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  2. I get that the team was swept, but the Giants really should do throwbacks to the 89 team. They've done days commemorating that team, even so far as majestic making jerseys for the reunion. But the team has never throwback to that look. (Sort of exception being the alternate road gray homage to that set) They play 4 games against the A's this year. 2 home 2 away. Would be nice to see both teams throw back to that world series. Patches and black armband and everything.
  3. Well, I came up with a few names off hand- GLAC (Great Lakes Athletics Conference)-Named due to it's members being in states that border the Great Lakes (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennslyvania, New York, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, and even the Canadian province of Ontario) Rocky Mountain Conference New England Conference-Members in the states of New England (Massachussets, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine) Praire Conference Atlantic Seaboard League
  4. They still use that font everywhere but the uniforms. It's really odd. The branding still centers around the old font, but only the uniforms are changed. The field markings are the old numbers. They didn't go all out on refreshing/changing the branding with the latest uniform like they did the previous set.
  5. Ironic that it uses the number font from the prior uniform set . . . which was my favorite part of that uniform, for the record.
  6. I think it should still mimic the horn swoosh on the back of the sleeves, but it would keep the white from bleeding into the white, like it does on the current road jerseys.
  7. Yeah, I agree. I believe it's completely based on the Marlins alt.
  8. Sacramento may be getting an MLS team soon, so you could move the Sacramento team there.
  9. What is the XFL equivalent of 7-9?
  10. A lot of people in St. Louis aren't happy with the hire, hoping for a more splashy hire.
  11. I am referring t the 60's uniforms and the 70s with the large black pants stripe.
  12. Maybe for you. Relevant for me.
  13. I believe it is actually purple. Yeah it's bad all around but I thought it was eerie how similar it is to the Marlins alternate.
  14. Member has been suspended for injecting politics despite numerous previous warnings.
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  16. Because that's what the edgy, exciting new league needs: a coach who's style bored two separate teams into relocations.
  17. Helmet stripe unveiling video for Mizzou. This change has already been noted in this thread, but it’s also worth mentioning that the black pants in the video still have the “tiger” stripes on the side which might mean that only the white pants are getting the athletic stripe treatment.
  18. Maybe they'll hire Klaus instead.
  19. Thus my edit to mention "burn rate". Crunchbase only had them with $17M in funding through the first half of 2018. Then Ebersol, in subsequent interviews, tries to point out that in Q2 he was able to raise 10x that amount?!? Really?
  20. Idk about Sacramento’s logo it’s kinda boring? Maybe make it like the SF 49ers and have a pickaxe going through it? The rest of the logos look good
  21. I just wanna know what designer looked at this when they were designing it and said, "yeah that looks good"
  22. Really? It’s not hard to see how the current look’s weird curved bolt design down the pants and the unnecessary change from over the shoulder to across the sleeve orientations for the bolts could be seen as downgrades. And the same can be said for the numbers. It’s not pedantic to point out the differences between the previous block number font and the current custom for custom’s sake overly jagged font. Come on now. Anyway to @Ted Cunningham @BJ Sands @Lafarge and @colortv The navy vs powder blue debate for the Chargers was one of the first real arguments I ever got into around here. As such I’ll just say this. Chargers fans love the powder blue throwbacks and prefer the now-primary powder blue jerseys to their navy counterparts. That’s been the case in San Diego and it remains the case in LA. Of course the Chargers’ powder blues have been so widely popular (not just within the Chargers’ fanbase) that backlash was bound to happen. And it did. And has been, for some time. If you dislike the AFL throwbacks or prefer navy? All the power to you, but it’s a distinctly unpopular opinion. ESPECIALLY among Chargers fans.
  23. First of all, paying the salaries of players and coaches does not constitute a "misuse" of funds. But, yes, Fowler evidently disliked what he saw and pulled out. The point, however, is that this does not mean that Ebersol's early pronouncements about the league's funding were lies, as those comments were true when he made them. Anyway, if Fowler was expecting a profit right away, he was living in fantasy land. Any reasonable investor in a new league has to be prepared to lose money for years before the league can be profitable.
  24. Considering the Penguins scored the first goal of the game in Games 2, 3, and 4, that stat is absolutely nuts.
  25. The Raiders had one of the most brutal schedules last year, and they get it again. Rough. Meanwhile, the Jets don't even leave the Eastern timezone.
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