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  2. As a kid in my Boy Scout troop we took a trip to the Boundary Waters to canoe, portage, and camp for a week. We took a train to St. Paul and drove through endless woods to get to pristine lakes that looked like glass in the mornings. At night a dense cloud of mosquitos would cover your camp, more than I've ever seen, so you'd need to be closed up in your tent by a certain time. Minnesota has kickass wilderness IMO.
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  4. Penguins literally were in the midst of a change in their first of the back 2 backs, then went full time back to their tried tested and true current jerseys. The worst jerseys to look at are the Oilers ones. They're god awful on TV and in person, that Orange just isn't pleasing to look at, at all. They need to go back to the lighter blue and less neon orange that they used to wear in the 80's. I kid you not, even with a high def TV here, I am 100% fine with every team on tv, but when it's vs the Oilers, I just can't watch. It triggers my migraines.
  5. Execution is still amazing, love the colors, and the number font is really nice. But the logos just feel like they lack character I guess and is more of a relaxed style whereas the current branding is really "in your face" and lively. But that's absolutely no fault of your own. You really can't do much with the name "Mariners" and their current branding is pretty much the only thing you CAN do. Personally, I think Seattle should go back to the Pilots name. But regardless, great job so far! I've loved following along so far, can't wait for St Louis!
  6. Ottawa, I thought, already confirmed they were going back to their 2D logo that they entered the league with, no?
  7. I caught a few highlights of the game tonight and something kind of stuck out to me. Do the Blue Jackets have a raised logo on their helmets? It’s conspicuously matte in comparison to their shiny helmets, in the very least.
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  9. Not to mention 'Voyageurs' invokes the spirit of the uncharted wilderness theme without being as awful as 'Wild'
  10. The states motto is an homage to French-Canadians who founded many settlements in Minnesota. In fact, the county Minneapolis is in is named after a French-Canadian
  11. What we call up North in the Twin Cities, which is the North Shore area, and honestly as far west as about Detroit Lakes is pretty heavily wooded areas. There’s the Boundary Waters which has extensive wilderness, as does most of the Northeastern part of the state. Basically from the Twin Cities, north, and as far west as Detroit Lakes up to the Canadian border is all heavy woods, with some farm land, and LOTS of lakes. The rest of the state is open prairie and farm land with a few lakes. I would have to say it’s known for its wilderness... The French-Canadians were pretty busy in Northern Minnesota. I mean Voyagers National Park is locates in Northern Minnesota, right along the Canadian border.
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  13. Is Minnesota known for being particularly rugged wilderness? All I know about it are the Twin Cities, lots of lakes, and that its directly south of Manitoba, so I picture prairie rather than dense woods.
  14. Here are the Seattle Mariners: Logos I went back to the original wordmark font, while emphasizing the iconic teal. The "M" returns as the cap and primary logo, but without the middle "trident spike" in order to be a bit more subtle. Thanks to @SFGiants58 for creating a home wordmark that matches the away for me. Uniforms I decided to utilize the 1980 away uniform striping, while emphasizing teal in the overall color balance. Teal and navy variations on the primary uniforms. A teal alternate cap to pair with the home jerseys. For the Cooperstown Collection I went with a creme uniform inspired by the original Pilots uniform. The Spring Training jersey prominently showcases the new "M" logo. That's the Mariners, the St. Louis Cardinals will be up next.
  15. But at least the Bucks have kept green in their identity for at least 50ish years. I'm a little out of the loop on the Bucks' current identity, but doesn't it still have green, and isn't green included as at least a noticeable accent color on all jerseys (not including ridiculous and unnecessary 4th or 5th or 6th jersey sets)? They've played around with their secondary colors a lot, but they've been consistent with keeping the green, and I give them a lot of credit for that. Even if they do get a blue jersey (if they don't already have one), I would imagine they would include green on it. I will always think of the Bucks as a "green" team. I wouldn't compare the Bucks' and Celtics' marketing strategies, for (hopefully) obvious reasons. The Bucks are going to have to try a bit harder than the Celtics to sell jerseys. The Celtics can get away with having multiple green jerseys, and probably having decent sales on all of them. The Bucks need to go with more of a "let's experiment with different colors of jerseys" strategy that most smaller-market and less popular teams have to try to sell more jerseys. But their 50+ year jersey history shows that they are still, overall, a green team with a somewhat consistent identity.
  16. For what it's worth, the NAHL has the Minnesota Wilderness
  17. Thanks. That was a design choice that stems all the way from my very first series. Yea, the blue outline was 100% inspired by the late-40's look. The reason I went red-heavy was to distinguish in color balance from the Rangers, as in this series I tried to diversify the red & blue teams without having to change color schemes. Here's a look at your suggestion, though: I can't say I don't like how it looks!
  18. I think the anchor is a symbol that communicates very well, being essentially *the* symbol of the sea, and it’s surprisingly underused in pro sports, so there’s a good opportunity for them to own a really strong icon there. I almost see it as a more conservative, mature alternative to the primary, because not only does it act as the slouchy dad cap to the primary’s flat bill snapback, it also holds up as a crest, which is a huge asset in a secondary logo. The action of sinking or pulling something under is a nice metaphor for the creature, but from a more realistic/less fantasy point of view, which is a great thing to have, giving tepid fans a “dip your toe in” option if they’re still on the fence. If I think of the primary as embodying the creature itself, I think the secondary embodies the people who tell its stories. This is what they fly on their sails. I also think of “dropping anchor” as the seafaring version of “planting your flag,” so it fits well within that direction. Beyond that, it’s just a solid, universal symbol of strength (the anchor of the defense), and it’s a genuine symbol of pride in seaworthy cultures (sailors traditionally got anchor tattoos to show that they’d been across the ocean). Throw in the perfect fit of Seattle’s most famous landmark, and I don’t think it could have been anything else.
  19. Congratulations! I'll definitely be rooting for you guys next week. At the start of the tournament, I wanted either Seattle or a team that wasn't a usual suspect. Orlando is most definitely NOT a usual suspect. Plus the team has been such garbage for so long, it's nice to see them succeeding!
  20. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect them to make it this far. Vamos Orlando, only one more to go.
  21. I think it’s done on purpose. The marlins black jerseys are nearly unreadable and contains no white...except a certain swoosh on the chest. To us-ugly to everyone else-where’s your eye going
  22. Alright, that's more like the playoff Blue Jackets I'm used to.
  23. There's also Washington. I actually liked them when they first came out, but have soured on them since. Winning the Stanley Cup doesn't mean they can't change, as seen with other Cup winners.
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