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  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Moving on with SKC, bringing back the ever-popular 90s Wizards jerseys, sponsored by Puma
  3. According to recent reports, Sugar Land and St. Paul may be joining MiLB as part of a mass reorganization
  4. They won't. Many refuse to spend money on their major league teams already. How many major league teams played this season with no serious playoff aspirations again? MLB is seriously broken right now, and tightening up the minors in the name of efficiency isn't going to fix the core issue (which is, there's no point in watching if y'alls ain't trying to win) Speaking of which, one of the complaints I saw leveled about the minors nowadays is that they "de-emphasize the game". Well I have news for you as someone who typically sees a few minor league games a year-the on field product does a very bad job of selling itself, mostly because the hyper focus on player development sacrifices sound baseball play in the name of seeing how players handle various set piece situations, like "oh, a runner is on first, time for 20 pickoff attempts" or the pointless and failed steal attempts that make no sense situationally. I'm not quite sure what the solution is, but what the majors are proposing probably is not it.
  5. Tbh the only reason I can say this team might be Oregon (outside of scorebugs and all that, just the uniforms) is because no other team is dumb enough to stray away from such beautiful colors and use white decals on a chrome helmet and pair it with dark hunters green that practically looks black numbers on an all white set. Did that set surprise me? Yes, it didn’t look completely as bad as I would’ve thought. Is it a good looking uniform? No, it’s not, and maybe if it was a teams who’s colors where black-green, white, and chrome, I wouldn’t be so hard on em. But Oregon has such good potential but they keep wearing bland crap like this. I’m not mad, I’m disappointed Oregon
  6. The only ad patch I think is good. You can get rid of all the others or make them all like this and I’d be happy
  7. I still think Baltimore, Houston, & KC could be losses for the Patriots. Even if you want to call their defense legit, the offense just isn't good enough. A team with a good pass rush is really going to give them hell.
  8. The Drakkar look great this year. Unfortunately, they visit my neck of the woods before Christmas so I'll miss out on seeing their new darks.
  9. Papa Murphy’s Park (Take and Bake pizza chain). As exited as as I am for the new stadium, there is a very large part of me that is going to miss playing on the fairgrounds at Cal Expo. It’s an unreasonable amount of work getting that place set up for every game, as we basically have to bring in everything outside of the bleachers to set up every week for game days, but I can’t tell you how proud it makes me to see it all set up and ready to go for a match. People truly don’t realize just how much effort goes into getting that place ready for game days. I’ll always love that rinky dink little park. Speaking of being proud, I can’t even really describe how incredible tonight was. It was the culmination of nearly a decade of hard work by a ton of different people. Getting to celebrate that moment with all of the fans and all of the people I’ve worked with and everyone who has put their entire lives into this project was absolutely surreal. There have been a handful of rather s****y moments throughout this process, and times where nobody thought this crazy little idea was going to ever be possible. Tonight has made all of it worth it, though. I reached out and gave a big ol hug to our founder and thanked him for all he did to help make this happen. He in turn told me that nothing he did would’ve been possible without me and the rest of the awesome staff we have. We both walked away with a few happy tears after that. To be honest with you, I’m a bit overcome with the emotion of it all right now. It’s been a bit of a tough year in a lot of ways, and I’ve had some stretches where I’ve been pretty openly negative and pessimistic. I want to bottle up some of today and keep it stored away for the next time I have a really low moment. That way I can always remember exactly just why I do all of this bull I do and why I put so much of myself into this. Thank you guys for all listening to me over the course of this journey. I’ve been a bit of a roller coaster at times, admittedly. I’m glad I’ve been able to share some of this with you. Hopefully soon I can share even more in the future. Also, I wanna give a special shoutout to board member @tp49, who I had the pleasure of meeting tonight. Even cooler guy in person than I thought, and he’s long since been one of my favorite posters here.
  10. Not so fast, they're going to play the Ravens in a couple of weeks at Baltimore. I think Lamar Jackson and Co. finally topple the Pats.
  11. It's as if the Hartford Whalers returned and had their new logo designed by the people who did the current, updated Jets logo.
  12. You don't like the OKC terrorism memorial jersey? That one is weird!!
  13. New England is going 19-0 aren't they?
  14. Where do I begin? Aztecs passing up opportunities to join Pac-12 in the 90s. Bolts losing to SF in Super Bowl XXIX. Pads getting swept by the Yanks in 98. XFL 1.0 folding. Gwynn's retirement. NHL 2005 Lockout wiping out a whole season. Bonds tying Aaron's HR record at Petco Park. Pads firing Bochy. Bolts losing to NE in the 2006 playoffs after posting a 14-2 record. Bolts hiring Norv Turner the following offseason. NFL Europe folding in 2007. Arena League taking 2009 off. Bolts moving away two years ago. AAF folding with two weeks left.
  15. But is their whining all that noticeable? I think Naimoli’s $3.5 billion lawsuit and the constant blue-balling of the Tampa Bay Area (especially after the Giants nearly moved there) had a lot more to do with it than Angelos. Also, Arizona could get a modern stadium built while the DC groups were struggling to come up with a stadium plan (e.g., a couple of Northern Virginia and Dulles-adjacent designs - ever heard of the Virginia Fury?). A DC expansion group had a far better chance in 1993, but their group imploded as Huizenga’s South Florida group blossomed. Like we’ve said before, the Rays scenario is far more likely than the O’s.
  16. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the anthem of the New York Jets
  17. No official information as of yet.
  18. Seeing that dumb red Yankees hat makes me want to break somethin’... (I’ll show myself out)
  19. Sometimes the Jets really make me hate watching football.
  20. Kill Miami and give us the Rowdies! It's what the people want!
  21. This is a good look.
  22. That's pretty inspired. Tres chic!
  23. A lot of stories about the proposal seem to refer to many of their ideas about realignment as fact. Has the official report been leaked or released and if so, does anyone know where I could find it?
  24. Looks like the old field, but the numbers are painted differently, and new endzone turf,
  25. Really just thankful the Olympics didn’t fall into the absolute trash “branding” trap that ruined Super Bowl logos
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