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  2. Have to say the single elimination format has been exciting. You know teams have to play for their lives every single game now! Adds to the excitement where every play, every kick, every goal matters. Also very excited for @Bucfan56 and the entire Sacramento Republic group and their fans. I hope they'll be able to keep the name for today's announcement. It's truly unique for MLS and would be a shame to see it lost. Let's hope they have a Sounders/Timbers/Whitecaps deal in place where the legacy of Republic will transcend to the highest tier of Soccer here. I'll definitely be rooting for them to succeed in MLS!
  3. Ballpark Digest had a good article about the situation, and a few possibilities that could occur.
  4. Oh no Jets aren’t actually doing all green are they? I liked all green from their all set but it looks like a bad look from the preview. I’d have liked to see their new primary home look in primetime.
  5. Similarly...i.e. not current...this is the best gray jersey the Rockies have ever worn (no black, no silver, just purple and white, and gray): Was it better than the homes? Homertively no, objectively yes.
  6. Yeah, I had seen Miami's selection of throwback uniform games when they announced several months ago that they were adding the white '66 AFL away jersey to their 2019 collection which they were able to do because they no longer have the orange alternate jersey. I thought they should have just gone back to the throwbacks as primary when they had the chance last season, as that's what their fans have been clamoring for, and in doing so only add the agua away pants option which they introduced in 1989, along with the tweaked dolphin from 1997 but to keep the original AFL sunburst ... They looked ridiculous yesterday with those solid white socks they had on with their white away pants. Too many teams are now doing that as we saw with the Saints yesterday with those stripeless white pants. That solid white socks look is just too hard to comprehend for teams wearing white pants.
  7. Got all the details and mockups for the new Auburn MBB and WBB uniforms done. It's all detailed on my site for further information. The WBB team has only showcased their white uniforms thus far. Both are using a silhouetted eagle logo on the waistbands. This will be the first time it will appear on an Auburn athletic uniform. And as always, these side-by-side graphics are always a great way to quickly showcase all the changes
  8. Not current, but . . . is better than . . . The home uniform in that set had way too much black in my humble opinion (including the name and number on the back).
  9. Seems like there is an easy way to incorporate an NJ into the fork. I kinda see an N in the left and middle prongs (making an N seems easy), and the right prong naturally makes a J.
  10. Next we head to Manhattan for the Manhattan State Titans. Though they haven't done much in the playoffs, the Titans are notorious for their bitter rivalries with the Bronx and non-conference Bayamon, which have been known to include all-out brawls. Manhattan State University Location: Manhattan, New York Type: Public University Founded: 1892 Major Rivals: Bronx, Bayamon
  11. I actually really like it. Instead of looking generic, I think it has a nice old-school vibe to it that meshes perfectly with the team's primary. It actually looks as if both logos were designed in the same era, which is perfect. Especially with a name like "Devils", it probably would have been super tempting to make a devil head as the secondary or try to make some kind of Jersey Devil logo as a secondary; but going with the simple option of a pitchfork in a roundel fits the team so much better, IMO. Plus, I think the B-Devils already have a similar logo anyways.
  12. With the advances in player development, you could see this coming. Most MLB organizations don't really need to be supporting this many teams. At the same time, baseball is such a local sport, and the minor leagues are so ingrained, killing off these local baseball outposts seems very self-defeating. I know there's value in shorter seasons and players getting more time in team complexes doing work in the hitting and pitching labs refining their games that way. There just needs to be some way to internalize the value to the overall sport that having organized ball spread across the country has and make investing in it make sense.
  13. Lansing Ignite of USL League One has folded:
  14. I think I've finally figured out what's really bugging me about Oregon's current sets. That bright green they've been wearing the past half decade or so is so amazing, quite possibly my favorite color currently in sports. Any uniform they wear that doesn't liberally feature this color is a huge fail from them. The gray, the black, the dark green that pretends to be black, all suck. Wear that bright green. Wear it with yellow. Dummies.
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  16. I for one am excited for Indiana Jones and the Legend of THE Lost Yankees Hat.
  17. I think there are limits to what even Oregon can get away with. But the fact that Arkansas State used numbers that look like Oregon's and looked nothing like Arkansas State "should look" is why they get the hate. That uniform was hideous and deserves rebuke, but we've said the same of other teams in the past, like Ohio State, for wearing uniforms that we feel shouldn't be worn by those teams.
  18. Well regardless, in urban neighborhoods onfield caps aren’t what are viewed as most valulable but instead finding something that is unique. Hell even a SnapBack with a unique color way or application is viewed better than an on field because everyone has one of those.
  19. Does anyone have any recent Untouchable templates? PSD or AI? I don't have them on my new laptop and I can't find anything at all researching.
  20. Back in my day, rappers wore giant clocks on chains around their necks, and we didn't care about their hats! (Weirdest "old man rant" ever)
  21. I just googled "Jay-Z Yankees hat" and clicked "images", and literally 23 of the first 25 images were THE Yankee hat.. 1 had an alternate fashion bill (with THE Yankee crown) and the other was all-black.. Jay-Z may wear several other versions, but he has become synonymous with THE Yankee hat
  22. I don't follow hockey, but I remember catching part of a game that featured the glowing puck graphic years ago. I actually kind of liked it because hockey pucks are considerably smaller and move at a much faster rate than, say, a basketball. But again, I was a casual observer. Had I actually been an avid watcher of hockey, I think I would've found myself preferring to go without the graphic altogether.
  23. But when there are hundreds of pictures that show him not wearing “the” Yankee cap but fashion caps that shows that he made “the” original more famous through his use of the fashion caps.
  24. Reminds me of the glowing puck. Shouldn't be that hard to keep track of a black puck on white ice and it shouldn't be hard to look at the lower right-hand corner for the shot clock. Don't fix it.if it ain't broken.
  25. If the lyrics said "a Yankee hat", I'd agree with you.. but they very clearly say "THE Yankee hat".. There's only one THE Yankee hat.
  26. Not true, a Yankee hat is literally any hat with their NY on it.
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