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  2. I know Cincy, Temple and UAB have all hit the trifecta already.
  3. Well the collar on the thirds is far more egregious than the home jersey, no? I agree that they both look like toilet seats - the template is far too big and wide, especially with high contrast colours such as the Nucks'. But at least the home jerseys have the optical appearance of not having them at all when you view them from the front. I take some solace in that. I'm sure you'll get used to not having the wordmark - I like that the logo is bigger (as it should be) and that it can now sit proudly closer to the chest rather than on the stomach.
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  5. The logo of the Mexico City Stingrays is epic and awesome, I like the color scheme
  6. Jacksonville Jaguars: 1926 Throwback: The First Attempt at Jacksonville Football Going back to the Bears Barnstorming tour of early 1926, Stanford star and soon to be Duluth Eskimos star Ernie Nevers decided to create a team for Jacksonville. However, even less was found about the 1926 Jacksonville All-Stars than the 1926 Tampa Cardinals. What was found, though, was presumably the plain Jacksonville uniforms, a program that is the basis of the color scheme and wordmark, and some action shots from one of Nevers' later barnstorming all-star teams. 1993 Throwback: The Copyright Infringement Prototype The first logo and look of the Jaguars would never see their time on the field on Sundays, but did land a brand deal with the car company Jaguar via Ford over a potential copyright infringement lawsuit, and is a special kind of weird. What could of been the league's first asymmetric uniform, this set featured an offset spaghettified jaguar that acted as a one-sided skinny yolk in addition to one-sided TV numbers and sleeve stripes, and bright colors. 1995 Throwback: The First Of Many The Jaguars are the NFL's equivalent of the Arizona Diamondbacks; a relatively young team that likes to make a new look every half-decade even if the old set was decent. Contrary to the Panthers, the Jaguars looked quite different now than they did in their inaugural season which a classic, conservative but distinct uniform. Given the evolution of the Jaguar uniform, it's obvious that the organization is realizing that they only downgraded at every uniform change, leading to a classic, conservative but distinct 2018 rebrand that hints at bits and pieces of this time in Jags history.
  7. These uniforms are very epic, especially love the patterns
  8. Horford leaving would be a much bigger deal than Kyrie leaving. If anything losing Kyrie would make them a better team, since he's a selfish, mercurial player who drags down the locker room, every single point the guy scores is replaceable, and he gives you nothing if he *isn't* scoring. Horford is a different story entirely - yes he can stretch the floor, but his contributions (versatile defender, excellent screens, high basketball IQ) went well beyond the box score. He's the primary reason the team got as far as it did in 2017 and 2018. IT can go jerk off in an empty brinks truck. Breaking news: pro basketball team trades previously-unknown midget after he starts beating his chest about how he plans to cash in on his upcoming free agency.
  9. It's like the late 90s Kings shield primary logo: great design for the era it was in but would need an update to fit in the modern era.
  10. While I’m definitely happy the ‘Vancouver’ wordmark was removed, it’s absence only highlights how bad these collars are. There’s so much empty space between the logo and the toilet seat. I don’t know why they couldn’t have used the new collar from the thirds on them. Also I’m interested to see these in person to see how much they’ve enlarged the Orca to compensate, as (not to reignite that debate) one of the things dragging the Orca down was how squished it was beneath the wordmark.
  11. Forgive me if this conversation was held last year, but is USF the first school to hit the Nike/UA/adidas trifecta?
  12. When Suzanne Lenglen won the 1925 Wimbledon women's singles title, she did so by conceding only 5 games in the 6 matches that she played.
  13. I don't like the white outline on the Tigers' road jersey.
  14. Royals Negro League tribute 2019:
  15. Kent State University (word mark Update)
  16. The first one is crisp and clean. But the new heritage one it's great how they did classic Leafs in a modernized updated design style. I agree that the first one was crisp and clean. That's why this is not an upgrade. The logo on the left is a solid, strong mark. The logo on the right looks like someone just scared it. It is the graphic equivalent of Don Knotts.
  17. There is also the whole issue of having him play while injured making it so he’ll never be the same again.
  18. This Saturday vs Seattle Pilots.
  19. There was piping on the Indians' coaches caps at some point in the 70's.
  20. The coaches with serious histories who are so relevant and in-demand nowadays that only one of them had a head coaching gig at any level since 2011, and Mike Riley's Nebraska 2015-2017 tenure was known for being one of the worst stretches in school history. Steve Spurrier and a bunch of failed coaches with a low quality product really didn't warrant ESPN giving it airtime.
  21. I’m going to chime in one more time about the beveling since I really like what you’re doing with this. I agree that the beveling helps bring out the J somewhat, but you could bring it out even more if you extended the darker shade of red on the diagonal bar of the N all the way so that it’s flush with the the J. Right now it ends halfway. Beveling looks good on the Dallas Stars IMO so why not the Devils too.
  22. The 1967-70 is what should have been the “modern” design. It needs more love.
  23. I watch a lot of CFL so this bugs me every time about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The W on the helmet is less compact and more spread out than the W on the shoulders. A minor detail but when you’ve got both in close proximity like that you probably want some consistency.
  24. Those kits are looking pretty amazing. Very nice and simple tournament logo. I think an Continent (Confederations) Cup would be a good thought with all the best footballer from all six federations getting together for a fabulous tournament. FIFA could arrange the tournament like a Socceraid type tournament where people can donate money towards a charity to help the world. Where the best players can get together to have fun, show off and raise alot of money for something good in the world. Just too bad Infantino wants to abolish the Confederations Cup and Club World Cup, replacing it with a FIFA Nations League once every four years (24 clubs).The amount of football is increasing which is great for us supporters but there will come a breaking point for the players. Currently the top players are only getting between 3-4 weeks off between seasons due to club and country commitments. Great work nonetheless mccrosby
  25. JG36

    The Continents Cup

    Uniforms look fantastic as always, the reason I’m guessing why FIFA has never considered this is that it would most likely be UEFA beating CONMEBOL in a close final after the two wreck OFC, and also put the hammer down on CONCACAF, AFC, and CAF.
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