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  2. Though that does undo the strangeness of the Liberty being owned by Joe Tsai (owner of the Nets) yet playing in the Knicks' G-league barn. Maybe less Knick color in logos/uniforms to further distance the Liberty from previous Knick connections?
  3. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee (God, really?) New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  4. How did folks in Cincinnati react when Marge Schott kicked the bucket? When Vince Naimoli died earlier this year, I think the news would have gotten a mixed reaction from fans. Yeah, he got you the team, but he also ran it pretty horribly and maybe prevented the market from ever being a success. His lease agreement does prevent the team from relocating right now, so there's that.
  5. I understand that, but I thought setting a limit would help better answer the question.
  6. The Clippers-Lakers thing has almost reached a level where, if you’re not from Los Angeles, nor live there, how can you truly speak on the dynamics of how things are working out in Los Angeles??? The Clippers Los Angeles font might not have anything to do with Compton or the urban, inner city neighborhoods, it just might be something they thought was unique, who knows. The Lakers because of their history and tradition, probably wouldn’t be able to pull off what the Clippers just did with that gawd awful uniform, but the Clippers are trying to create their own identity, and all the power to them. As I stated in a previous post, I think it’s really hard for the Clippers to draw inspiration about how to represent the city, since the city itself, doesn’t really rock with the Clippers. This isn’t a sports town, it’s a Lakers town & that is facts. So to come on here from wherever y’all live & say the Lakers represent this and Clippers represent that, kill that noise lol. The Clippers PLAY in LA, but the majority of the city could care less about the Clippers. The Angels play in Anaheim, which is some 30-40 minutes from DTLA, and while I’m an Angels fan, the majority of LA despises the Angels. We’re still trying to figure out why they brought the Chargers here, if you’ve never watched a Chargers home game, look at how it’s a road game for them every week. The Clippers/Angels/Chargers are almost synonymous with one another. They play in LA, but no one cares about them
  7. I'd give the Expos most of the credit for Pedro Martinez, too.
  8. From 1969-2004, the Expos drafted/signed and developed these Hall of Famers into major league players: Gary Carter Andre Dawson Tim Raines Randy Johnson Vladimir Guerrero Possible Hall of Farmer: Larry Walker That is pretty impressive. Did any other team develop as many during that time period? I can think of 4 with the Padres; Winfield, Ozzie Smith, Gwynn, and Roberto Alomar.
  9. I know when Dallas Mavericks founder Don Carter passed, people cried. Sure, the Mavericks sucked for most of his ownership, but he was credited for bringing an NBA team to Dallas and was even allowed to hold the Larry O'Brien Trophy in 2011 and got an NBA Championship ring as minority owner.
  10. I believe Wazzu's actual school colors are Crimson and Gray, so it is technically traditional.
  11. The Sacramento Bengals. We'll even have a soccer stadium for them to play in, too!
  12. That's the wildcard and that's why everyone's waiting for the old man to pass away. She and her nitwit husband have basically had the majority of the power over the team for the last 3 or 4 years already, but it remains to be seen though how much her father is holding her back and if this becomes a Wirtz Blackhawks situation where the old man was the problem and the kid is more savvy or if she's the same stubborn, stupid manager as her dad. Much more likely that she continues to cut corners and run things as the same shoestring "9-7 is the goal" operation they've been running since Paul died, but the unknown is more hopeful than the known at this point. As for selling the team, I don't see it. This is their family business and their cash cow. If they sell that's a one-time payout. Granted, they'd get a billion dollars and be good for genarations, but that's not how these people think. I do know when Mikey boy croaks it'll be awkward. The guy's going to die and people are going to celebrate. When Dan Rooney passed away people in Pittsburgh, actual adults, cried actual tears. When Mike Brown passes away people are going to line up to spit on his grave.
  13. Ok I did some alterings and turned on the share option so it should work now... otherwise I'll be uploading imgur links. Like these:
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  15. Maybe my favorite one yet! Huge fan of everythin goin on here! Also really enjoy seeing each teams eras, the dynasties of the Super Series. I wonder if you could throw together a page with all the logos next to each other, or maybe some uniform matchups or something.
  16. When Brown passes away, is Katie Blackburn even going to keep the team? Is she going to be like the children of Ralph Wilson and sell the team? Or is she going to be like Amy Strunk of the Titans and keep the team and pass it on to her children in the future?
  17. It shows a minus symbol in the middle where the image is suppose to be. And I can see images on others posts.
  18. The whole Mike Brown situation is just weird to me. He rarely gives interviews and is rarely seen by the public. (So much so last week at Baltimore CBS showed the wrong guy, and when they did show the right guy he looked like he was taking a power nap). He has done little to nothing for the team since he took over from his father Paul in 1991. Even though Marvin Lewis finally got us back to winning and into the playoffs for a while, I consider his tenure to be a failure never winning any of those playoff games. Almost everyone in town has given up on the Bengals until Mike is gone. Some ticketholders (even longtime) have given up, and some switched to FC Cincinnati. We are 31st in attendance. The only reason we are not 32 is because of the Chargers playing in a soccer stadium seating under 30,000 and even then most of the fans there are from the visiting team. If Mike or his daughter or whoever in his family takes over when he is gone sells the team I might give them another shot, otherwise if the team relocates after their lease is up I wouldnt be sad at all. The Reds ownership isnt that much better. FC Cincinnati has been a breathe of fresh air for the city and actually has ownership that cares not only for its team but for their fans as well.
  19. I get the feeling that the NBA will be the last of the major leagues to expand to 32 and probably not until after a new CBA is signed and implemented but who knows, maybe they expand before MLB does because of the never ending sagas of the Oakland A's and Tampa Bay Rays stadium issues.
  20. Absolutely. This was also where having Steinberg in the State Senate really helped. He was able to use his clout as President Pro Tem to get the expedited review process through the legislature and signed by the Governor. IIRC this also helped the projects in Inglewood and San Francisco as well and will help with the Railyards stadium. Caveat is I think Steinberg's been a horrible mayor, but he was useful there. When I moved here close to 20 years ago I lived Downtown close to where G1 is now. The first time I went to Downtown Plaza I wondered why the arena wasn't there. Made so much sense then and it's done so much for the area. Agreed. In that respect G1 was a trailblazer. I've been here long enough to remember when 7th Street ended at the tracks and didn't go all the way to Richards. I hope the MLS stadium does for the Railyards and River District what G1 did for Downtown. Your last sentence is key because I would love to see the city diversify it's economy and get away from being just a government town. That was one of the biggest lessons the powers that be here needed to learn from the 2008 recession because we probably would have fared better here with a more robust and diverse economy. I'm looking forward to the block party on Monday. I'll for sure be there.
  21. It'll be crazy when Montrezl Harrell gets a max deal.
  22. Plans fell through because public transportation is dumb. Y'all know that that means! Tel Mond Introduction: Tel Mond is... Well, I'm not sure how it got on my list of Anglo-friendly cities. Tel Mond definitely has an immigrant-heavy population, but those immigrants in large part came from Yemen, not the Anglosphere, and so I'm confused. Moving on! Originally founded by Alfred Mond (Tel means Hill, Mond means... Mond), 1st Baron Melchett, in 1929, Tel Mond grew by subsuming a bunch of towns founded by Yemenite immigrants and turned itself into a mini-city and regional player. Al, by then the former British Minister of Health, bought some land, planted a bunch of orange trees, and then kind of... Lived there. All the Yemenites came in later. Another thing that came later? Their one and only sister city, and I swear this is important to the concept: Sarasota, Florida. Logo and colors: Honestly, Tel Mond doesn't have much going on. It's kind of just a... Place, you know the kind. Nothing hugely differentiating, nothing super fancy, etc. But I realized, rather than focusing on just Tel Mond, this team could be a uniting factor for Yemenites around the country (kind of like Team Israel is for Jews around the world, woohoo Olympics!). So I've given it a bit of a Yemenite twist, mostly in the colors. The logo is therefore pretty simple, a TM for Tel Mond (or, as I like to imagine fans would dub it, the Teimani Mob) over a "fess wavy," which is a heraldic term and is derived from the "fountain proper" on the arms of the Baron Melchett. This serves as an homage to the man who founded the city that became this huge settlement for that community. Cap: Like I said, Sarasota. I wanted something that would differentiate the team's look beyond just logo on hat, logo on jersey, so I took a nod from their sister city's ballclub, and the hats are modeled on the old Oriole's caps. Front panel look, but that panel is red (O's used orange) instead of white. Also, the brim is white, because... It looks cool, sue me. Jersey: The logo is featured on the left breast, the number is on the right. Both feature the same underlining fess wavy, which I realize now looks like eyeblack, but I like it. The fess also appears on both sleeves, because it's a pretty simple design element that keeps the whole thing tied together. Pants: White pants, red belt, thick black stripe. I originally made it wavy, but decided that would be even more of a mess than eyeblack logos on the chest (I'm 95% sure I'm right). Socks: Red stirrups, white socks, black wavy stripe with white. Easy peasy. Up next, because I actually know this time: we're going north! To Alaska Karmiel.
  23. And the only teams with more wins than the Nats since 2012 are the Yankees and Dodgers.
  24. If brown thinks he’ll get more than that in FA he’s crazy
  25. @Kramerica Industries just noticed as I was looking at the sheet, Rams80 at 58-33 is sitting a few spots below his fellow 58-33’rs. Just thought you’d want to know.
  26. Probably not going to happen this year as the Super Bowl Champion will probably be New England.
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