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  2. Anybody else sing "Jet City Woman" when they saw the concept? That said, you should change the font of the "Jet City" wordmark, since it is a rip of the Winnipeg Jets wordmark.
  3. I agree with Concept 1, its the one to go with.
  4. Jason Garrett, I think, is the living embodiment of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. So many times they play like dog[censored] one week (like against the Jets), only to follow it up the next week with a throughly dominating performance. This team is either red hot, or ice cold; there is rarely any in-between.
  5. What’s the matter with that hat? Looks fine to me.
  6. Of course they can. Billionaires understand how loans work. That’s how they (or their parents) became billionaires in the first place.
  7. Even swapping out for gold or white socks would save the look.
  8. The Nats had a simulated game practice at their stadium last night and a little birdie told me they were wearing the combo below. Hopefully this is just for practice. Wearing the blue alternates during the WS is bad enough, but I get it because of superstition. But breaking out the red alternate hat with it on the biggest stage would be tragic.
  9. Gray and white are their primary shirts, so I think that looks better than any other combination. Games look best when both teams look like themselves.
  10. Regular Season Week 8 (Part2) Chargers @ Bears Giants @ Lions Raiders @ Texans Panthers @ 49ers Browns wht/wht @ Patriots Broncos @ Colts Packers @ Chiefs Dolphins @ Steelers
  11. Regular Season Week 8 (Part1) (BYES:Ravens, Cowboys) Redskins @ Vikings Seahawks @ Falcons Buccaneers @ Titans Cardinals @ Saints Bengals @ Rams Jets @ Jaguars Eagles @ Bills
  12. Does the team not have a redface ban in the stadium? That is contemptible, if not.
  13. There are a lot of great things going on in this series so far. It is very much a tribute to 1960s design--not sports design of the era, but 1960s design more generally. I think especially of that pattern on the home Beaudry jersey and the Atwater logo (even if it needs to be simplified.) That approach seems so fitting for a tribute to the Montreal subway system. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it on here. Kudos to your creativity.
  14. I honestly had no idea that Panera dates back to the 80s.
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  16. Alternates, yes. Except the A’s road caps are awful. OK Well, those early Cleveland logos were never given the presence that Wahoo received, so it’s hardly equivalent. Those logo transitions, while similar, never made their “cartoons” as prominent as either Wahoo. Heck, the original Wahoo looks even worse than the newer one. Unconscious malice is still malice. If it happens to look like an “inferior other” caricature, it is (even unintentionally) an “inferior other caricature. Did you look at that APA study? That’s why you have to keep fighting and apply economic/social pressure to these teams. It took Cleveland getting good, being considered for the All-Star Game, and a new rash of far-more intense complaints to make Wahoo’s departure a good PR move. The tomahawk chop, in the case of the Braves, is special. The player who objected was a Cherokee. The Cherokee lived on the land that is now Georgia before being driven off by settlers and the predatory government. They’ve never gotten tribal approval from the former tribes of Georgia, so they shouldn’t use it. That’s what separates them from the FSU Seminoles (a tribe that largely wasn’t driven off their land). My point is that they’ve never really been marketed as “lovable losers” in the same way as the Cubs or Red Sox from 1986-2004. They’re just a largely irrelevant team that hasn’t won a World Series since 1948. Well, aside from developing many Cooperstown inductees and narrowly missing the playoffs in the two-division format. Also, being the only Canadian team from ‘69-‘76 helped make them more relevant. The 1955-94 Cleveland club was more irrelevant, as were the St. Louis Browns, the post-1931/pre-1970 A’s, and the ‘90s-2013 Royals. That makes sense. That makes sense. It still doesn’t make the Cleveland club “lovable losers” in the same light as the teams I mentioned. But they don’t pressure out the people banging drums, wearing headdresses, or putting on red face. That makes them complicit. Nothing any Yankees fan does is equivalent to the headdresses and facepaint. That’s the difference. I am. One person dressed in a headdress or red facepaint is too much. Fans who still show off Wahoo with pride upon signs is too much. That’s why I’m a hard-liner for changing the name (or enforcing stricter stadium rules when it comes to that crap). Kill the fan impulse to do that stuff and then I won’t consider them the most despicable team in MLB.
  17. beautiful concept, mattr
  18. A sky judge like the AAF had is a potential solution. Complaining can be cathartic but I think this might be a real solution.
  19. Concept 1 is the best!!! No doubt about it. That looks similar to what UB used from 2001-2005. As for the other two concepts, I would like to be enlightened about the meaning of those non-traditional striping placement.
  20. I'll take those 2014 uni style all day (best wings design on the jerseys and helmets). The second (current ) uni at least has some school color.
  21. Approximately five people on this message board can truly appreciate this and they're not all the respondents in this thread.
  22. Plain white pants with plain white socks and white shoes. I like a good all-white uniform, I think it can be very striking, but the Saints looked like interpretive dancers from the waist down. Like the ancient board meme says, NEEDS STRIPES!
  23. And we blew them out. We never blow them out. In my lifetime, if there was a blowout in a Cowboys-Eagles game, the Cowboys were always the recipient. It’s nice to be on the other side for once. Yesterday’s game also exemplifies why the Cowboys are so maddening. When we are healthy and not committing really stupid, self-inflicted errors, this team is a Super Bowl contender capable of beating anyone. Otherwise we lose to teams like the Jets. P.S. Can we start to talk about how terrible the officiating has been this season? It’s literally ruining the viewing experience.
  24. University at Buffalo Nickname: Bulls Colors: Royal Blue and White Current and past helmets and logos: Concept 1 Note: Altered and stretched the Bull logo across the front and sides of the helmet. Concept 2 Note: Used current Buffalo logos with non-traditional stripe placement.
  25. Which is going to be the basis for my redesign of the Patriots post Bill and Tom.
  26. Presenting now, the Boston Celtics! I feel that the Celtics' home and away jerseys are too iconic to change, so I just recreated the ones they're currently using. I used gold for their alternate jerseys, I didn't like both their black and gray jersey that much. I had fun on their Red Sox inspired jersey. It came into me when I saw an article that the Red Sox held a Celtics Night at Fenway, so I thought what if the Celtics ever held their own Red Sox night. Up next we're going west for the Phoenix Suns!
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