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  2. But there have been two to four games every night, including tonight. I prefer tonight (two) to last night (four) anyway. EDIT: Ingles blows these playoffs.
  3. Think it's more about the two days' rest between lots of first-round games than the series themselves running long.
  4. I like basketball so I'd rather see more than less. Really don't understand this take at all.
  5. I’m very scared. So far this has played out exactly like Game 6, in that the Caps started good and then faltered as the game went on. My fingernails will be on the endangered species list after tonight.
  6. I just read we are 6 weeks away from names and logos!
  7. It would've meant more if he was with a Montreal-based team.
  8. It's funny how the National league might possibly just adopt something (DH) from a formerly-known "alternative league".
  9. Vlad Jr. finally makes his major league debut Friday as Toronto welcomes in Oakland. However, his batterymate, and No. 2 Blue Jay's prospect Bichette, took a foul ball off his hand will be out indefinitely.
  10. The NASL 2.0 tried so hard but in the end? It didn't really matter.
  11. Same with basketball with the NBA-ABA merger and hockey with the NHL-WHA merger. Maybe what MLS needs to ascend in North American sports is to find a rival league to merge with.
  12. I really like the flipped colors on that Padres alt--it gives the gold more prominence. Everything else looks great, too! This has been another truly pleasurable series to follow.
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  14. If the MLB Rays moved to Seattle, that would totally be their logo. Also kinda reminds me of the orginal XFL Birmingham Bolts.
  15. Love the shadowed numbers! I think they only had them for the one season. This would be a great throwback.
  16. Jesus ing Christ, Ernie. Perfection REQUIRES that your pants are at your KNEES, not your shins, and your sleeves should be at your elbow joints! YOU'RE A ING MESS, ERNIE.
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  18. Same with football, actually. The most successful rival league to the NFL became an entire conference within it.
  19. Half of MLB was formerly an "alternative baseball league". The American League is the most successful alternative league ever. It just happened to start 108 years ago.
  20. And isn’t the next phase just throwbacks? Up to rebranding to have your primary logo be something from a past era?
  21. OK...Here is the best shot I can get for the 1983 USFL Championship Game at Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO Michigan Panthers 24 Philidelphia Stars 22
  22. For the sake of giving the Bruins less of a chance at the Cup, the Caps really need to win this game tonight.
  23. Um, because they have the minors, any “alternate baseball league” wouldn’t be able to get players when all said players have already signed contracts for minor league teams that is currently the only way to get to the majors.
  24. Cleveland Browns Hat Concept 2spacer.png

  25. On another note, I can figure out why the CFL has not had a serious alternative league in Canada. I think it is because Canadian football, being largely confined to Canada, only works there, and an alternative league would likely last only one week, or not even play at all.
  26. You know, you hear about new, alternative sports leagues trying to challenge the NFL (AAF, WFL, XFL, USFL, et al.), the NBA (ABA), the NHL (WHA), but not one league has cropped up to challenge MLB (the independent minor leagues notwithstanding). So, it had me thinking- why has there been NO alternative baseball league like what the other three leagues have gone through? Post your answers in the comments, but keep the discussion civil.
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