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  2. So, that means 22 postseason trips for them... Of those trips, here's how it breaks down (not including this season since that series is still going on): Did Not Qualify - 6 Out in the 1st Round - 7 Out in the 2nd Round - 9 Out in the Conference Finals - 3 Stanley Cup Finals - 1 (Lost) Of these playoff trips, 16 of them end in the first two rounds... they are the hockey equivalent to Gonzaga basketball.
  3. Miami should just pivot into being a clothing brand.
  4. One of those 2 wins will probably be against the 49ers in week 1. Nobody has any faith in a team owned by the York's.
  5. BTW, the winner of these playoffs get a entry in the United States Baseball Championships!
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  8. thank you guys. Now I don't have to spend $26 on a new helmet or buy paint and paint the mask.
  9. Everything still looks amazing! I didnt realize SPA got new jerseys, im bummed, i LOVED their old look. Buffalo is fire because P U R P L E
  10. It would take me longer to make a sandwich, I don’t want to be rude. But we put effort into our work and it isn’t done on a phone in the matter of 5 min.
  11. Have you ever wondered what happens when a team relocates or folds? I think the obvious choice would be "Their the same team, just moved." Well, that's bull. What really happens is they move on to a better league. The Defunct League. We have teams like the Atlanta Thrashers and Flames, the Hamilton Tigers, Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordiques and more! Let's play hockey again!
  12. I will vouch for Helmet Nation.
  15. MLB Braves - Cobb County Stadium Marlins - Bobby Maduro Stadium II Mets - Ebbets Field II Nationals - Navy Yard Park Phillies - Carpenter Field Cardinals - Sportsmans Park Cubs - Wrigley Field Pirates - Wagner Park Brewers - County Stadium II Reds - Crosley Field II Diamondbacks - Colangelo Field Dodgers - Dodger Stadium Giants - McCovey Cove Park Padres - Gaslamp Park or Lane Field II Rockies - Rockies Park Yankees - Yankee Stadium II Red Sox - Fenway Park Orioles - Oriole Park at Camden Yards Blue Jays - Skydome Rays - Florida Suncoast Dome Twins - Twin Cities Field White Sox - Comiskey Park II Indians - Jacobs Field Royals - Kauffman Stadium Tigers - Illitch Park Angels - Anaheim Stadium Mariners - Emerald Diamond Atheltics - Oakland Alameda County Coliseum or Finley Field Rangers - The Ballpark in Arlington Astros - Union Station Ballpark
  16. No credit necessary. I simply used what the team already had. Actually was thinking about refreshing this. Don’t have the “Tampa Bay” mark in vector anymore, though.
  17. any of you know where I could buy just the riddell mini qb facemask for my mini helmets? Ebay doesn't really have many. I need a yellow one to slap on the Chargers helmet. If not what do I use, model paint?
  18. You've done Northeastern and made that kick ass, and you've done Maine and I really like that new logo. I'd love to see you take on all of Hockey East!
  19. It’s on ribbon boards at Target Field as well:
  20. More likely Clark County, NV jail as his first stop.
  21. I'll be rooting for you guys tonight! @Magic Dynasty
  22. And just like in the 90's, the Bills will get crushed on Thanksgiving by the Cowboys. I'll still be watching though.
  23. You are correct, I assumed incorrectly. The post will be updated shortly.
  24. I respectfully disagree due to the grounds that if I believed that, every single concept on this thread would have blank helmets. Sure the "asterisk" design isn't the prettiest, but if it wasn't for Michigan keeping the classic winged stripes alive, I bet that design wouldn't "work" either.
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