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  2. This is akin to Norfolk State that does this two heads as well. It's ok. Much better than the old logos.
  3. I'd have rather see two equally crafted logos (one male, one female) and use a single head for whichever sport it matched. Unless this is intended for co-ed teams that have both males and females on them.
  4. Ok so I missed the Thunder Blazers game tonight. Oh :censored:. What? How? That’s amazing.
  5. I think I played through that scenario in my driveway a thousand times as a kid. To see it achieved with an almost indifferent air, landing swish at 0.0, 50 points clean, 37 feet away, series winner at home. Thats dream-quality stuff right there.
  6. FYI; Blue Jackets @ Bruins Game 1; Thursday night 4/25 7pm Islanders vs. DC/Carolina; Friday Night 4/26 No rest for the weary I guess. Stars @ Blues - Thursday Night 4/25. 9:30pm Avalanche @ Sharks - Friday 4/26
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  8. Speaking of the Yankees they are the ultimate next man up team. Is there any team in MLB or sports history this unlucky with injuries in a season?
  9. Let's not forget who the Portland Trail Blazers Play by play announcer is. Kevin Calabro, Who was the former Play by play announcer for the: Seattle Supersonics, Who in the 2008-09 season became the: Oklahoma City Thunder.
  10. The commissioner’s gig is pretty tough. Does anyone know if effigies of Nolan’s predecessor are hanged and/or burned in Nova Scotia over a decade later?
  11. YES. Welcome to the NHL now, Vegas. This is what it's really like down here. This'll be good for you in the long run. The serendipitous life of the Golden Knights finally hits a rough patch. Also, you were up 3-1 in the series and 3-0 in the game and you still had overtime. Spare me your tears about the five-minute major call. Bye.
  12. I can't think of a single criticism of any of these that isn't just a personal preference. The only thing I'd change is the pictures you use for your backgrounds. Unless you're New York or Chicago, no one really knows what your skyline looks like, save for maybe a signature building. Unless there's an iconic view of that city's skyline (Pittsburgh from PNC Park, Phily from the museum steps, etc.) I would use landmarks or landscapes (i.e. what you did for Arizona) for that reason.
  13. This is why the NHL has the best playoffs of the four major leagues. Nothing compares to it. The upsets, the overtime and the sheer unknown of it all.
  14. I'm pretty sure Damian Lillard is the most likeable player in the league. Missed the game tonight, but that endibt is incredible. Better luck next franchise, OKC. I'm rooting for the Blazers out west now. Fingers crossed for a Houston/Portland WCF.
  15. My team loses Stanley Cup finals games in OT 3 times on the road in 1 year so it could get A LOT WORSE, Vegas.
  16. I don't think there's any part of making the Finals in your first year that can be considered "pain and suffering." Go talk to a Jackets, Sabres, Leafs, or Panthers fan about pain and suffering. Those fans know misery.
  17. Good bye to these silly Vegas Golden KNIGGITS!
  18. That was one helluva stretch of Stanley Cup Playoffs hockey we saw in this one, boys.
  19. Nah. They lost the Stanley Cup Final last year. I think they already know about pain and suffering. They just know how it feels to suffer before the month of May.
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