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  2. If the Celtics City jerseys were black then this matchup wouldn't make much sense- I'm guessing the black jersey you've seen might be the statement? They're only slated to wear their statements vs white and red jerseys so far.
  3. No culture should have to be relegated to “subordinate” status, especially the Jews.
  4. The Jews have been there almost as long as the French have; what's appropriately subordinate about them?
  5. Things I hate about this uniform. 1. The collar 2. Uh, i think that's it. Honestly? While it is an improvement taking away the Vancouver script, the old canucks jerseys also looked really nice.
  6. No other cultures have been purged; rather, they have been appropriately relegated to a subordinate status. If protection of the French language was going to work, it had to take the form of binding legislation, rather than, let's say, polite suggestion.
  7. It's simply the bear logo, no modifications.
  8. Regular Season Week 7 (Part2) 49ers @ Redskins Cardinals @ Giants Chargers wht @ Titans Saints @ Bears Ravens @ Seahawks Eagles @ Cowboys Patriots @ Jets
  9. Regular Season Week 7 (Part1) (BYES:Panthers, Browns, Steelers, Buccaneers) Chiefs @ Broncos Dolphins @ Bills Jaguars @ Bengals Vikings @ Lions Raiders @ Packers Rams (wht) @ Falcons Texans @ Colts
  10. Not as long as that Kirk Cousins contract exists.
  11. I think it rocks that Canada's most important city has shifted from a truly unique place in North America to a second-rate Chicago that thinks it's a second-rate New York. Could have preserved French culture just fine without purging everybody else's...
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  13. Boat floater: Tonight's Ducks-Bruins game is on at 6pm UK time! And it's listed as a free game on the NHL website, so with any luck I might get home in time to watch it.
  14. Can anyone show my what the "achievement" stickers here are? They almost look like the new athletic bear logo, but with a beanie?
  15. Look at all these stripeless pants paired white white socks. This is my nightmare.
  16. I like the new Stick-in-Rink as well on the blue uniforms. However, not as much on the white uniform as it just does not stand out. They should have gone with this updated version with white stick on blue rink on the white jerseys. Keeping with the tradition of how the logo was treated with the 1970s uniforms. The rink is white when on a blue jersey and blue when on the white jersey.
  17. Dull? I mean, it is just brownish silver, warm grey in non-metallic applications. It's not boring, but it doesn't excite me, either.
  18. That Goff contract was a bit of a head-scratcher when he signed it, it could very well be the worst contract in the NFL by the time it’s done. It might already be there. It could very well be one NFC Title for this Rams team and that’s it.
  19. The all-white look would’ve been much more palatable if they’d’ve worn contrasting (read as: black) socks with the combo.
  20. I don't get how anyone can think these uniforms are bad. The team had one of the better uniforms during the Edge rollout even with the script on the front. I like how much cleaner they look without it and I particularly like how the white Stick and Rink stands out on the blue homes. The lack of green on the main crest doesn't bother me in the slightest because the stripes contain enough of the colour to balance the uniform. The numbers don't have any green so it's not as if all three colours need to be present everywhere. This is a serious, traditional and beautiful uniform. The road whites aren't as good but that's the case for most teams anyways. I know people on here are tired of hearing about the Canucks but it is the first season of a uniform change so I think we should be able to comment on their new look without it turning into a Johnny Canuck vs Orca flame-war.
  21. The West isn't the only garbage division, it's the AFC in general. The Ravens lead the AFC North though I still feel like Cleveland is the best team in the division (at 2-4 no less) - there should be no way the Steelers should be in playoff contention after they're horrid start, but they are. Outside of the Empire the AFC East is once again hot garbage (call me a skeptic but I still don't believe in the Bills). The AFC South might be the conference's best division, as the Texans and Colts are both legit playoff teams and while they aren't very good, the Jags are at least competitive. The West isn't great but it's still better than the North, we all know KC's the best team out there, not sold on Baltimore. In any case it doesn't really matter because the conference failed to improve while NE's defense is now reaching historic levels of greatness. It's going to be an ugly January for teams southwest of Connecticut.
  22. I'd work on your Oklahoma City logo--and it does need a lot of work--and get it as good as it can be before you move on to your next logo. Better one really sharp logo than a dozen mediocre logos.
  23. If the Montreal francophones can get behind a football team, they can probably do likewise for a baseball team. Don't look now, but it already is. And rightfully not. Without Bill 101, Montreal would be predominantly English-speaking, and so would effectively not be part of Quebec. By ensuring that education, entertainment, and commerce take place mainly in French, Bill 101 has prevented what would have been a tragic cultural death. If being a francophone city does indeed rule out having Major League Baseball, well, that's just fine, as protecting the French language and strengthening Quebecois identity are far higher goals. Becoming a Major League city is a lot less important to the life and health of Montreal than is remaining a predominantly French-speaking city.
  24. Welcome to United States Basketball of Alliances or USBA for shorts This project will contain 32 teams Also this is a collaboration project, so i can't just work alone, because of school. so i might need everyone's help. I may be new in this forum, but i'm busy as heck. 32 Teams 4 Divisions 2 Conferences So, if you want to help me for my project, use this template City: Team Name: Colors: Why it's called that name: Stadium Name: I already have one of my logo ready There an limit for 2 or 1 teams suggestion ONLY. Here the teams i'm planning: Oklahoma City Whirlwinds Buffalo Blizzards Please to make sure to give a feedback, or C&C
  25. Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg's actual alternate falls short of the mark. It's just kind of... meh. It exists and to me that's about it. I've taken the sleeve-length stripes off of the home jersey and added them back to the alternates, using their lighter blue and gray as the color scheme and using the alternate logo rather than the wordmark because the wordmark looks bad as a primary jersey logo. Also, I've updated the Maple Leafs to reflect John Tavares being named captain.
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