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  2. Does Miami have anyone good in the pipeline? They just kinda fell off of a cliff after their Lewis cup appearance.
  3. More and more I'm beginning to suspect his waters don't run deeper than running so much interference that no one can call all of it, and having Pavel Datsyuk. He does all the same things people whine about Joel Quenneville doing (power play isn't converting at 100%, lines are not etched in stone, plays veterans) but has less to show for it.
  4. You are so right. I do remember reading somewhere that they asked the Lakers when they moved to Utah to switch names, the "Utah Lakers"(after all, they were named the Lakers when they were "born" in Minnesota) would've made sense and the "Los Angeles Jazz" was suppose to be a "hip" change but history and success won out and the Lakers declined. I'm sure they would have chosen another name anyway but "Utah Jazz" never made sense to me. Jazz should have stayed in New Orleans.
  5. hmm. id say the 60 is pretty generic. the 50 is a gem
  6. I like it better than my own series. It's well thought out and the designs are great
  7. 2-0 Vegas in the 2nd................Hello darkness my old friend
  8. Also, the Nuggets should make royal blue their primary color over navy. If they're going to be a blue, gold, and red team, use the better shade of blue. Those alternates look really sharp compared to their main set.
  9. Yes, CBS and fox can protect some games from being flexed. And odds are with the 425 kickoff they protected that game. Besides, NBC may really want one of those Ravens-Browns games if they're good for the division late in the season.
  10. I want to add that the Lakers, who have arguably the biggest brand in the NBA, are pretty much in the same boat. Lakers goes back to the Minneapolis days, but it's still their name... and I haven't seen any petitions to change it.
  11. USBL looking good so far. I hope the Crusaders can find a permanent home soon. I'm surprised by Evansville being able to not finish in the basement of the league. Here's hoping they bring home a championship!
  12. "Insignia" is the word I've taken to using to refer to these types of designs.
  13. I tried that, and I didn't really like what I came up with. I just don't think the R is strong enough to hold its own on the front of a jersey the way the knight logo is.
  14. I would not say so. Yes, the letters are interlocking, but “monogram” usually refers to connected initials, not full words. If anything, I’d say it is a wordmark that is compact enough to simultaneously be a logo.
  15. The Day The Revolution win a title is the day all other Boston teams stop. I swear Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox & Patriots all get together every year for a satanic ritual to shift all their bad mana to the Revolution.
  16. I think the star looks great. Another awesome addition to the series
  17. This looks awesome. Blows my league out of the water! I can't wait to see uniforms
  18. Bruins or Celtics win the championship this year & Boston could have the triple crown for the 2018/19 season.
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  20. First Quarter The game started slow with both teams having three and outs to kick things off before Washington mounted a long drive ending with a James Washington touchdown. The quarter ended with Chicago at midfield. Second Quarter Chicago quickly got on the board after a chip shot field goal from their own 5. Washington would fumble the kickoff and recover at their own 10. The Chiefs would grind down the field, converting 3 times on third and short before James Washington scampered for a 13 yard touchdown. Chicago would run a reverse on the ensuing kickoff and return it for a touchdown. Third Quarter Chicago started off strong and drove down the field using primarily former IFC running back Giovanni Mecinni to run right down the middle for 5 yards a pop before passing for a goal line touchdown to take the lead. Washington responded with another meticulous drive ending with a 4 yard James Washington sweep into the end zone. Fourth Quarter Chicago started the quarter fourth and two at midfield. They went with the hot hand of Mecinni only for him to fumble the handoff. Washington took advantage of this and made a slow move into the red zone only to be forced to take a field goal. Chicago went on a slow drive to tie up the game with little time left, forcing the first overtime in Championship history. Overtime James Washington returned the kickoff 90 yards to set up a short field goal for an anticlimactic win. Congratulations to the Washington Chiefs on their first championship and the first to win the Harold Forsythe Trophy
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