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  2. As evident as it was in the post before mine, shadows have even been an issue at Dodger Stadium. And that park is pushing 60. Plus, by the time they get to the majors, these are guys who've played in all kinds of facilities with all different quirks. Besides, aren't the quirks of the different parks part of the appeal of baseball? I thought the one size fits all stadiums amd uniforms of the 70s and uniforms were proof that baseball shouldn't be homogenized simply for convenience.
  3. Mariners - I've always liked the idea of using their '70s/'80s scripts with their current colors, so this has my seal of approval. One suggestion I have is to make the inner stroke on the road set white because there's not much contrast between the silver and gray. On that same line of thought, maybe make the script on the teal alt white so it pops a bit more. Marlins - As we've now seen, the black on black alt just doesn't work in real life, so I'd make the script and numbers white. I'd also think about adding front numbers to the jerseys--As @Carolingian Steamroller demonstrated in his recent series, it really completes the look. I like the addition of blue pinstripes to the home set! Mets - Great job all around! Maybe make one of the blue alts orange? Also, for the home set (non-cream version) maybe drop the pinstripes altogether to give them a plain white option (with or without racing stripes) to be worn at home? Keep up the great work!
  4. According to the player, you can't pick up spin of the ball due to the shadows, and when it's coming at you at 90+ MPH and you can't tell if you need to move your face out of the way until the last second, I'd say that it's an issue. Of course I can't validate the complaint, but I have no reason to doubt it. It's easy to say "suck it up" when you're not the one facing pitches as fast as MLB pitchers and Sk8r Nick can throw.
  5. As much as I hate to be the fist shaking old man calling athletes a bunch if millionaire crybabies... It's a f-ing shadow. And you're paid better than the overwhelming majority of the world because you're one of the best in the world at what you do. If a shadow is enough of a distraction for you. Then maybe you should step aside for the next guy and find a different career path.
  6. I've been trying to get in contact with clubs before doing a concept series. Maybe I'll do a series without it being in the concept section.
  7. Writing this post after getting a road sweep against the first place team in their division is curious timing.
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  9. NERD ALERT!! I kid. Spelling and grammar are two completely different constructs. Also, Oxford Commas are good. Back on topic, the one-helmet prevented color rush from being entirely disastrous, while also mildly improving the Packers’ throwbacks (outside of just going back to the proper design). Losing out on a bit of throwback bucks for an identity that’s not really embraced in Nashville and distant nostalgia in Houston isn’t worth trashing the rule.
  10. Are we pretending non-retractable stadiums don't have shadow issues? I mean, we always hear how no one wants to play the Dodgers in the playoffs because of earlier start times and the shadows.
  11. I guess it’s better than Joe Robbie/Dolphin/Hard Rock/Wayne Huizenga Memorial Stadium. I know that’s a low bar to clear, but there you go.
  12. Beavs on the front looks stupid. Helmet's cool though. When I think Beav (rated G obvs), I think this:
  13. All parks are going to have shade issues to some degree. Even those without retractable roofs. The shadows are less severe in Houston because its roof retracts to the northeast end of the field. There isn't much at the west side to cast shadows. They are there no doubt, but only cast over the outfield during the late afternoon. SkyDome has a shadow problem but only in dead center. Home plate faces due north and the roof also retracts in that direction. In some respects this was rather clever for a primitive retractable roof. Miller Park has the same orientation as Marlins Park (southeast) and part of the roof retracts due west. Naturally this is going to create shadow problems, and they undoubtedly exist in Milwaukee, but the design shades the field much less. That's the only reason why I'd say the problem is worse in Miami. Again, shadows are going to be mostly unavoidable, but certain park conditions make some worse than others.
  14. Yeah, fans are really suffering at games
  15. Honestly? Not really. Pretty much all of these newer retractable roof parks are terrible in terms of shadow issues. I haven’t been to a single one that hasn’t had problems similar to this.
  16. Nope. All three panels neatly stack on top of each other when it fully retracts. In that last photo you posted (with the kid) it is not even close to being fully retracted.
  17. That is as far as it retracts. It doesn’t open as much as you seem to think it does. It bifurcates, yes, but that only means it looms over both sides of the diamond.
  18. A - I think the point was that certain of the shadows (first photo) are due to the windows and have nothing to do with the roof. B - the first two panels on the first base side are typically left closed as in your third photo to minimize pitcher/batter shadows.
  19. Thank you for your service overzealous helmet and grammar man.
  20. Well the roof is clearly not even close to being fully retracted in that last picture (I have no idea why that's the case) for one, which is probably exacerbating the problems. Hard to tell in the first two. If you look at other Miller Park photos you will see that the roof, at least at one point, is indeed capable of opening even more. I wonder if the Brewers have some reason for this. Don't get me wrong, the park definitely has design flaws, but I'd gladly take that roof over the Marlins'.
  21. Nope. Miller Park has these horrible shadows even when the roof is open. It’s a truly awful design, and as you can see from this photos the roof never actually opens wide enough to stop looming over the action. Personally, if I was a player I would hate to play there for this reason. But it is what it is, so suck it up and stop complaining.
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