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  2. Bah, result of re-arranging after second looks. Thanks!
  3. I love the list. I especially love lists that I dont know if it is a good thing or a bad thing to be ranked so highly.
  4. Here's the league poster, which will be updated with each team added. C&C Welcome.
  5. I like the direction that you are taking with Seattle. I gotta say, I also like the monochrome Seattle concept as well. As for Jacksonville, I think you have enough good suggestions to work with. Some mentioned were to simplify the primary logo while having a more detailed sleeve patch. I also like the suggestion of the trident being used along with the "J" on the cap. Based on your work so far, I'm sure you will pull it off with something awesome.
  6. Turning on an O's game and not hearing Gary Thorne was such a disappointment. I had no idea they weren't calling games.
  7. Up next are the Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers! Eagles Home Away Alternate Color Rush Panthers Home Away Alternate Color Rush
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  9. It's impressive that the gradient numbers are probably only the 4th worst thing about this uniform (Helmet horns, mono, patch/stitching)
  10. Top 10 starts at 11 - OITGDNHL. I had no idea how big some of those crests are. I wonder if that's the result of in-arena testing and is legitimately necessary for full legibility, or if it's just that more logo = more
  11. Alright, here are my picks since I'm bored: WEST Vegas vs. Chicago: Vegas in 4 Colorado vs. Arizona: Colorado in 5 Dallas vs. Calgary: Calgary in 7 St. Louis vs. Vancouver: Vancouver in 7 EAST Philadelphia vs. Montreal: Philly in 5 Tampa vs. Columbus: Columbus in 5 Washington vs. New York: New York in 7 Boston vs. Carolina: Carolina in 6
  12. They dropped them. Both sets.
  13. Are they really the only ones besides the Brewers? I thought the Twins had a pinstriped set.
  14. You mean the Yankees and the... Yankees?
  15. Unlike the Senators, the Sabres listened about what needed to be done, and now their logo is absolutely perfect!
  16. If they went with the pinstripes full time, I'd hope they'd make those cream to distinguish them from all the other navy pinstriped teams. I really want to like the cream uniform better. I still think it'd have promise if they tweaked it. But I have to admit (begrudgingly) that they looked more like the Brewers to me in the pinstripes.
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  18. The green helmet has really grown on me. I hope they keep it, whether as an alt or the primary since the helmet rule is going away
  19. I'm using GB rather than WIN%, which is how we're determining the playoff brackets (until Manfred changes it to benefit STL) As you know: 1-3 seeds = division leaders (COL, CHC, ATL) 4-6 seeds = division runners-up (LAD, MIL, MIA) 7-8 seeds = best remaining record (SD and see below) NL East leaders: Braves 11-6 Marlins 7-3 (.5 GB) "Fight" for 8th: Cardinals 4 GB Reds 4.5 GB Mets 4.5 GB Phillies 4.5 GB Source:
  20. The comparison depends if they'll get to the playoffs in the first year.
  21. The Rangers haven't picked 1OA since before the '67 expansion (1965). They got curbstomped by Carolina in the playins. Compared to Edmonton, Toronto or Pittsburgh, New York is fine.
  22. This is why we can't have nice things. Why couldn't he have gone to a more deserving team, like Minnesota? At least it wasn't Pittsburgh or Edmonton; but the Rangers weren't exactly a peachy option. They were #3 on my list of teams that shouldn't get the top pick; behind Pittsburgh (1) and Edmonton (2).
  23. Why are they going to be constantly compared to the Golden Knights? Just because they entered the league subsequently? That’ll fade as time goes on.
  24. This team is already going to be constantly compared to the Golden Knights, so it'd probably be for the best for them to avoid white gloves.
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