) St. Louis Hawks in 1958 Baltimore Colts December 1958
  17. Good start! The shape of the crest is good, but I feel that the contents on the logo don't feel like a soccer club badge as a collective. I had an idea that I just came up with: I'd put the trailblazer at the forefront, with trees in the back, and have her look up to the sky towards the north star, as if she's using the stars to navigate her way through the wilderness.
  18. And all negated by a bs pass interference on Adams.
  19. Yeah, stick a fork on St. Louis. Saw a stat sonewhere they they have the worst BA in the 1st 3 games of a series in postseason history.
  20. Almost happened in the 2002 calendar year. Patriots beat the Rams in SB 36, Anaheim Angels won the World Series. Nets were swept by the Lakers and the Hurricanes fell in 5 to the Red Wings I got it: the period between October 2017 and June 2018: Astros, Eagles and Capitals became first time champions.
  21. Plus he would add more diversity to ownership in the NFL.
  22. I’ll believe the Chargers-to-St. Louis or Chargers-back-to-San Diego rumors when I see more reports on it, but it’s a nice thing to think about. San Diego is much more preferable than St. Louis for the Chargers (if the Spanoseseses aren’t involved, obviously), though neither city is any worse than playing second fiddle to an MLS team, the Rams, and the visiting team.
  23. "Without defending in the slightest an authoritarian capitalist China..."
  24. The difference is that Kaepernick spoke from his own experience and the lived experience of his entire community. He was right, and he always knew that he was right. Whereas Morey now knows that he was wrong. His declaration came from ignorance, and from a superficial understanding of a complex issue that has nothing to do with him or his life. Too many Americans look at protests in other societies, such as that of France's reactionary Yellow Vest movement, and project onto those protests a progressive character that the protests themselves completely lack. Without defending in the slightest an authoritarian capitalist China which has abandoned the beautiful revolutionary principles which once made it great, we should note that the Hong Kong protesters are engaged in the profoundly retrograde act of pining for colonial times. They want to pretend that British rule never ended, even though the vast majority of Chinese people consider that period to have been a time of great humiliation. Furthermore, the "two systems" farce is an indefensible form of inequality that deserves to end immediately. The protesters seek to defend not “democracy”, but, rather, their own privilege relative to their fellow citizens. They are the equivalent of Southerners who’d like to re-establish the Confederacy. The fact is that China's universally-recognised borders include Hong Kong. That these protesters are separatists is demonstrated by their offence at the simple factual statement that Hong Kong is part of China. A frequent fantasy of mine is of New York City seceding from the United States. However, if there ever were a serious mass movement putting people into the streets in support of this proposition, then American federal authorities would crack down with a brutality at least equal to that which we see on the part of the Chinese government. Of course, it is possible for a national government to indulge a regional separatist movement, as we saw with independence referenda in Québec and Scotland — both of which I strongly supported. But, absent such an arrangement, it is the responsibility of every U.N. member to defend the territorial integrity of a fellow member. (Well, evidently except for that of Jordan, which has the bad luck to see its territory occupied by a rogue state that enjoys a de facto blanket exemption from international law.) Joe Tsai's statement was good, if incomplete. It did an adequate job of explaining why territorial integrity is particularly important to so many Chinese people, pointing out that it is a cultural value as deeply ingrained as the American cultural values that people in this country know so well. Anyone who does not understand this would probably be better off finding a different country with which to have a relationship (as the NBA should perhaps consider doing). Tsai's note helped to give a boost to my flagging Nets fandom, which has been weakened by terrible uniforms, and by the team's act of identifying not with my beloved City, but, rather, with one section of the City (and a section that I don't particularly care for), not to mention by their recent signing of an embarrassing idiot flat-Earther. But, thanks to Tsai, I am now willing to hang in there with the Nets. Prokhorov was entertaining in his own right; he was charming though highly sketchy. By contrast, Tsai's thoughtfulness has made a very good impression on me.
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