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  2. Like certain aspects of it, dislike other aspects. Really could have done without the moon and stars on the nose. That's never gonna show up on a cap or any smaller embroidered logo and it really doesn't add anything.
  3. They should change their colors to red/orange/yellow then. Its ridiculous to consistently use colors that aren't even remotely close to your primary set. It's BFBS but on steroids.
  4. Because those unis are absolutely awesome while their primary set is about as meh as it gets.
  5. I finally attended a game with the roof open last weekend. It was beautiful! It felt like a completely different stadium. I get the shadows are annoying but how often do they play a day / afternoon game? Suck it up.
  6. Especially against a team who is (usually) primarily red
  7. Hey, I’ve (drunkenly) walked across that bridge many times! Count me as part of the crew that’s very in on Pete’s branding, though.
  8. I was wondering how you were gonna do the skyline, since Ottawa doesn't really have a notable one besides only the peace tower. Great work, I'd like to get my hands on one of those.
  9. I think the Leafs chance was in Game 6 and everybody deep-down knows this. There is something real about playing for a team where you don't have to worry about lifting the weight of a city off its shoulders. The Leafs players are shouldering this huge burden, the Bruins players can just go out and play relaxed. I heard a few Blue Jackets players admit that there was some pressure the last couple years because the franchise had never won a playoff series and it'll be nice to not worry about that anymore. Of course, maybe Toronto is one of those teams where that intense pressure is magnified at home and they find they can relax better on the road. And it's very possible that Rask comes out and :censored:s the bed tonight and all of this doesn't mean anything. I just generally think A. I pick the team that wins game 6 most of the time because of momentum, especially if it forces game 7 back to their home arena, B. the home team in Game 7's is always at an advantage, and C. the Leafs have to carry this added pressure that the Bruins don't have. Two years ago the Leafs were young and happy to be in the playoffs and they gave Washington a scare, last year they could've won the series and blew it, this year they have to face the fact that the best collection of talent the team has assembled in like 50 years plus Tavares is in danger of going 0-3 in the playoffs if they don't win tonight. I would much rather Carolina win tomorrow night regardless of whoever wins the Boston-Toronto series, but that's because I want the easiest possible road for the Blue Jackets, of course.
  10. I'll never understand why the Utah Jazz, with a color scheme of blue/green/yellow choose to wear red/orange/yellow for the playoffs. Hey fans don't forget to wear your Jazz red!
  11. Today
  12. I mostly agree except that the White Sox have that beautiful "Chicago" script that deserves more airtime than it gets. Maybe they can lease it to the Bulls.
  13. Win or lose game 7, I am proud of this team. Going into the season I didn't expect to even make the playoffs, let alone force a game 7 against the defending champs.
  14. See, I've written about this before, but my belief when it comes to road uniforms in particular is that the "protocol" for them developed in an era that we can't relate to in the modern day. Sanitary socks were worn because if Ty Cobb spiked you wearing colored socks, with the materials of the day, you could get poisoned from them. Gray uniforms were the choice of road color because washing facilities weren't so ubiquitous and gray hides grime and schmutz well. The first team to wear colored uniforms for a World Series game? The New York 1905. Even worse, they only wore them in the World Series, not at any point in the regular season! Imagine something like that happening today, huh? Many people (legitimately; this isn't a "right vs. wrong" situation) get annoyed to see alternates worn in the playoffs to begin with; imagine breaking out an alternate for the first time on the grand stage, eh? My point is - I don't mind the concept of teams not just wearing colored uniforms but embracing them, because times have changed from what necessited original norms, and that despite that colored uniforms can be found all the way back to nearly the inception of the World Series itself. Now, I have some personal preferences of my own, namely, in that I think that white and gray pants are the best way forward because, unlike in football, colored pants don't seem to translate as well to baseball uniforms (though maybe it would be different if everyone wore high socks with a contrasting sock color, but that's simply not gonna happen so we have to work with what we've got). I also prefer teams wearing white jerseys at home, in general, though that's not a hard-and-fast preference. But for road uniforms? The Marlins used to wear their black jerseys all the time on the road, and it seems like the White Sox are doing that this year. You know what? I've always felt the White Sox had the best colored jersey in the league, so if they want to wear them as their de facto road primary, go right ahead. I would like to see them wearing their standard home uniform at Comiskey The Cell home more, but the gray jersey is clearly the most boring of the three, so it should really be treated as such.
  15. Lord, I get careless when I don't spend enough time here
  16. Honestly, I would give the Capitals the nod against the Bruins, but if they go out tomorrow night while Boston wins tonight, the Bruins are the runaway favorites to win the Cup, no question. There isn't a team out there who I would pick to beat them, all things taken into account. Not that I have much love towards Toronto and, frankly, if they win the Cup with their core before the Lightning do I'll be very annoyed, but, I was very annoyed at them not getting the job done in front of their fans on Sunday. That was the opportunity they all wanted, right? One win at home sends you through, and they couldn't do it. I know they've won twice in Boston already, so it's not impossible for them, but good luck doing it a third time. Because now you're asking a lot to move on, being in this situation. Whether I want a Carolina shocker is going to depend entirely on what happens in that series.
  17. No, Chris Sale plays for Boston not Tampa Bay. They're not for him.
  18. The pinstripes on the Rockies home uniforms are purple.
  19. I really want the Maple Leafs and Hurricanes to advance so we can type "The Blue Jackets, Maple Leafs, Hurricanes, or Islanders will be in the Stanley Cup Final". If the Bruins win tonight then the Bruins are going to the final, if not winning the cup, because Boston. 100% guarantee.
  20. And to think if the ACC would of let WVU in years ago they would have had a natural rival game to end the year instead of Miami and Pitt playing to end the season. Just saying.
  21. I like the Atlanta Aviators name and the logo,but something doesn't seem right about the colors What about making the middle emblem silver our grey?
  22. Let this happen NFL. Please. Wear color rush for 6 games, orange for 2, and white on the road.
  23. Seattle also uses silver trim as well.
  24. And he's been very wealthy for quite a while, building an inventory of golf courses going back to when he was a player here. All of his network gigs haven't hurt either. He was joined by a local wealthy crook bar/restaurant owner but he may have pulled out.
  25. If they're intent on keeping the basic design of their wordmarks and colors, then this is really the only way to go. IMO, "COLORADO" doesn't look great when written like that, and the purple fill would solve many of the problems I have with their home jersey, though it'd be better if they then changed the pinstripes to purple too.
  26. How is there any negative comments about this? It's completely innocuous. They simply saw an opportunity to get their primary logo on a jersey in a way that didn't alter waht has become their signature look. From a branding perspective, it's smart. From an aesthetic perspective, it didn't do any harm. It's at worst a lateral, and at best... a lateral. "Cash grab"? Really? They just figured out a way to get their mark out there on consumer's backs without it intruding on the aesthetic of their uniform. Seems pretty smart to me, and as sleeves continue to shrink, I'd expect more of this in the future.
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