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  2. Tampa Bay Pelicans S.C About the Club The Pelicans where founded in 1959 as the Saint Petersburg Kickers, The first few years the club played amateur football with their first championship coming in 1967 and by 1989 they had become a force in Florida Soccer as they had won their division 11 times, their most prestigious title came that same year as they won US open cup by beating Brookhattan 2-1 in the finals, after taking down Chicago Union. This cuprun impressed the ASL board, who where already considering adding teams from the south in the league, as league expansion was one of the prerequisites for hosting the 1994 World Cup. So it was no surprise they received an invitation to join the league the following season. In 1997, the team changed their name to the Tampa Bay Pelicans, and the team was officially split from the St.Petersburg Kickers, who continued play in the amateur leagues.
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  4. I'm shocked neither of the LA Teams have a Kobe set. These are awesome though
  5. Clear Boards in the St Paul Civic Center. The arena hosted the Minnesota Fighting Saints of the WHA and the MN Boys State Hockey Tourney. The seats were arranged in a circle, leaving those sitting near center ice a good distance from the rink. The solution; clear boards. They were replaced by regular boards when the Minnesota Moose of the IHL moved in. The arena was torn down to make way for the Xcel Energy Center.
  6. Sometimes you need to be patients with uploaders. But for most cases you need to take what you can find. For me, I archive most sports I see on youtube as it may or may not disappear when you lease expect. I been happy to find old Arena Football games on youtube lately. Makes me happy to be honest to relive watching a favorite defunct league one again. Maybe someday I will find more Roller Hockey International games then whats on youtube.
  7. Been watching KBO since when games used to be shown on SpoTV YouTube page back in 2016 and 2017. After that been kinda hard to watch since I live in Texas.. (Thinking I may still have some game archived on a hard drive) Favorite team is still the Kiwoom Heroes and been a fan since they were known as the Nexes Heroes. I'm actually recording the games though YouTube TV since it a bit easier. From what I seen, I love what I watched from the ESPN broadcast. Also for the CPBL, I'm happy to seen fans back in stadiums. It weird seeing empty stadiums for shows. Never liked it in wrestling and I don't like it here.
  8. Half Moon Bay Crescents - coastside baseball among the pumpkin patches We've come to the end of the eight-team Coastal Fog League. It's been a great ride and we close out in arguably the most scenic city in the league - the Half Moon Bay Crescents. Named after the geographic feature that gives this place its name, there's a few different elements that went into this design. First - I wanted to create one set that had just an image on one of their jerseys, a la the white elephant jerseys of the Philadelphia A's. Check. Since the Half Moon bay region has a pseudo New England vibe to it, it felt right to borrow the Red Sox font and a similar color pallette to the short-lived Boston Bees. The home jersey is a full jersey, not a vest. I just wanted to something contrasting colored sleeves. And the road jerseys feature blue yoke stripe. For some fun ironic backstory, the Crescents, named after the moon, do not have lights at their ballpark yet and thus play all day games at home. Anyways, this has been a blast. I may try and evolve some of these designs for different eras, but if I'm honest, this time period is my favorite. Appreciate all the comments and critiques. Crescents References
  9. I do think there’s a difference between simply creating a logo and creating a brand for these kids, though. The logos are cool for signing day graphics and what not, but it’s more important to create something that has staying power. As I sort of alluded to, Ohio State has been doing this Brand “U” program for a few years now, which was established by their former creative director Sammy Silverman, where they work with the kids through the recruiting process and once they’re on campus to create a brand and teach them how to market themselves once they leave college. That will surely factor into the name, imagine and likeness conversation.
  10. They could also put games in Ridder Arena (home of the Gopher women’s team), which probably has the next best NHL sheet in the area behind the X and Target Center.
  11. A another rumour about Edmonton will become the hub centre of NHL or the Western Conference else. I’m not sure.
  12. The placement of mouth is disturbing. Even the beak looks like a Photoshop gradient fail. Should’ve kept original beak colours but in a gradient. Yes, the colours are way too bright. What the teeth was for?? Note his wings aren’t visible anymore. Thanks you, I hate the stupid Calarts style even more. What happened to unique and traditional style used in 80s-2000s? Huge downgrade. Exactly they even thinking about?
  13. You’re right... but I still love those orange giants jerseys.
  14. Do what you want with the uniforms, always loved the tiger stripes on the shoulders and pants ( not all the shoulders!). But leave the helmets alone!!
  15. That was their plan before COVID hit in their "Rally the Valley" promotion/campaign. They only used Kachina logos and uniforms in the promo material I saw. I'm sure it's gonna be like the Pens 2016 situation, where the Kachina is the home uni, regular road uni is the road, and next season Kachina goes full-time home with a corresponding away jersey.
  16. In the identity battle between LA Galaxy and LAFC, I think the Galaxy should lean into the fact that they are a classic club by MLS standards and have a classic look. And I think LAFC should lean into the fact that they are rooted in LA proper and have a very vibrant fanbase. But with the primary set, just let the gold shine on the black. LAFC should keep it simple there. But with the secondary and third kits, I'm going for somewhat of a Hispanic feel. I hope the color scheme and sleeve stripes bring that through on the secondary. The third features a big sugar skull (designed myself) on the back of the jersey with a marigold and white color scheme.
  17. I actually think the bold black side panels on the home look really sharp! What would it look like if you reversed the gold and red? Perhaps thin gold line along then thick black middle and then slightly thicker red against the white uniform? Love the city edition - I think it's a nice addition to the current city series and the gradient is subtle but noticeable. I think I'd try to put the number offset and tighter to the wordmark and maybe see how an asymmetrical design works? (so just have side panel running down the right side of the uniform) Nice work!
  18. I think maybe the twin cities could be a brilliant idea. Half of the teams in a conference play their games in St. Paul at the Excel Energy Center and the Other half at the Target Center in Minneapolis. State of Hockey you know?
  19. If they are italicized, it’s not to the same degree. But that’s not really my problem with it at all - I couldn’t care less if they matched, I just don’t think italicized numbers look very good on a football jersey. The overall shape is boxy and rectangular, I personally think the numbers should fill that space. Don’t know if that’s an unpopular opinion or what, but it’s my objection to the Steelers. That and the overall spindly and insubstantial look of those particular numbers, which is illustrated in the picture you posted.
  20. LOVE the shooting star on the blue jersey. Phenomenal look.
  21. Something else I miss, remember when the Super Bowl would have both teams logos on the 25 yard lines? Now they just replaced them with the NFL logo. Seriously, WTF?
  22. Love the all-white hat. I wish the Reds would actually add one to the rotation. Those are underused in MLB today.
  23. MIAMI HEAT The flaming ball logo is timeless. I would say that the Heat should never completely change their primary logo. While the current logo is synonymous with the championships won, I thought that the franchise's first logo was more visually pleasing, especially with the black hoop and the gradient which resembles a flaming comet/asteroid. In my concept, I essentially combined the previous and the current logos. The hoop is black on white and red backgrounds, and white on black, like what it was until 1999. I retained the current "MH" monogram, but recolored it. Despite having a huge amount of red, black has been the primary primary color of the Heat (that's not a typo error). I can just imagine the association and icon uniforms using black instead of red as the dominant color of its side panels. While the team did just that with their legacy uniform in 2015-16, I thought that a similar concept could be done as a regular. Plus, a yellow-red-black-red-yellow striping looks intimidating to me. I added an additional yellow outline to the wordmark and the numbers on the association, icon, and statement uniforms, to add a fair amount of it, since the current uniforms use this color only on side panels. The vice colors are a great marketing strategy. While I won't be surprised if the Heat could lean on it full-time, I'm not in favor of that. I'd rather limit the vice colors to either the statement or city uniforms. My city uniform concept keeps with this awesome color palette, but I added a little twist. The side panels follow the same shape as with the regular uniforms, while the uniform itself contains something dreaded among purists: gradient colors. The gradient I used here is not as intense as the Atlanta Hawks' past road uniform, but this adds more flavor to what is already considered as a magnificent uniform. I bet that the dark purple won't be too obvious from afar. By the way, the black-dark purple gradient signifies the night sky surrounding the bright lights of Miami.
  24. Is there a requirement for a NOB? Also, does the primary logo need to be the logo on the uniform?
  25. I've always thought of the Orioles as a primarily orange team with black accents and the Giants as a primarily black team with orange accents. Even going back to the 90s when the Orioles were at their dullest, they still had more orange than the Giants:
  26. Speaking of Kyle Busch... Chase Elliott got his revenge. Held off Busch in the last 20 laps to win the truck race tonight. To put a cherry on top, he did this-
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