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  2. Nice update, given that in the old version, the lioness looks like an afterthought.
  3. I think they just need to blow up everything that's not Russ/PG/Adams/TFerg and try to get some shooters who'd better compliment Russ' game. Why they didn't go after Wayne Ellington and Wesley Matthews this year is beyond me.
  4. Knew this before the playoffs even started, but thanks.
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  6. If Carolina & Boston both win their series, this could actually end up being a very interesting playoffs. For me, anyway.
  7. I cannot stomach any of the remaining Western teams, not one. May Columbus, Long Island, or Toronto sweep whichever wretched bunch comes out of there.
  8. Much better end zone design. Love that font!
  9. Virginia and Virginia Tech are great—no complaints. Rutgers... I’m not feeling that one for some reason. I like the clash jersey with the knight logo front and center, hockey style. But the red jersey is just kind of okay. Maybe lose the number and just go with the R. That would be pretty minimalistic but that’s kinda what I feel like you were going with on that one.
  10. My team is out. Drought protocol in effect, so I'm going all-in and pulling for a St. Louis and Columbus/New York final, with the Blues taking the Cup.
  11. So, barring a miracle, the Final Four in the west is going to be Colorado, Vegas, Dallas, and St. Louis. Oof. That sets up pretty nicely for a Vegas Dallas WCF. OOF.
  12. Always had a soft spot for the Stars, mostly cause they're one of the few pro-sports teams to embrace green, so tonight was a satisfying win. What an incredible goal-tending performance by both Rinne and Bishop. Hope the Stars can continue the momentum into round two.
  13. Uninspired is probably the word I'd use to describe the Preds' performance this season.
  14. I disagree, I'm not really surprised to see this. From a distance this looked like a good season for them. From someone who has been watching closely, they were playing stuck in third gear all season. The fact that they managed first in the central wasn't reflective of how they were playing, which felt fairly middling, and made it more frustrating. This is arguably the best lineup the Preds have ever had, but they looked tired, and like they were phoning it in. I thought (largely hoped) they'd get through Dallas, but I had them losing to the Blues. Good job Stars, but I'll be shocked if the Blues don't advance.
  15. My takeaway here is that there are several great paths Colorado can but won’t take.
  16. All great looking memorial patches.
  17. Tough loss for Nashville. Another top seed bites the dust.
  18. Hockey is a stupid sport and I don't much care for it anyway.
  19. The Rockies don't need a full rebrand. Their alternates and road grays are completely fine. I would just try to improve upon their primary & cap logos and add some more purple to the home whites. Keep the pinstripes, but a new font for the wordmark would be fine too. I just can't imagine a green/purple combo working for them. I admire the Rockies for sustaining the same general aesthetic since their inaugural season. Is it the best in MLB? Of course not, but it's much better than what the other three 90s expansion teams are wearing at the moment. And those three have all undergone several major rebrands in the interim. The Rockies have sustained a classic look and beat them all.
  20. Bottom right...and I've changed my mind on the name. My choice would be Atlanta Aviators now.
  21. Bucs Lions Seahawks Vikings Dolphins Titans Jags Browns
  22. Experimenting with different color schemes: C&C Welcome.
  23. I actually like aviators a lot. Firebirds sounds minor league. I did want to add I think a darker red would also help
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