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  2. Best colours in the league . Perhaps you're right. If the main crest was the only instance of blue and green touching it could result in a neat effect. I'd love to see how your concept looks embroidered on the current jerseys.
  3. I'm not happy to see yet another World Series played in batting practice jerseys, all in the name of superstition. (Yes, I know they're "alternates".) It's like someone wearing a hoodie to their wedding.
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  5. Maybe the rivalry has cooled down. I can see it heating back up, though, if business and/or political leaders in the Memphis area start to crave an NFL team again, develop a yearning for an NHL or (more likely) MLS team, or want to try to secure an MLB team for the Bluff City before Nashville can get one. Alternately, of course, Nashville interests could re-intensify the rivalry by seeking an NBA team for the Music City or challenging Memphis for whatever proves to be "the next big thing" (Lacrosse? Rugby? Team handball?) in North American professional team sports. I am glad that you asked. Here is my ideal farm system for a Nashville MLB franchise: Class AAA First Choice: A Pacific Coast League version of the Birmingham Barons (resulting from a relocation of the Nashville Sounds) Second Choice: An International League version of the Tennessee Smokies of the Knoxville area (who would become the Knoxville Smokies if and when they leave Sevier County for Knoxville proper) Class AA First Choice: The Southern League's Chattanooga Lookouts Second Choice: The Tennessee (or Knoxville) Smokies in their current state as a Southern League club, should the Knoxville area not earn a Class AAA franchise Third Choice: The Huntsville area's new Rocket City Trash Pandas (also in the Southern League) Fourth Choice: One more Southern League possibility, the Jackson Generals of Jackson, Tennessee (which, while closer to Memphis than to Nashville, might have a population more willing than the average Memphian to have an affinity for anything Nashville) Class A (High) A Carolina League version of the Asheville Tourists Class A (Low) First Choice: The Bowling Green Hot Rods as a South Atlantic League team again (The current Midwest League version of the Hot Rods could move away from Bowling Green, and then the present SAL form of the Asheville Tourists could make way for a Carolina League franchise in Asheville by heading to Bowling Green.) Second Choice: The Hot Rods in their current state as a Midwest League club Third Choice: The South Atlantic League's Lexington Legends Fourth Choice: The Asheville Tourists in their current state as a South Atlantic League club Class A (Short Season) A new franchise in the New York-Penn League that would play home games in Beckley, West Virginia (which would be the southernmost team in what is already the southernmost state in the NYPL) Rookie (Advanced) An Appalachian League team in Upper East Tennessee (preferably in Johnson City, Kingsport, or the Tennessee part of Bristol) Rookie Since my ideal spring training facility for a Nashville MLB club would be somewhere in Florida, the team would naturally have two non-advanced Rookie affiliates in the Gulf Coast League. In addition, the Nashville MLB club's farm system would include two teams in another non-advanced Rookie league, the Dominican Summer League. (Yes, some MLB teams have two GCL affiliates and/or two DSL affiliates apiece.)
  6. Here's the home and away main uniforms with white helmets, I agree that those do help the logo stand out more. As far as the logo itself looks, I did actually kind of think the same thing, that it's a little static-looking and featureless. However, the plane from the top looks like this: and I feel like that I already incorporated most of the features, and if I incorporate more, it will start to look crowded. The F-14 is fairly iconic, with the large delta-shaped wings at the rear, and I think that most people would know what the plane is supposed to be.
  7. Me too! Actually, now I’ll probably be working...
  8. Anyone remember when the Jags were in the AFC Championship recently? Must have just been a crazy dream.
  9. My numbers capped the population too high for Hillbilly Vegas to be considered. There's just too much data to sift through if you drop below a certain population. I'm actually training an AI to eventually evaluate smaller cities and make decisions on what to do with them and how best to deal with humanity in general. We're currently calling it Skynet, but that's just a working name.
  10. Why would they? It's not a good look.
  11. Yup. That's exactly what I said. You got it. Nailed on the head. Thanks for playing.
  12. If the Sac Bee reports the sky is blue I go outside to make sure. If they report that water is wet I turn on the faucet to double check. That said we'll see when it happens but I'm keeping Monday open.
  13. No offense but you're naming local places in Concord, Kannapolis and Rock Hill that are part of greater Charlotte. It's not necessary as it'd be like including Franklin, Murfreesboro and Gallatin for Nashville. That should be simply implied. You are correct though that a Charlotte team also has strong regional potential throughout the Carolinas and it's certainly an underserved market for professional baseball. As for the bold, both cities are on a straight line to Nashville through I -65. Growing up in Nashville, games in Atlanta and Cincy were equidistant and manageable trips, and St. Louis wasn't much further. Even though I wasn't a fan of any of the three teams I went to all three places numerous times growing up. With a 162 game season,there is plenty of time for baseball fans in Birmingham and Louisville to check out a Nashville team even it's not their favorite team. While I agree that transferring loyalty in either city wouldn't happen overnight or possibly never happen en masse, a properly marketed winning Nashville team on the local TV nightly could develop a lot of fans in those markets. I would say Nashville is a more desirable place than either Cincy or Atlanta for a trip. There is more fun nightlife and things to do in Nashville than Cincy, and even though traffic is increasingly bad in Nashville, it's nothing like the logistical nightmare that is Atlanta.
  14. The NFC North may already be the best looking division in the NFL, but all of these concepts and fantastic improvements that I would love to see implemented by each team. The Packers throwback is exactly what they should wear instead of those gaudy blue uniform, tan pants, green facemask eyesores. Great call on the single thick outline on Chicago's wishbone C and I'm really digging the orange over navy alternate. For the Lions, I think the blue facemask was the right call. Also, I see on the photo-realistic mock ups that there isn't that extra blue outline on the logo but on the 2D templates there is. Personally, I like the single white outline. Love the updated Vikings logo. It's amazing how a small change made the old logo better and then you've stepped it up a notch to produce a really fantastic looking logo that doesn't lose any of the old-school grit. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the number font. I've just always fount it odd looking.
  15. Not surprised Marcus Peters got traded. Not only because the Rams were getting Ramsey but also because Peters's IQ has to be somewhere between his shoe size and his jersey number. Good luck, Baltimore, you'll be cussing at your TV set when he follows up an interception with some aneurysm-out-of-sheer-stupidity causing nonsense the next play. He's going to cost you a playoff game. Probably against the Chiefs.
  16. I can see that point, although I'd love to see the L.A. Rams in yellow over white. As far as baseball goes, didn't Oakland wear yellow over yellow as their main road outfit back in the '70s? Not saying the Padres would or should, but there is a modicum of precedent.
  17. The rivalry with Memphis has cooled off to some degree. I think a MLB Nashville AAA team in Memphis could work today but 15 years ago it'd be dicey. What other market would you want to place the Nashville AAA team? The AA team would have a lot of great local choices in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Jackson or Huntsville. Ideally I think they'd pick Knoxville over the rest but all of those are good options.
  18. I hope its not too late for another suggestion, but the MN state flower is the Lady Slipper and I've always thought it would be a good name for a women's sports team in MN.
  19. I like the color scheme. The logo could use some work, though. For such an iconic and badass looking plane, the perspective you've chosen makes it look very static. It could still work, however, if you add some more detail. As of right now, it reads as a silhouette with just a few highlights. It doesn't read as an F-14. I'd go with a white helmet, too. The logo gets a little lost as is.
  20. I fully expect to see the "Nationals" script on their primary home jersey fairly soon. I have no inside information, this is just pure speculation on my part, but they've been slowly bringing it into the spotlight. In 2017 they introduced their current BP/practice jersey, the first time the script appeared on an on-field jersey: Then in 2018 they introduced the navy alternate, first time the script appeared on a jersey that was used during a game. And obviously the prior mentioned ST jersey, which they totally could've seen as a prototype kinda thing.
  21. I'm going to preface this by saying that, from what I've observed over the last couple of years, there are fewer and fewer members actually giving constructive criticism/comments. I'm not trying to backseat mod or come off as pretentious, but constructive criticism is really important if we want to see better content being and/or assist a designer in improving his/her work. I stopped posting for a while (not because of the aforementioned, life just kinda blindsided me) and I've been slowly getting back into my hobbies and interests so I've been back in the concepts threads and this is just something I've noticed. But enough on that. This concept, honestly, it just doesn't work. I get that you're trying to combine the vintage logo with the pewter classics, but there isn't enough of a change that marries those two eras together into a cohesive look. For one, as stated above, Bucco Bruce really gets lost in the pewter. While an outline would help, it would still look way out of place with all of the other elements of the uniforms. To be frank, there really isn't a lot going on here. The concept is essentially Bucco Bruce on the helmet of the late 90s/2000s uniforms and then the throwbacks. The all red uniform is too close to the Chiefs "blood clot" unis as well. If you want to use Bucco as the primary logo and the red and pewter uniforms as a base for the concept, I'd suggest playing around with those colors, implement them into the vintage logo, and then create a uniform set that works to bring all of the elements together as a cohesive look.
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