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  2. The only reason I care about college football is the uniforms. And the season started with an A+ matchup.
  3. I wish I hated Arizona, because I would love to delight in their hilarious failures. Unfortunately, I have very little opinion about them.
  4. Florida looked horrible, the pass rush was the only thing that was good and what gave them the field position to win. The rest of the team sucked. Costly mistakes and turnovers that could have easily been avoided, and it looked like the forgot how to tackle most of the game. It was frustrating just seeing Miami players just bounce off the Florida defenders that didn’t even try to wrap up.
  5. Nah, even that would be a downgrade from the previous set.
  6. Yeah, I'm a braves fan, but I appreciate that script. Just recolor it to navy/Royal and yellow.
  7. Thanks. Better than the Wildcats LOL. Any name would be better
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  9. Sick and tired of seeing Philly Union in all dark blue. Game after game, year after year. No white shorts at home?? Or white socks? Lucky me gets to see it up close and personal this Saturday night.
  10. I would rather see him take the money already made and can actually walk, away from the NFL.
  11. Oregon's diluted their brand so much that nothing they unveil will be that interesting.
  12. I didn't see an official season thread anywhere so I thought I'd start one. Well, Florida just barely managed to hang on against Miami in an exciting season opener. And then Hawaii pulled off a thrilling 45-38 upset over Arizona. Let the college season begin!
  13. These look good! If I may offer a suggestion? Try a halfway approach. I'm not a fan of how the crown looks directly on top of the shield. At the same time? I don't like how the crown in the first version isn't aligned with the top red stripe. There's just a sliver of red that pokes out from under it, and it looks a bit awkward. I hope you don't mind, but I mocked up what I think would be an ideal design. The crown is still "floating" over the shield, but it's been lowered just a bit to align with the red stripe. It makes for an overall clearer and more balanced look, in my opinion.
  14. Nice LA logo for the sharks.
  15. The Clippers CIty uniform could be a Mr. Cartoon collaboration. He's a very well known Tattoo Artist in the LA area.
  16. I’m just glad NYCFC wore their navy shorts last night. We’ve had far too much mono-sky this season, a vastly inferior look.
  17. Leaving over 58 million of that on the table. Not to mention the huge next contract he just turned down. Wonder at what point the NFL takes notice and makes real changes to the game.
  18. Elway knew exactly what he was doing when he told the team to go pound sand when they drafted him. Having his own home crowd Booing him off the field is a dick move, period. He could have chosen far worse times to retire (as other players have)
  19. Amazing Hudson River Derby at the Stadium. NYCFC has been making their home a really tough place for New Jersey to play since that 7-0 embarrassment.
  20. Dear Winnipeg (and Alberta, I guess?) Once a Raider, always a Raider. Signed, A fan from Toledo, Colorado
  21. Now we're talking. Josh McCown - the Official QB of Basically a Sports Show™. (end silly cheap plug.) On topic, it's a shame that we never got to see what a full career of a healthy Andrew Luck would have been, but after all the injuries (and I'm sure concussions) I can't blame the guy at all for shutting it down. He's made plenty of money. Get out while you still know your own name. I really like Jacoby Brissett. I think the Colts will be OK with him at QB. They won't be as good without Andrew Luck as they would have been with him, but I think they have a pretty capable QB in Brissett who is ready to take the reins. (No Colts pun intended)
  22. Look, the news of him retiring came out of nowhere and broke right in the middle of a pre season game the Colts were playing in. You can blame fans for getting overly emotional about that if you’d like. But, in this one particular instance? I’m having a hard time really being outraged about that. It’ll all settle down eventually, but you sort of have to give people a bit of time to process this one.
  23. The way the Colts are run though, this hasn't been surprising. It's been like this since Bob Irsay bought the team in 1972.
  24. I moved all of the concept stuff to its own thread in the Concepts subforum.
  25. @Soblito please keep your concept work for the XFL here.
  26. Screw the about the Los Angeles Sharks.. Western teams
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