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  2. Well, this is quickly turning into a lost season for me...what a shock. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati - weekly Stupor Bowl Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  3. The Cosmos fans I know are seething. They really thought they’d be able to walk away with this semi-pro tournament. Guaranteed trophy. And now there’s very real doubt if the club will ever play another game, or will instead be sacrificed on the altar of their latest owner’s ego and ambition.
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  5. Rechovot Background: South of Tel Aviv, Rechovot was founded in 1890 by Jews returning to Israel from Eastern Europe. That's pretty cool. It has three main communities - Ethiopians, Yemenites, and Russians, as well as growing community of religious Anglos - and two big things going for it: Oranges, and the Weizmann Institute. A lot of oranges, and a lot of scientists. I've tried to reflect that in the design, because, well, there isn't much going on there outside of that. Hell, even the city's seal has a microscope and oranges. Logo and colors: The colors come from those two big things in the city. Technically speaking, the Institute's colors are black and white, but they use a nice pale blue on most of their materials, so I kept it, along with a nice tangerine for those big groves. The logo is formed of a lower-case r and a standard ר, which is the first letter of the name in both languages and which together form a nice face little icon which looks just the right amount of nerdy (I think). Cap: Pretty darn standard. Blue cap, orange bill, logo. That was easy. Let's move on. Jersey: The logo on the chest, mostly because I couldn't decide which language to use. On the other side, the uniform number in blue goes in a nice white circle that mimics the logo. Cool! Pants: Clean white with two blue stripes down the pants. Socks: Tangerine stirrups over white, which a nice stripe formed by overlapping logos. It would be a bit harder to make out on the field, but I think of it as a way for the players to carry their hometown pride all the way down, more for them than for the fans. Next in a few minutes (it's already done and uploaded), Efrat!
  6. Vanderbilt tweaks on their whites noticed at SEC MBB media days: - shoulder striping eliminated - narrower wordmark on chest - black numbers trimmed in gold (change from gold trimmed in black) - anchor logo on waistband - side design simplifed - bottom of shorts striping added overall, an upgrade from before
  7. My issue is just that the name is a meme, and memes don't tend to last. They could have been the Rocket City Raccoons, though Marvel might have needed a bit of cajoling, or perhaps the Madison Raccoons if it didn't work with the comic books folk, and used all the same logos (probably swapping the garbage can for a rocket, but other than that). Trash Pandas seems like a Brandiose, "Hey, we think this would be kind of funny and we can make a kind of clever logo for it," sort of deal, and within a decade or so it'll go the way of Baby Cakes. They'll sell hats across the country, just like all the fun names (53% of RubberDucks gear goes out-of-state), but how well will they connect to the people in town and in-state? Linemen could work with baseball. Foul line, line drive, there are connections to be made, and it's a good name in general (if a bit old-fashioned for the sad state of modern minor league baseball). I like Flying Fish, as something with a connection to the parent team that could be kept even if the affiliation changed. See the Indianapolis Indians, founded as a Braves affiliate many, many years ago (they were still in Boston) but keeping the name through plenty of reaffiliations.
  8. The thing I don't get about the Color Rush resistance was the fact that the Redskins were the only team to actually truly resist. Nobody necessarily had to go through with it yet teams like the Packers, Raiders and a few others just went and did it anyways. In the case of the Raiders and Cowboys, I think it gave them an excuse to bring back fan favorite uniforms that they themselves forgot existed.
  9. I think it's a bit unfair to say the league decided to insult colorblind fans.. it really was a bad combination of a number of factors.. with oversight being a big one.. But the league likely also didn't consider the extremely similar designs of the two uniforms - both had white helmets, white numerals on their colored jerseys, 2 white stripes on their pants, and one team had 2 white shoulder stripes, while the other had 2 white sleeve stripes.. add in the fact that one team was wearing an unofficial team color (obviously to boost merch sales) that made the issue significantly worse (likely wouldn't have been an issue with the Jets' standard green jersey, or even the color rush style in their standard dark green color).. it really was the perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances
  10. I saw one where they tried to turn the Oakland A’s to the Utah A’zz. Pretty easy to see why it wouldn’t work.
  11. Look again at the fonts on the subway signs. Especially the one at the top. It's exactly what the Nets took their brand from. Unless your argument is that's what Jay Z thinks is cool, I'm not sure what there is to debate here.
  12. To me expansion would be the preferred method. I feel that re-branding in a new city complicates things with previous history. Whereas a new team (expansion) lets the new team grow with the city.
  13. why do the Lakers get to be both? I hope the Clippers succeed in making the Lakers the country club kids and the Clippers the urban city slickers
  14. I hate to interrupt a ... to put it kindly ... spirited debate over whether or not a major-league-level ballpark on the Tampa side of the bay can and will save the Rays, but I am curious as to how many of the people (myself included) who want an MLB team (or a major-league professional team in any particular sport, for that matter) to exist in a particular area have a preference as to how that area earns the team. For instance, as much as I want Nashville to have its own MLB team, I would rather see such a club be the product of an expansion, of a relocation of a franchise (e.g. the Athletics or the Angels) from a market that would still have an MLB team, or of even a move of a franchise (e.g. the Orioles) out of a market that would then no longer have an MLB club, but would still be very close to a certain community or municipality in another market that still possesses an MLB team, than of a relocation of a franchise (e.g. the Rays, the Diamondbacks, or the Blue Jays) from a market that would then be without an MLB team and be far away from any remaining area with an MLB club. In other words, I think that my support for a Nashville-based MLB team would come with a clearer conscience if the Oakland Athletics became the Nashville Athletics* -- knowing that the San Francisco Bay Area would still have the Giants -- than if the Tampa Bay Rays turned into the Nashville Whatevers. It would be essentially the difference between the Philadelphia Athletics moving to Kansas City and the Kansas City Athletics moving to Oakland, or how the Boston Braves' move to Milwaukee contrasted with the Milwaukee Braves' move to Atlanta. * In my opinion, the Athletics nickname is historic enough, innocuous enough, and geographically generic enough to deserve to be kept should Oakland's MLB team move to Nashville or almost any other mostly-English-speaking part of North America. I now return us to our regularly scheduled arguing.
  15. IIRC Stance still had an NBA license when Nike took over (not sure if they still do) so they were still selling NBA branded socks, but just no longer worn on-court.
  16. They were actually based on what Jay Z considered cool then once he left they started doing actual city based branding.
  17. Entirely possible. I've always thought that the entire thing was meant and could have been better done as a plane or two forming the star. It's just really unclear. Compare to Israel Railways (sorry, I know this is an airport thread), which is very clearly railways forming a stylized Magen David.
  18. It bears mentioning that of the top 20 best attended MLB teams in 2019, only 6 are in the American League. The dominance of 2 teams for so long seems to have lulled a lot of AL fanbases into apathy. Even with everything working against the Sox in Chicago, I just can't see their situation being any better in a new market.
  19. As far as the Clippers... I don't blame them for doing something the Lakers couldn't necessarily do, nor should they. Especially when the "Straight Outta Compton" era coincided with "Showtime," which the Clippers were still around in LA for. I don't see it as tge Clippers rewriting history so much as representing an era of LA's history that transcended and even influenced sports.
  20. 110% agree. Red and yellow-gold without any stitch of black is a natural for the Flames. Perhaps, a slightly deeper shade of red.
  21. I guess I'm one of the few who find the Rocket City Trash Pandas to actually be really good as it ties in the NASA angle with an animal that is extremely common to the area. I typically don't like the over the top Brandiose stuff, but the Trash Pandas is actually very well done. The logos and identity are fantastic. I'll buy three caps and a shirt. I think it's an iconic name/identity and it will not only last but flourish. For Wichita. I like the Lineman reference, but it seems odd for baseball. One creative idea I kinda liked was the 'Twisters' thus setting up a natural rivalry with the 'Storm Chasers'. Since it's the Marlins affiliate and Wichita is apparently a big aviation place, the 'Flying Fish' was another suggestion I saw. I think that's pretty good as I like when minor league teams make a subtle connection to the parent squad while creating their own identity. The only issue with that identity is are the Marlins and Wichita going to be together in a decade? The geography doesn't lead one to think it's likely to be a long term partnership and I've got to think Miami would eventually want something in the east and one would think there are other teams that fit Wichita better.
  22. Take-off and landing? Just guessing.
  23. True. The Chicago Metro Area has a pop of over 9M, so if they can attract a third of baseball fans there they'll be fine. It just doesn't seem they can maintain that with that stadium. It took them a WS win just to get them up to a 36K per game avg the following year, and it went down hill again since then. Compare that to the lovable loser Cubs who pack Wrigley every year no matter what. Even more so now with the recent success.
  24. The Nets brand is a nod to the 1970s NYC subway system. At most, you could argue that nostalgia for the 70s was an influence on Brooklyn rappers in the 90s, but it's not hard to see what really inspired the Nets brand.
  25. That. Is. Awesome.
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