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  2. Welcome to United States Basketball of Alliances or USBA for shorts This project will contain 32 teams Also this is a collaboration project, so i can't just work alone, because of school. so i might need everyone's help. I may be new in this forum, but i'm busy as heck. 32 Teams 4 Divisions 2 Conferences So, if you want to help me for my project, use this template City: Team Name: Colors: Why it's called that name: Stadium Name: I already have one of my logo ready There an limit for 2 or 1 teams suggestion ONLY. Here the teams i'm planning: Oklahoma City Whirlwinds Buffalo Blizzards Please to make sure to give a feedback, or C&C
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  4. Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg's actual alternate falls short of the mark. It's just kind of... meh. It exists and to me that's about it. I've taken the sleeve-length stripes off of the home jersey and added them back to the alternates, using their lighter blue and gray as the color scheme and using the alternate logo rather than the wordmark because the wordmark looks bad as a primary jersey logo. Also, I've updated the Maple Leafs to reflect John Tavares being named captain.
  5. Gold is the only colour pants the Saints need.
  6. Are we still on about the Canucks name change? Jesus. The uniform discussion was menial enough, this is just insipid. The Canucks have one of the better nicknames in pro sport, and absolutely NOBODY, at least nobody with a modicum of interest in the team, wants it changed. You can talk about how its hard to make a lasting logo with the name, but changing it is just cutting off your nose to spite your face. That's it. That's the end of discussion on the name. There is zero benefit in changing it. You can talk about the logos some more (but at this point, why would you want to?), but stop with the name change talk.
  7. Does anyone know how to use affinity designer, so i can make my own basketball league?

  8. You have a lot more confidence in the Chiefs making a conference championship game than I do. I don't see them losing the West simply because the rest of the division is hot garbage but if they win a playoff game it'll be a miracle. As easy as it is to say fire Reid, my only question is who would actually be an improvement over him? He has some very glaring flaws but his unemployment period was very brief for a reason.
  9. Long Island Riptide El Paso Wranglers Colorado Springs Altitude (mentioned earlier in the thread) Buffalo and Sacramento I'm not sure what I'd do with.
  10. Everybody's already decided Georgia is great because they played Alabama tough twice and buy better recruits than everybody else. So everyone will conveniently ignore that Kirby Smart doesn't appear to be a very good coach -- which, I'll admit, is masked by all of the five-stars -- and that, even before this week, they didn't look all that impressive.
  11. It strikes me that when the the mark of 160 Minor League Baseball teams - each with a Major League Baseball parent club - was settled upon, the number wasn't just plucked out of thin air. Someone, thinking that 32 franchises would one day be the optimal maximum size for MLB, came to the realization that 160 MiLB affiliates would divide neatly into 5 farm clubs per MLB team, each operating at a distinct level of minor league ball. So, what are those levels? The Triple A, Double A, Single A Advanced, and Single A levels aren't going anyplace. The leagues comprising them aren't likely to change much, either. Some markets might swap leagues within a level in order to address issues pertaining to geographic proximity, travel, etc. Others might move up or down a level. That said, if and when Major League Baseball expands to 32 teams, we're likely looking at 32 Triple-A teams split between the International and Pacific Coast Leagues; 32 Double-A teams split between the Eastern, Southern, and Texas Leagues; 32 Class A Advanced teams split between the California, Carolina, and Florida State Leagues; and 32 Class A teams split between the Midwest League and the South Atlantic League. Beyond those levels, I can foresee a scenario where an amalgamation/consolidation of the Class A Short Season and Rookie Advanced classifications - and, potentially, the leagues that comprise them - takes place. All four leagues currently play host to first and second-year players, all play a June-to-early September schedule, and all play between 68 and 76 games over the course of their regular seasons. That being the case, I could see the powers-that-be paring down the 40 current teams/markets across two classifications into a single classification comprised of 32 teams. Might all four leagues survive with eight member-franchises each? Perhaps, though my gut tells me that under an amalgamation/consolidation, at least one league might go the way of the dodo. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.
  12. There is no team I hate more than the Chargers (yes, I actually rooted for NE against them in the playoffs last year), so to see them lose to the Steelers third string QB makes me very glad for a number of reasons.
  13. I remember it vividly, so this is delicious.
  14. Can Garrett please get [censored] fired? Please? Took out one problem last year, it's time to purge the biggest cancer this team has. How many times are they going to play like dog[censored] for a half before they realize that this game is two halves.
  15. So is this the season Garrett finally gets his long overdue clapping...I mean walking papers? Reid also needs to go. This is becoming Philly 2.0 with him now. Or are they going to wait until he loses 3 straight conference championships? Again
  16. Old one was pretty unique, I thought it was a fun new look. The red is fine but nothing special.
  17. I disagree. The old ones badly needed some white to provide some contrast, and this updated version does just that. I just wish they went a step further and added some white to the collar and armhole trim to make it a more cohesive look overall.
  18. I have trouble in the following cities for my basketball league Long Island Buffalo El Paso Colorado Springs Sacramento
  19. All of the ones listed TBD are not changing except for the Blazers as stated. They're all in NBA 2K20.
  20. Remember last year when it looked like the Chargers were legit Super Bowl contenders? Me neither.
  21. Wait Celtics city is confirmed black it is this a guess?
  22. Today was also the day that I listened to Crime in Sports' hilarious (and very revealing) episode on Nate "The Kitchen" Newton. What does it reveal about this Cowboys legend (to me, a novice in the realm)? Well: a dogfighting incident a Frehley-ian knack for crashing cars his history of domestic violence (including one time where he nearly shot his kid while assaulting his pregnant wife) how he and the other Cowboys used the term "whores" as a blanket term for women maybe being involved in some White House shenanigans (not the DC one, the one that was the team's sex dungeon) was not very discreet in his dealings has three horrifying sandwiches named after him at the Coppell Deli (ingredients here, look at your own discretion) It was a glorious day of Cowboys embarrassment. It also convinced me to get Boys will be Boys on Audible. On the topic of this season, I'm not expecting the Niners to truly be good. Call it intuition.
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