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  2. Arizona going white/white/navy at USC: This is one of their better combos, but the white helmets need the navy face masks IMO.
  3. A's to Portland Rays to Nashville Expansion to somewhere in North Carolina & Montreal
  4. It’s more their away suit and their travel suit. They decided to keep the home suit due to it being so iconic.
  5. At least I can still point out how funny it is that the Chiefs have never held the Lamar Hunt Trophy. Last night was a bad football night for me. Fortunately I drove up to Jonesboro so I only had to watch one team get whipped by a rival.
  6. From the look of the local promos and schedules, that may just be happening.
  7. I miss the all-white look in the current set
  8. When are they going to release their home outfits? Seems odd that they unveiled the away ones by themselves. Also, with a total rebrand does that mean no alts this year?
  9. Colorado Springs Aviators (the U.S. Air Force Academy is in Colorado Springs.)
  10. Gleyber Torres probably could've beaten us all by himself.
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  12. They didn't wear the orange-billed cap as much this year, and they didn't wear the orange cap with the blue bill at all. The orange-billed cap was worn occasionally on the road (it was the cap they wore most of the time on the road before this year), and it was also used with the navy jerseys for Sunday home games.
  13. Or the other option was Christian Hackenberg. Oh, snap!
  14. My hope (and dream) is that the Clippers will make the Lakers irrelevant. Probably wouldn't happen like the past 30-40 years ... but ... seeing the Lakers suck has been fun.
  15. If you say they can’t give credit to developing Pedro into a customer young winning pitcher, I’d say they didn’t for randy Johnson considering he spent less than 2 seasons with them.
  16. I was looking at a Jets game in 1996 though, and it looked like the number font had slightly changed. I'd have to take a closer look.
  17. Those Twins may be the worst 100+ win team, though. They got to feast on the Tigers and Royals for 38 games.
  18. Or the other option was Christian Hackenberg.
  19. Beating Cole, Verlander, and Greinke seems like a tall task. I think the Yankees are done for. Not to be that guy because everyone in the AL East played them the same amount, but their record was inflated thanks to the Baltimore Orioles. They're one of the worst 103 win teams we've had.
  20. Well played sir. Well played. With that said, while I would love to see this diatribe continue, I gotta ask that we get back to the A's potential move.
  21. Yeah, every team has their own version of the NFL100 Logo. They are all the same, just with each teams logo and colors. The Bears one uses their Jersey Number Font though.
  22. How come the illustration of that Native American patch on the left shoulder is facing forward, or in other words, the "wrong" (right) way?
  23. It probably didn't snow in August... But they could have taken it in late September or early October, and it definitely could have snowed then. Also did anyone else notice the NFL 100 logo modified for the Vikings on their page? I know the Bears are using that for their anniversary logo, but have other teams modified the logo?
  24. The University of San Antonio has had a checkered history in Super Series football. In the 1970s, the University had been complicit in covering up a cheating ring involving several student athletes, had engaged in illegal recruiting, and was involved in a scheme where student athletes were being essentially paid to play. When the NCAA discovered this, they gave the program a 3-year "death penalty" in 1977. During this time, all players were given a full release allowing them to transfer. The Sentinels were unable to field a team again until 1983. University of San Antonio Location: San Antonio, Texas Type: Private University Founded: 1913 Major Rivals: Central Texas, UT-Fort Worth
  25. I agree with @Whittier S The concept looks good but the logo is too simplified and the jet is to blocky. Also the almost oval shape, especially where there’s sharp angles, looks a bit awkward. I love the Double green however and I really like what you’ve done to the uniforms!
  26. I mean that doesn't sound that bad to me. The Expos went to the playoffs 1 time in 35 years. 5 playoff appearances in 15 years isn't shabby. 4 division titles and a World Series appearance in that span, some teams would kill for that. No denying that the pre-Strasburg years were rough though. And yes, they did have a knack for choking in the postseason
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